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30/03/2007, 10:47
como nao veio um readme, parece que essa expansão veio com mais "features" do que imaginamos

vou atualiando aqui, conforme atualizam lá


com certeza o negocio agora é esperar alguns mods migrarem para o armaggedon

The booster pack was released with out any readme or really any type of feature list or background aside from a couple of dev diaries and feature list so I figured I'd make a list for it seems to be in popular demand.

Also note this is not a bug reporting thread, go here (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=283)

New Features :
New attachments for Naval units
Land units can now be built with brigades already attached
An Air Naval combat system that radically alters the combat balance
New damage algorithms for the Air combat system, making organization more important and allowing air units to fight longer.
New color scheme system allowing player to differentiate between air, armor and infantry units
The ability to see all your moving units (the arrows on the top left)
2 new fantasy scenarios called Abyss and Armageddon
The ability to choose what country can and cannot send expeditionary forces
Now able to give orders to units, even before 24 hours have passed
Modable values in CV combat modifiers
Improved air AI (?)
Improved amphibious landing AI
AI now is more effective and retreating
Button to auto-deploy attachments to ships. its in the auto-control page.New Options :
Extended end date to 1964
The option to absorb tech teams from annexed countries
The option to get full amount of IC from occupied provinces (still only half resources)
Democracies can now declare war
Abyss and Armageddon Explained :

Both these scenarios are in a fantasy setting of which each of the 18 countries have a base IC of 200, although various modifiers change from country to country, all have similar IC except for the 19th country, Tannu Tavu which is put in for a hefty challenge for anyone willing. In terms of ministers and tech teams, and AI, it seems to revolve around the respective countries in normal HoI. For instance Prussia has predominantly German ministers tech teams and AI. It is worth assuming that this scenario was made for a balanced fun multiplayer games.

Although both scenarios are very similar, they are different in that Abyss starts with all countries at peace and in no sort of alliance while Armageddon throws the players into an all out brawl between 3 ideological alliances. Here are the alliances :

Axis - Nationalist Socialist
- Empire of Russia
- Indian Republic
- Indo China
- Prussia
- Confederates
- The Ottomans

Allies - Market Liberal
- Australasia
- Bourbon
- Republic of China
- Sweden
- Cossacks

Comintern - Stalinist
- APR (African People's Republic)
- European Soviets
- PRRS (People's Republic of the Rising Sun)
- Republic of Persia
- Roma
- Libertadores (South America)

Ship Brigades Explained :

There are 6 new brigades for ships introduced in Armageddon. Depending on ship you can add a certain amount of brigades.

CV - 1 (only CAG)
CVL - None
BB - 5 (All available)
BC - 4
CA - 3
CL -2
DD - 1 (A ship specific ASW is available along with the others)
SS - None
TP - None

The 6 brigades/improvements are :

- Anti-Air = Increase in Air Defense, Air Attack & Air Detection Capabilities
- Radar = Increase Sea Detection Capability & Air Detection Capability (capital variant only)
- Fire Control = Increase Sea Attack, Shore Bombardment & Max Firing Distance
- Improved Hull = Increase Air Defense & Sea Defense
- Torpedoes = Increase Convoy Raiding
- ASW = Increase Sub Detection & Sub Attack (Destroyer only)

Note that all of these brigades except ASW have a capital and regular variant save for the difference in Radar stats, I do not know a difference.

This is the list is temporary and will be expanded even further when I find more information on the game. I also intend to explain in depth the new features like Air and Naval combat changes . Please post your findings. Thanks.

30/03/2007, 17:46
para construir a unidade ja com a brigada, o custo da construção é igua a soma dos dos dois separados? e o tempo de construção de uma unidade com brigada é maior que uma sem? vlw