Ver Versão Completa : Company of Heroes - OMFG - VALE A PENA VER PELO MENOS

25/07/2006, 01:26
não vou comentar nada

http://www.companyofheroesgame.com/ (http://www.companyofheroesgame.com/)

25/07/2006, 01:40
Aquele video in-game de 10min é **** em.

26/07/2006, 13:57
ta rolando um beta la no FilePlanet, so nao sei se eh aberto para qualquer usuario ou apenas para os pagantes

sei que eu tenho, lero lero :bleh:

26/07/2006, 14:39
po novato... entao compartilha ai conosco...

26/07/2006, 18:45
tento abrir o site dá pau no iexplorer

Eh em 1a pessoa ou é de rts?

26/07/2006, 20:22
eu to esperando mesmo é o sudden strike 3 .

26/07/2006, 23:08
que poha é essa de RTS?

26/07/2006, 23:56
Real Time Strategy... eu acho hahaha

27/07/2006, 02:29
p/ variar


troca de tiros irreal demais...

graficos e ambientação são boas até, mas....nao vale perder tempo com um jogo desses nao

ahhaha ridiculo

um sherman bulldozer enfrentar 2 STUGs4 de frente

ai ai

prefiro o bom e velho close combat como RTS de 2ª guerra

alias, to jogando o 3, russian front.

27/07/2006, 13:29
pelo video se ve isso mesmo nigo. Negos saem correndo de frente sozinho contras 47 nazis e ainda mata todo mundo hahaha...

27/07/2006, 18:40
po eu percebi isos e ahcie q eu estivesse errado...
ainda bem.

eu senti muita vontade de entrar no corpo dum soldadino dakele e mirar no lugar dele...

27/07/2006, 22:11
po novato... entao compartilha ai conosco...
infelizmente nao rola tutu, teria que liberar a cdkey que recebi e ai eu nao consigo mais jogar online :D

saiu uma versao nova corrigindo uma porrada de coisas

Balance changes
* Shot blocking added for Allied and Axis base buildings and axis bunkers
* Retreat type HQ_wreck added for destroyed HQs. Units set to be able to retreat to HQ_Wreck.
* Pinned units are unable to capture strategic points
* Mine damage increased vs snipers
* Camouflage detection radius reduced on buildings
* Camouflage extension removed from buildings (not required)
* AA weapons tuned vs aircraft
* Added reinforcements ability for 'live together'. When HQ is lost and infantry count is zero, axis and allied teams will earn an engineer/pioneer reinforcement
* Commander tree abilities require the HQ.
* For the Fatherland modifiers reduced slightly
* Knight's Cross loses panzerfaust ability
* Machine gun criticals vs exposed gunners on tanks/halftracks reduced to .5% chance.
* Capture squads were added for all weapons and both races - UI, reinforcements, help text set up.
* Building healing aura on TriageCenterreduced from 20m to 10m
* Axis officer cap changed to use required_cap instead of squad_availability.
* Fixes made to vehicle and squad upgrade UI locations (some moved into unit_upgrade_panel)
* High ground point modified LOS changes - add 40 with capture, 40 with seize (currently only used on Bed of Rails, which won't ship with the game)
* Mineclearing UI position moved to 10 to accommodate smoke launchers.
* Tiger_ace state machine added to Tiger model - should generate visual difference between the Tiger Ace and regular Tiger...at some point that is.
* Weapon team reaction plans removed from data to prevent them setting/unsetting when fired upon.
* M4 Calliope main gun re-enabled.
* Mortar team garrisoning of buildings, emplacements, bunkers removed. Can still be carried in halftracks
* Axis assault tuning done (removed can target in FOW, reduced target range considerably)
* Axis nebelwerfer could shoot infinite range due to range_ignore flag set to true, this is now set to false.
* Out of control fast on halftracks and other light vehicles no long heavy crushes.
* Airdropped 57mm set up - correct crew etc.
* Acceleration removed from AT guns, nebelwerfers - they were moving in odd ways.
* Axis and allied aid stations limited to 5.
* Many weapon package upgrades (BARs, LMGs, Panzerschrecks etc) have a squad size requirement greater than 1. This prevents the player from wasting money on upgrades that add more than 1 weapon.
* Wrecked vehicles set to allow medium crush, light wrecked vehicles set to light crush.
* Rout ability on officer set to target squad instead of area.
* Helptext and icons fixed on weapon capture squads.
* Territory fixed under some buildings on St. Hillaire that was preventing
* Inherent axis ability on Volksgrenadiers that granted extra cover bonuses was removed.
* Grenade splats/craters were fixed to remove some pink splats that were occurring.
* Flamethrowers can cause criticals to building panels (about 5% in the red)
* Airstrike delay was removed to fix bug caused by delay timer preventing planes from arriving and leaving in the direction indicated
* StuH 42 and Stug was given veterancy by veterancy upgrades
* Aircraft selection was removed
* Damage multipliers were tuned on some strafing run targets (AT gun and light vehicles. The strafing run should be more effective against light axis vehicles but less effective against 88s and other AA weapons.
* Airstrike bombs and rockets are more effective against bridges.
* Squad reinforcement extension was removed from vehicles (unused)
* Ambient barbed wire was set to cuttable and targetable, so it can be cut by wired cutters
* Several ambient buildings (gazebos, sheds with no walls etc) were set to ungarrisonable because there are no combat slots.
* Small buildings were set to be garrisonable by crews of three only.
* Mine and sticky bomb criticals were updated to remove immobilization criticals due to pathfinding constraints.
* Wrecked HQ was set to 750 health in order to speed up repair rates on dead HQs.
* Recoilless rifles were set to .75 damage vs buildings.
* Panzerschrecks were reset from .75 to 1 damage vs buildings
* The rest of the infantry AT weapons were changed from .5 to .75 damage multiplier vs buildings.
* Axis pioneer build rates reduced from 9 seconds per unit to 7
* Hold exit and entry times were tweaked a bit. Unload went from .33 to .5 seconds, load seconds maxes out at 1 instead of 0.
* Satchel charges wre tuned somewhat. Recharge time increased from 20 to 30 seconds. Target in FOW removed.
* Allied MG nests decreased in Health from 550 to 500
* Allied troops garrisoning in MG nest now only get heavy cover instead of garrison cover.
* MG nest receives proper building type. (was set to tp_building_under_construction instead of tp_building_bunker_emplacement)
* Allied engineers are adding more upkeep to counter allied engineer spam. Upkeep changed from .005 to .00650 (just over 1mp per second)
* M10 speed and acceleration were tuned. The tank was a bit too mobile, and could stop and start on a dime, preventing axis tanks from tracking it.
* Axis bunker health increased from 500 to 600
* Allied airborne were tuned. Recoilless rifle package cost increased from 100 to 125 and upgrade time increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
* Airborne recoilless rifle reload times increased to 7-9 seconds from 6-8 seconds.
* Satchel charge damage tuned. Distant damage modifier reduced from .5 to .25. Scatter increased marginally vs open targets.
* Mortar damage was increased vs emplacements and bunkers
* Mortar scatter radius modifier in the FOW was reduced. Mortars will scatter less now in areas that they cannot see.
* M10 main gun reload time changed from 4 to 4.2 seconds. Moving accuracy multiplier reduced from .75 to .65
* M1 Carbine (carried by airborne troops) had damage changed from 8 to 7. Cooldown duration minimum was changed from 1.5 to 1.75 marginally decreasing damage output.
* Ostwind weapon accuracy and damage modifiers vs parachuting airborne troops increased from 1 to 2 times
* Axis 20mm cannon accuracy modifiers and damage modifiers increased from 1 to 2 against parachuting airborne troops.
* StuK 40 75mm Stug gun accuracy increased vs all types of infantry - from .35 to .5
* Small arms vs parachuting airborne had a damage and accuracy modifier (from 1 to 1.5)
* Fixed a bug in data whereby camouflaged snipers were able to camouflage and capture points.
* Recharge time on officer rout ability and Propaganda War ability in commander tree increased
* Detect camouflage radius removed from resource and victory points.
* Several world objects were reset to 'can't build'. This included a lot of pre-placed barbed wire, wire fences, and various other obstacles.
* Commander tree abilities were set to require the HQ, or more specifically set to require any structure with the new grant_abilities type. All HQs and special control structures are set to type grant_abilities.
* Allied mines were set to construct on tp_fence instead of tp_field.
* Reinforce shortcut keys added to all weapon capture squads (those that can reinforce that is)
* V1 rockets tuned to remove accuracy modifier vs infantry (approx half of the infantry could survive a V1 hit)
* Halftrack Quad .50 has turret critical removed (wasn't working properly)
* Quickstart option properly set up. Resources go from 1000fuel, 3750mun, 7500manpower to 30 fuel, 50 munitions, 900manpower and 1 command point.
* Grenade damage was increased vs elite infantry types.
* Quad .50 accuracy was increased against elite infantry
* MP44 assault rifle was detuned. Medium accuracy went from .4 to .3. Short range decreased from 8 to 6m.
* MP44 damage was reduced vs vehicles.
* 251 halftracks will now properly attack move.
* 88s must be built in territory
* Sync weapons (mortars, MGs) had their passthrough properties set to prevent the gun from being killed early and destroying the crew. Sync weapon health also increased
* Cut wires set to default action (right-click) when engineers/pioneers are set with wire cutters.
* Blitzkrieg Tactics tuned - speed modifiers set to 1.5 from 2 (speeds on tanks/vehicles had been increased, but modifier had not been changed, made tanks too fast in blitzkrieg)
* Allied paradop price increased from 360 to 375. Reinforcement costs changed from 60 to 62
* Axis manpower blitz changed from 2 minute to 3 minute recharge.
* Cancel refund percentage on secure structures changed from 50 to 100.
* Infantry critical types from bazookas etc. tuned to increase high-death intensity.
* Strength of Production ability duration increased from 35 to 45 seconds and initial delay time removed.
* Stormtroopers had no speed reduction when camouflaged. They now do. They can no longer capture while camouflaged
* Allied motorpool fuel cost reduced from 60 to 45
* Allied tank depot fuel cost increased from 80 to 90.
* Pop cap limits/requirements set up on all reinforcement abilities (allied rangers, axis stormtroopers etc)
* Cover tuning done on some grenade weapons. Fixed inconsistencies with grenades vs light cover.
* P47 Strafing run suppression increased.
* Removed Knight Cross Holder's default regeneration rate (was 0.01)
* Removed Panzerfaust ability from Knights Cross Holder
* Knights Cross Holder now grants more experience when killed (for Allied Veterancy)
* Knights Cross Holder Squad can now be suppressed, twice as hard to suppress as other squads
* Knights Cross Holder armor type changed to heroic
* Knights Cross Holder health lowered to 90
* tp_infantry_heroic armor tuned - ballistic, barrage, and flamethrower weapons as effective vs. standard infantry. small_arms less effective
* 0.75 damage modifier for small arms vs. tp_infantry_riflemen_elite removed
* Airborne Infantry reinforce time reduced to 10 seconds
* Tuned Allied Veterancy - now harder to kill as they veteran up
* Tuned heroic and elite armor types
* Veterancy reward increased on axis armoured cars and halftracks - allies get more veterancy for killing these nits.
* Tuning on Axis veterancy for vehicles. (received damage, received armour penetration, max health)
* Axis manpower blitz ability reduces manpower income rate from .5 to .25
* Stormtrooper zeal modified to work with smaller squad sizes - bonuses tuned marginally.
* Action point rewards have been tuned considerably. The bonus from territory has been reduced and the bonuses from kills and losses increased.
* Axis firestorm has been tuned. Warning time increased marginally.
* Axis Defensive artillery/registered artillery improved. Registered artillery no longer requires the point to be secured before using, and if the point is secured, the registered artillery no longer completely destroys the secure structure.
* Axis squads now have leaders armed with special MP44 rifles.
* Triage center tuned. Radius of healing effect reduced
* Goliath was fixed to no longer fire two bombs (one on detonate, one on self destruct)
* Mortar now deal full damage to units in Cover
* Puma default gun deals less damage to units in cover
* Howitzer now deals full damage to units in cover
* Machine Gun damage tuned vs. cover
* VP Ticker points count down 1 second slower
* TriageCenter healing effect should no longer stack
* Attacker reveal times in FOW tuned from 5 to 7 seconds
* Axis halftrack rockets reduced in area damage, do more damage to jeeps and motorcycles.
* Rockets no longer deflect off anything
* Quad .50 allied halftrack will do more damage to axis halftracks
* Inspired Assault now 50 munitions
* For the Fatherland now 75 munitions
* Style changed on ambient building from 2 to 1 - removes vehicle building from ambient structures.
* Demolitions will do more damage to axis base buildings
* Demolitions plant in 12 seconds instead of 20
* Demolitions recharge time reduced from 30 to 5 seconds.
* M10 and Stug accuracy reduced against vehicles
* Team weapons now have their own target type
* All team weapons will now be viewed as vehicles in the post-game stats (AT-Gun, Howitzer, Flak 88).
o The crews manning these guns will still be counted as infantry.
* Infantry Anti-Tank weaponry set to not auto-target the new team weapon armor type
* M10 Tank Destroyer health reduced by 28
* Stug now deals additional damage to the M10 Tank Destroyer
* HMG suppression tuning
* Recoilless rifles will no longer hit snipers at 100% accuracy.
* Victory Points revert 5 seconds faster
* Knights Cross won't suppress other infantry as quickly as they used to.
* Sticky Bomb weapon range increased by 2 meters to prevent Puma with its speed to get out of weapon range before ability goes off. Ability range not changed.
* Flakpanzers do increased damage against jeeps.
* Axis Krieg Barracks fuel cost reduced by 5
* Axis Sturm Armory fuel cost reduced by 10
* Axis Blitzkrieg Command fuel cost reduced by 10
* Axis Volksgrenadier squad cost manpower cost reduced by 15
* Axis Puma fuel cost increased by 5
* Axis Grenadier MG42 LMG upgrade munition cost reduced by 25 munitions
* Allied Engineer and Axis Pioneer short range accuracy reduced by 5%
* Tuning - Tank Guns vs. tp_bunker, from 0.50 to 1.0
* Tuning - Post Game Stats Scores:
o Manpower gain from 0.50 to 0.0
o Captured Sectors from 50 to 100
o Sectors Lost from -25 to -50
o Sectors Seized from 50 to 100
o Infantry Kills from 40 to 80
o Vehicle produced from 10 to 20
o Vehicle lost from -5 to -10
o Vehicle lost friendly fire from -10 to -20
o Vehicle kills from 40 to 80
o Building Constructed from 50 to 100
o Building Destroyed from 100 to 200
o Building Lost from -20 to -50
* Tiger UI rating vs infantry was corrected.
* Snipers were reduced in effectiveness somewhat, FOW detection bug was fixed.
* Allied veterancy is generally easier to earn now.
* Unit effectiveness values have been fully updated - should now always display appropriate values
* Motorcycle and Jeep damage towards light vehicles reduced to 25%
* Chance to kill gunners on vehicles moved to yellow health from green on all Machine Guns (The gunner you would get when upgrading your Greyhound with a .50cal, for example)
* Chance to kill gunners on vehicles moved to yellow health from green on all Ballistic Weapons
* Flak 88 build time no longer receives benefits from additional Pioneer squads during construction
* Howitzer build time no longer receives benefits from additional Pioneer squads during construction
* Flak 88 upkeep increased to 14 manpower including squad
* Howitzer upkeep increased to 22 manpower including squad (prior to supply yard upgrades)
* Sticky Bomb damage reduced by 25%
* Mortar Teams, Snipers, and HMG Crew can now pick up objects like Ammo Boxes and Fuel Cans (dropped from Supply Drops, Airborne Commander Ability).
* Starting pop cap reduced to 30, from 36
o Pop cap from Territory has been tuned - no current map will exceed 90 population gain from the map sectors themselves.
* Mortar can no longer enter buildings, even captured mortar.
* Stug Damage vs. M10 reduced by 25%
* Axis Goliath mobility criticals moved from Green health to Yellow health
* Scuttling (deleting) fully completed buildings no longer gives the player a refund.
o Refund is still received for canceling a building during construction.
* Build options that require the Defensive Operation is commander tree item will not be seen until the player has chosen to go down the Infantry tree, those build options will then be visible but grayed out and un-usable until Defensive Operations has been researched.
* The Sherman Calliope can no longer be interrupted during its barrage, accidental or otherwise. Calliope fire cone angle increased to minimize failure to fire issues.
* Allied supply drop recharge set from 2 to 3 minutes
* Popcap usage properly hooked up on reinforcement abilities.
* Howitzer projectile uses high-angle now
* Howitzer accuracy tuned in FOW and regular attacks.
* Dead HQs maintain supply and territory in home territory.
* Axis repair facility cost modified
* M10 main gun improved vs large tanks - deflection damage increased from 15% to 20%, damage vs Panthers/Tigers improved, armour penetration generally improved by about 10%.

Online changes:
- Lag notification now clears the player list.
- Fix for possible global ranking competition name collision.
- The client has no radio button selected by default for chatting in the game setup screen.
- No longer display level or rank for basic matches in the new stats popup.
- Fix for competition naming collision with automatches.
- Indexed some fields to improve performance.
- Added error types for file download handler.
- Return the peak time to the user in utc integer format, client then converts to local time and stringifies to display on the news screen.
- Sorting stats server side best to worse (currently not properly for the general ranks).
- Properly populating the ranklevel table so that axis ranks work.
- Hooked up automatch overlay/panel.
- Added client side fail safe for automatch - will bail if the server somehow lost the client's record of automatching.
- Changed stats popup to use a list box of all stats entries.
- Fixed tooltip hover bug.
- Fixed crash in game select form.
- Fixed chat bug, where the chat player list would not refresh properly.
- File download handler now checks for available free disk space.
- Sort by rating before we sort by last played date.
- Proper quitting out of network games.
- Log your ping to everybody when you join a game, that way you can tell who the problem stations are.
- Fixed bug where you could spam start/stop in the automatcher and end up with 2 active automatch sessions.
- Added chat support for game invitations.
- Took out checks for basic matches in the gamer card.
- Fix for sentences that start with punctuation and padding.
- Integrate thread priority changes.
- Allow the user to go to server status web-site when relic online is down.
- GetStats supports best/full stats, and batches stats requests automatically, throttles to only one call in flight at a time.
- 'Join Community' URL now pulled from server.
- Allow changing AI to other types in multiplayer game setup.
- Fixed chat bug in GameSetupForm, where chat would clear on a popup.
- Integrate ATI gfx fix.
- Fix counting of AI players as stations.
- Fix quitting the game with ai players.
- Profanity filter can be toggled on and off from the chat screen, setting is remembered for the profile between sessions.
- AI Distribution and migration added.
- Team and All buttons are now toggles.
- "Join Community" button added.
- The name of the player is indicated in the menu that opens after clicking on their name in the online lobby.
- Ranked Match map preferences are saved.
- When the game is minimized, the icon on the task bar flashes when the game countdown begins.
- Players are able to automatch without navigating through menus/tabs.
- Player list is sortable alphabetically and by ranking.
- Added scroll support for chat player list, now stays in the same location.
- Added a reject all pending friend request button.
- Lag notifications.
- Force the sync checking level of games from the server.
- Added more maps to automatch.
- Added "top" leaderboard items to the right side of the leaderboard screen.
- Adjustments made to the network thread priority and sleep time, to try and avoid starvation issues which can cause NetZ to drop games.
- Changed countdown to start game to 6 seconds.
- Fixed crash on restart due to dangling message box pointer.
- Hooked up new 'Ranked match' and 'Play Now' buttons that are now always shown.
- Removed options tab and moved options into their new screens.
- Fix games in progress count on the news screen.
- Initialize fixed server data from files rather than from hard-code in the UserConfiguration.py.
- Updated the scroller for chat, now chat only scrolls to the bottom of the screen if it was at the bottom already.
- Now whisper colours are different for whisper echoes, and whispers from friends.
- Fixed a bug where a player could stop the countdown of a game by trying to join a full game.
- Enter key will now perform search on leaderboards.
- Added functionality for view my stats button added.
- Nearby filtering will now return no results if player has no records for the given leaderboard.
- Disconnection reasons are distributed to all peers now when they are kicked, and they all listen to the reason from other peers.
- Added scroll bars to screen-tip windows.
- Possible fix to bug where text in chat-text-box is sent if a dialog box pops up.
- Moved banning (user ignored) check into MatchCache's validation procedure so that they are not let into the game first.
- Chat player list sorting (by name and by rank).
- Fixed crashes when "cancel" was pressed during download progress.
- Quote the patch file when trying to run.
- Discard first frame of performance data.
- The account details screen now requires password confirmation to enter.
- Fix for patch selection, order patches from biggest move to smallest.
- AI distribution, HTTP File download bug fix.
- Updated screen manager to be able to handle Activations and Deactivations during a screen flush.
- Clear match cache on network shutdown.
- Timeout for resetting passwords increased.
- Fixed invitation while automatching. The host of an automatch can no longer invite players to his automatch game.
- Change the game setup to pull team and race from the slot info, rather than the player info.

28/07/2006, 03:34
Nego correndo contra nazi e fica vivo matando um monte, 2 shermans enfrentando 2 STUGS e ganhando ? HUAHUAHUAHUAHUA
Pior e a mesma coisa só que contra os TIGERS, pelomenos os TIGERS ganharam, mais já deu para ver que o jogo vai ser UMA BOSTA, vai ser bem arcadão não vai ser RTS simulador de guerra mesmo..

28/07/2006, 18:59
Close Combat FTW!

30/07/2006, 09:56
E o Codename panzers 2? Presta?

24/11/2008, 23:30
Galera, tava procurando uma coisa aqui no fórum do CoH e olha o que o nigo disse sobre o CoH ainda em 2006:

graficos e ambientação são boas até, mas....nao vale perder tempo com um jogo desses nao

Podem reclamar que dei uma de coveiro. Mas foi pesquisando pra não postar pergunta já respondida.

24/11/2008, 23:31
haha nigo... time machine fail
close combat sucks