Ver Versão Completa : TRP 0.9 - saiuuuu

17/11/2006, 14:21

125 megas

to baixando, vamos ver como é....parece ser inovador

sfa :up:

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Já baixei

17/11/2006, 15:01
Tinha esquecido!


Edit: o HSR melhora a AI??

17/11/2006, 15:38
Acho que não

17/11/2006, 17:59
Vou testar...

18/11/2006, 21:29
testei e to gostando...

claro, depois de conseguir instalar e mudar todos os icones de merda desse mod ahhaha :lol:

ele parece uma mistura de CORE com HSR no geral...

acho que tem futuro para multiplayer.

para mim a classificação dos mods está assim

CORE > TRP > HSR > HOI2 DD > HOI2 vanilla

18/11/2006, 21:30
Como é que faz pra mudar aqueles ícones horrorosos?

18/11/2006, 21:33
copiei tudo do DD e substitui nas pastas equivalentes

inclusive subsitui pelos SKIFs models tbm, so sobrou os icones de navio do TRP .....

o q eu to achando **** é a barra de força e organização, estao pequenas demais, nao da p/ ver, alguem sabe onde muda isso?

19/11/2006, 16:25
um brazuca (q nao sei quem é) fez um review do TRP 0.9


Before it was released, TRP 0.9 was advertised (by its project head) as "setting new standards" and, now that the gamers have their mitts on it, we can see what one of the the most anticipated releases of a mod really has to offer. Short answer is that TRP 0.9 is a mixed bag, with much that is excellent and much that is problematic. Whether TRP 0.9 truly sets new standards for a mod overall or not, this release does both raise the bar in certain areas and clearly establishes TRP as a major player in the WW2 modding world, fully worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as HSR, MOD 33, CORE, and HIP.

What follows are four of the best, and four of the worst, things to be found in TRP 0.9 for Doomsday.

What's good:

- The Waffen SS package:
We have the unique double lightning bolt character added into the fonts (whoever came up with the idea originally is a genius), we have sexy black counters, we have historical introduction of each of the divisions, and we have a complete set of unique models and techs. All, in all, very impressive. Not very well balanced - giving the game's most powerful units to a German human player for 222 supplies is a tad abusive - but it adds amazing game color. I haven't played the Soviet Union to see if they get Guards units; hopefully so.

The Starfire-style extended combat:
- TRP 0.9 features a well-done, correct implementation of Starfire-style extended combat. In Starfire, ground battles take much longer (but not too long), which makes it more practicable to reinforce battles, insert small blocking forces to hold some kind of front line together, and give people in MP time enough to intervene before the battle's won or lost. What TRP gets right that many implementations don't is that 1) ground troops have enough defensiveness to prevent dogpiling (unless the odds are extreme), 2) air and sea units have defence values that haven't accidentally been turned into "vulnerabilities", and 3) the battles air and sea units fight don't feature an unacceptable amount of dogpiling.

The many new events:
- All sorts of goodness here, of which it is enough to mention but three. 1) A well-done set of historical flavour events that provides a wonderful atmosphere to the march towards war. 2) Resource adjustment events which slowly increase their production throughout the game, helping to reduce the problem of resources being over-abundant early and too scarce late. Thirdly, a whole bunch of new and corrected national events. My main beef with the new TRP events is that there simply are too many; especially in MP, getting spammed with a non-critical event when adjusting something important or fighting a battle can be very distracting. Recommend that the player have the option to turn off or consolidate certain types of events.

The tech tree:
- There's been a lot of work done on the tech tree and it shows. With the solitary exception of naval doctrines, every section has gotten both a organizational and a graphical overhaul, with some of the most impressive work coming in areas that also see unit model reorganization, such as armor, elite armor, light and medium tank brigades, and Guerilla infantry. Another feature that is worthy of anyone's attention are the new land doctrinal paths. No longer do minors struggle along paths designed for majors; now, they get their own light infantry and guerilla operations.

What needs more attention:

Basic land unit balance:
- The TRP's teams main weakness as game designers, in my opinion, is that they spend too much time looking at specific numbers ... and too little time thinking about realism within the context of an imperfect simulation (HOI2). The clearest issue here is the manpower cost of divisions. Infantry use 17. Mountain troops use 12. cavalry use 8. This, an attempt to model the actual number of soldiers in each type of division, falls down flat in HOI2, in which, firstly, divisional manpower cost is also its rate of casualties for a given strength loss (so cavalry take casualties less than half as quickly as infantry if rate of damage is equal) and, secondly, all "divisions" are subject to the same stacking and command rules, are equally affected by all (legal) brigades, and targetted in combat according to a system which make no allowance for size.
- TRP makes the basic problem worse in two ways,: failure to adjust maximum organization/morale and to rebalance combat power versus manpower cost.

Ship building:
- TRP, like HIP, is a bondage and discipline mod. You need to be cool with that from the get-go not to get too frustrated by the attempts of the modders to regulate your conduct.
- Ships take a roughly historical time to build: A battleship takes about three-four years, a destroyer something like 12-16 months. If you start construction of the Bismarck immediately, you can (with the Hawk bonuses) expect it to use 8 IC/day from 1-1-36 almost to the start of the war. In the base game, bulding BBs as Germany pre-war is generally a dumb idea; in TRP, it's positively stupid.
- There is a simple rule of thumb to calculate the base cost-effectiveness of a surface ship for surface battles (before you factor in speed, firing range, stacking/command limits, visibility/spotting, positioning, etc.). It differs in each mod: In the base game, it is cost / (naval_attack + one-half naval_defence); in TRP, it is cost / (naval_attack + two-thirds naval_defence). If you explore the unit files for this mod, you will find that different game-start ships differ *radically* in cost-effectiveness; there's a total rebalance - and also some more research, because ship stats are way off - needed here, or I'm going to keep making Nurnburg-class light cruisers and ignoring everything else!

Bit of advice, TRP team: Go to school on the DD-Tech Tree and Naval Improvement Mod.

- Another annoyance in naval affairs is the nannyish Washington/London-Treaty event set. If GER, USA, ENG, and JAP - but, oddly, not ITA or FRA - build more than their allowed number of CVs, BBs, BCs, and CAs, they get hit with a dissent and relationship penalty every so often. The tests for numbers of ships are a very crude simulation of a tonnage limit, the effects never time out (although they don't fire during wartime, they will start right back up again if peace ever happens), and there is no way for a nation to revoke the treaty after the initial signing (and, if you don't sign, you get -3 to interventionalism).

Air formation limits and AI:
- In TRP, air command limits are 1, 2, 3, 5, and the combat penalty for exceeding this is 75%. The objective of these changes clearly was to stop gigantic air armies and get a realistic number of aircraft in a given air zone. The problem with all this is that the AI has not been clued in. It will still raid the most interesting target with lots of flotillas, but now most of those units will be nearly useless. Meanwhile, clever you will be promoting your best leaders to Air Marshall and flying five-flotilla stacks. This was the bug that made me decide not to keep playing my Germany game. I could hardly lose the air war if I tried.

- In TRP the "hills" terrain has been changed to "desert hills"; these are mostly to be found in North Africa, the SW USA, and interior Asia. Why this was done is unclear: Their combat modifiers are exactly the same as mountains and there are no provinces with them in the historical area of either German or Japanese operations (with the possible exception of Constantine in Algeria). What is clear is that the removal of hills from the map does horrible things to the simulation of land warfare. It would have been bad enough had all originally hilly province been turned into forests (the closest equivalent for combat and movement rules purposes) but what actually happened in most cases was that a snap decision was made to make then mountain or plains. So, Blackpool is mountain and Stavanger plains!
- Now, if the TRP team are bound and determined to keep desert hills there are workarounds. But they include a major overhaul to terrain combat modifiers and (perhaps) unit stats so that mountain infantry are not (with unmotorized cavalry) obviously the best value for industrialized nations at least until the middle war.

19/11/2006, 19:09
estou com problema para instalar, quando vou rodar o jogo dar um erro que nao pode inicializar o video.....

20/11/2006, 00:22
um brazuca (q nao sei quem é) fez um review do TRP 0.9

Conheço o cara do stony forum... esse cara manja. Olhem só o AAR dele, é a melhor que eu já vi.


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Verdade, é o melhor AAR

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Conheço o cara do stony forum... esse cara manja. Olhem só o AAR dele, é a melhor que eu já vi.

Podia mandar uma msg pro cara, falando que nós temos esse fórum pra discussão de HOI2 aqui...

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Finalmente consegui instalar o jogo, gostei.....

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Podia mandar uma msg pro cara, falando que nós temos esse fórum pra discussão de HOI2 aqui...

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