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03/05/2006, 10:30

HoI2 DOOMSDAY Tournament!

Stage 1:

Soviet Challenge


May 2nd until May 28th 2006

Mode of Play:

Single Player, Doomsday 1.1 Patch (STGS)

Doomsday Campaign, Soviet Union

Game Time: 4 months, Oct 2nd, 1945 until February 1st, 1946

Game Settings: Normal/Normal

Game Objectives:

-Take (and hold) London
-Take (and hold) Paris
-Take (and hold) Japanese Home Islands
-Take (and hold) Iceland
-Take (and hold) Entire European continent (neutrals excluded)
-Aid Communist China to win the Chinese Civil War, without allying to them or declaring war on any other Chinese Fraction (Intelligence!)
-Gain 550 VP´s

Bonus Objectives:

-Sink allied Carriers (Large Bonus)
-Sink allied Battleships (Medium Bonus)
-Sink other allied ships (small bonus)

Additional Challenge:

-Most successful leader: Name your leader with the best combat history at the end of your tournament game.

Judgment criteria:

Time to finish Objectives;
Losses incurred (in units and mp);
Losses inflicted upon enemy (in units and mp)
Final tallies at February 1st, 1946 (air, naval and ground comparison with start of scenario, ratios counted)
Most successful leaders compared (in terms of won/lost battle ration, overall amount of battles, and traits gained)

All objectives must of course be achieved in the same game!

Mode of submission:

Players shall submit save games of the point where they accomplish any one of the objectives as well as from February 1st, 1946 in a zipped file. The saves must be named after the objective accomplished within, that is “London”, “Paris”, “Japan”, “Iceland”, “Europe” or “China” as well as an “End” save. Entries are only valid with saved games in this format.
Not all missions have to be accomplished to enter.
Players must also include in the zipped file a .txt file with their name, forum nickname, date of entry (when they submit the files) and the most successful leader they want to submit with their tournament game. If that leader is missing, it will not be counted.

Submission e-mail dress:

FILES CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED IN ZIPPED FORMAT! All other formats will be deleted.

First possible date for submissions is May 5th, 2006 and last possible date is May 28th, 2006. Any submissions received before or after those dates will not be accepted.

Stage 2: Final Stage

June-July 2006

Best 4 of previous Round advance to finals.

Mode of Play: Multiplayer 1on1

4 Players are drawn by lot into 2 semi finals. Winners play Grand Final, Losers play Consolation Final.

Games are played in Multiplayer mode, 2 battle scenarios where every player plays each side. Final results are then compared against each other, taking into account losses incurred and inflicted, scenario objectives achieved and others.

Battle scenarios which will be played will be decided and announced later.

Game time will be about 2-3 hours per scenario and side, so player will have to get together 4 times per round to play.

Details about mode of play, battle scenarios played and other facts will be disclosed later.


1st Place: Award Medal, Eu3 Beta Spots, Custom Forum Avatar, Gamer´s Gate Download Game

2nd-4th Place: Award Medal, Eu3 Beta Spots, Custom Forum Avatar, Gamer´s Gate Download Game

5th-10th Place (1st Stage): Award Medal

There will also be a Gamer´s Gate Download Game for some Special Achievements:

Best Leader
Most allied carriers sunk
Fastest to conquer entire Europe

Tournament Jury: Tracid, Florian (Paradox), Beta Testers

Rules of Tournament:

1. NO CHEATING! We will look into all received saves and we WILL find 99% of all possible cheatings. Any discovered irregularity or cheat will lead to your exclusion from the tournament. We will make it known on the forum who cheated, so just don’t.

2. 1 Entry per player. Every forum member (you need a forum account to participate) may only submit ONE tournament game.

3. There will be no questioning or challenging of judgment. Judgment will be made by a jury consisting of beta-testers and paradox employees and is FINAL.

4. Beta-Testers and Paradox Employees are ineligible to enter Tournament.

03/05/2006, 10:32
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tomar e segurar londres em menos de 1 ano, em 1945 deve ser fodaaaaa

ainda mais os EUA com 2 bombas atomicas.

03/05/2006, 12:59
mas ganha o que com isso nigo?

03/05/2006, 13:29
leia e sfa

03/05/2006, 13:55
iauhaiuah gg

03/05/2006, 14:49
Isso é um desafio e tanto...
Vc tem que praticamente jogar o jogo em pausa, e fazer um micromanejamento em tudo...

03/05/2006, 14:54
um jogador ja fez uma analise inicial


Russia has 2 transport ships and zero transport planes (yet they have paratroopers) and a half cocked collection of subs in addition 2 battleships.

Stacked against them the allies have 32 aircraft carriers, 9 light carriers, 41 battleships, 100+ CL, 100+ DD, and almost 200 Transports.

Navel Transports = 90 day construction time
Air Transports = 120 day construction time
Total time to complete = 120 days

resposta do moderador do forum

It is not supposed to be easy, or even possible to accomplish any of the goals. the one with the most will claim the prizeshttp://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

the 550 VP´s is overall, so counting those you start with. And hey, that´s certainly possible...I´ve done it in test runs...so anybody can do ithttp://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif

03/05/2006, 17:58
Cara, eu olhei a situação inicial da Russia, e é no mínimo desesperador.

Os EUA já começam de cara soltando duas bombas atômicas nas duas maiores concentrações de indústrias da Russia.

Fora isso, por causa das bombas, o dissent pula imediatamente pra 26%...

Se os caras dizem que dá pra fazer, deve dar, mas eu não sei nem por onde começar.

03/05/2006, 18:43
Se fosse só Paris, mas Tóquio e Londres tb?

KRK, isso é anormal..

05/05/2006, 11:22
kralho so 4 meses pra fazer tudo isso ?

pqp pqp mesmo vo joga no very slow e fazer tudo com calma....