Ver Versão Completa : Novo CORE vem aí...

18/05/2007, 13:05
I'm way too good for this world... :rolleyes:

The new secret tech screen. Completely new, as you can see, including the nuclear chain which now is mapped to the actual nuclear research and discoveries of the era.

The new industry screen. Notice the new CORE tech teams, by the way. We now have some historical beauties like Nuffield, Gema, Rootes and Electric Boat. Reading up on those is in itself a treat.

The new armor screen:

And (in a bout of self-interest), some of the new COREd graphics. We aim to have two graphics packs available, one in B&W and one in color. Needless to say we won't have complete coverage yet, but at least we're working on it. Notice the SS unit, by the way - the SS units event chain is new in 0.30. The incorrect spelling of 'Leibstandarte' is a known issue, so no need to point out that it is spelled wrong as of now. ;)


Furthermore the IC and resource distribution are completely revamped (and thus economy tweaking is one of the major issues during the beta right now). As such an area can have negative production (i.e. consumes more than it produces, especially energy and oil).

Last but not least, the change log for 0.30 as of now:

Changelog for Ver 0.300 (DD Expansion)
- revised infantry tech tree
- completely revised armor/artillery tech tree
- revised aircraft tech tree
- expanded industry tech tree
- completely revised land doctrines tech tree
- completely revised secret weapons tech tree, incl. nuclear research
- revised and expanded air doctrines tech tree
- completely revised infrastructure
- completely revised location, amount and value of resources
- revised terrain
- adjusted all model files to match tech tree adjustments, as well as various fixes
- added tech teams to many nations, some activated automatically and some by event
- completely overhauled tech teams to match with new tech trees
- added new leaders
- made numerous adjustments to graphics, such as tech tree backgrounds and model images
- added many event pictures
- added many leader and tech team pictures
- revised inc-files to match new tech and model setups
- added many events, such as aircraft trades/licensing and a large SS event chain
- revised many events, such as Spanish Civil War
- added a manual

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- fixed events for Motorizing the Wehrmacht
- added naval base to Bremen
- updated German destroyer namnes
- corrected effects for Polish events regarding Zaolzie
- reduced cost for early builds of the naval construction events and changed some placement of German units

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- corrected entry in tech setups for all nations (fixes Germany's problem in Air Doctrines with advancing to Military Designs)
- updated AI tech research preferences and ignores for major countries
- added option to installer to not install flavour events
- added option to installer to choose where to create a desktop icon (for all users or current), or to not create one at all
- revised/corrected some tech team images
- added tentative testing files for Armageddon compatibility and made those files available through the installer (misc.txt, new brigades, revised division files to allow attachment, as per vanilla and added activation to certain techs). Note that this addition is primarily to allow the game to be played with Armageddon, not to fully take advantage of the new features therein.
- added a few new bases (Lorient, Nantes, Le Havre, Pescara, Dover (US), Kershon, Podgorica)
- made adjustments to starting stockpiles
- made adjustments to naval construction events (corrected costs for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, as well as build options for Nationalist Spain)
- corrected cost for the two infantry divisions that are in Germany's construction queue at game start (the numbers are adjusted anyway, but this way it doesn't look odd that they go up from zero cost)
- minor adjustments to the generic Axis Formation event and exported text for the resource event at game start
- added event for Yaroslavl Tyre Factory (SOV)
- updated Autarky event for Germany, with exported text and minor revisions
- lowered domestic/industrial Energy costs and corrected infra/energy use for one or two nations
- changed blueprint gain from fighter-aircraft research into cross-requirements (bombers intentionally remain at giving blueprints)

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- updated model images for aircraft
- updated icons for manual, forum, mantis, etc, to not have the nuke everywhere. icons should be considered temporary for the moment.
- corrected a couple of model names
- updated event texts for naval construction events and other minor adjustments
- tweaked infantry, armor and land doctrine tech trees
- tweaked requirements for the policy aircraft techs
- minor event adjustments, incl Flying Tigers corrections (shouldn't be sent to China, if China is a puppet of Japan)
- made minor adjustments to tech teams
- reintegrated 0.30 land model files
- changed some industry tree requirements and also some effects
- added German rubber/synthetic oil events
- revised political events

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- tweaked naval doctrines (to allow activation of marine-techs) and infantry tech tree
- changed some deployment targets in naval construction events
- fixed some event texts
- removed all energy_to_oil and oil_to_rares conversions from heavy industry techs
- fixed some more event texts (better mention this or Armd gets so cranky ;) )
- fixed problem with unitnames for certain countries displaying generic names, rather than national
- updated GER land unit names
- updated names of some French units in the OOB
- updated and corrected some event texts
- revised Spanish Civil War-related events for resources
- minor update to GER tech teams
- various changes regarding Battlecruisers - both in unit file and naval construction events
- adjusted scenario setup for FIN
- updated yugoslavian unit names, and some mot/mec names
- added synthetic oil events
- minor event adjustments and cleanup for SOV
- implemented more scenario setup adjustments (stockpiles, Professional Army settings and more)
- moved some ports and made more adjustments to economy
- updated scenario setup with revised trades
- revised costs for Rocket Test Sites and Nuclear Reactors (cheaper but take longer to build)
- new tech team images for CZE, HOL and SWE
- added event picture for Ethiopian rebels (ITA), and for oil events
- added tech team images for NZL, AUS and CAN
- adjusted CRO and YUG unitnames
- inserted events for EGY to choose sides when Axis nears Alexandria
- revised distribution of YUG infra, ic and resources
- cleaned up Doomsday-specific text
- inserted proper brigade icons for Armageddon
- corrected some requirements in Armageddon-specific industry tech file
- fixed tech team images for Kawanishi and Kawasaki
- minor adjustments to installer, removed unnecessary files
- removed duplicate event pictures present in earlier distributions
- corrected spelling of USS Raleigh
- corrected some text and adjusted some for readability
- added activation commands for techs experienced reserves and regular infantry to mobilization events
- changed Garner to Backroom Backstabber
- added info events for ENG regarding Egypt's stance in North Africa
- added pre-war events for EGY
- revised more AI files, still a few to go

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- cleaned up event database
- corrected a couple of triggers and a duplicate id in EGY event file
- corrected a duplicate event id in ENG event file
- made some adjustments to ethiopian events for ITA as a stop-gap measure until a better solution is found
- updated brigade icons for Armageddon
- revised the rest of the regular AI files (switch files to do)
- added a revised adj-defs.csv file
- added tech team images for FIN
- added tech team image for Golovanov
- corrected an error in naval construction events for JAP
- removed config.eu and settings.cfg, so that CORE uses default Doomsday settings
- corrected ports
- updated starting trades for JAP to alleviate 'metal' availability until war breaks out
- updated certain ITA and VIC vanilla events after bug reports
- updated partial mobilization event for ROM, to get it to fire properly
- revised some requirements and naming in basic air doctrines, to remove potential bugs
- changed some air doctrine tech names to match above
- updated starting tech setups slightly for BEL and HOL
- made another change to defeat the generic unitname problem
- corrected the display of the month of May
- changed description of the 'locarno' event for GER, to match upcoming changes to Rhineland chain
- updated some ENG events for imposing sanctions over the SCW and decisions regarding stance vs. GER if already at war
- made some changes to model names file, because of how the game engine interprets lines
- corrected spelling of Garner
- made anschluss related event changes for ITA, GER, CZE and FRA
- lowered starting belligerence for JAP
- lowered GER units' starting experience for understrength units
- removed certain outdated death events
- adjusted Douglas tech team
- added needed deactivation command to USA event activating a new Consolidated
- changed event name for activating Fighter Escort Doctrine and event description for Intercontinental Strategic Bomber
- corrected a small error in GER model names
- added several new tech team pictures
- adjusted effects of quality/quantity techs (+/-5 instead of +/-10)
- removed some useless text from vanilla text-files that was conflicting with core-specific text
- change sub-model numbering on a few GER aircraft
- updated some SOV ministers (x2)
- revised YUG, ITA, ENG and FRA mobilization triggers
- revised several events for SPA and SPR, as well as their starting setup
- added events to delay USA ability to research Recovery techs, so they do not become unhistorically powerful early in the game

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- corrected image referral in some SS events
- corrected short names of revised air doctrine names
- changed some german model names
- added event for activating Tito as tech team for YUG
- made changes to deal with problem of north africa staying free french (for VIC)
- made some event changes for GER regarding anschluss and scw
- corrected naval bonuses/penalties from quantity/quality/reliability techs
- cleared up triggers for USA mobilization events
- corrected mobilization triggers for ITA, FRA
- made more economy adjustments
- adjusted random events
- readded settings.cfg, since CORE needs to be run in English
- removed many vanilla event files no longer in use
- implemented several scenario changes, incl. supply depot on Midway and revised a couple of tech setups
- corrected some text
- adjusted tech team cost
- revised mobilization event triggers for AST, CAN, NZL, U02, SAF, IND, YUG, POL, BUL
- corrected Burma Road events and implemented other minor changes to events
- updated many AI files
- updated submarine stats
- updated several tech teams
- updated several tech trees, especially naval doctrines
- added infantry tech activation to SPA (and revolters) mobilization events
- implemented minor event text fixes
- fixed a bug with the effects of the Reliability tech
- adjusted mobilization event triggers for SOV and POL
- updated some YUG tech team pictures

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- updated mobilization events for many nations
- added an event picture for an upcoming event chain
- changed requirements for the two SAM techs and changed their historical years
- removed unit activations in air doctrines because of historical inconsistencies (blueprint gain is still in)
- revised effects slightly of aircraft trades and corrected a direct error
- adjusted some random and US events
- adjusted FRA mobilization triggers once again
- revised escort fighter info event
- made some scenario changes and adjusted ENG starting air force
- added images for a TUR and a ENG tech team
- inserted additional synthetic oil/rubber events for GER and SOV
- corrected minor inconsistency in aircraft and air doctrines tech trees
- corrected minor inconsistencies in secret weapons tech tree, as well as a more serious requirement problem for walter engine
- corrected requirements for guided missile ships
- corrected bug in mechanized role tech
- implemented some tech team adjustements
- implemented SS event changes
- implemented further ai enhancements
- adjusted supply consumption for all naval vessels
- corrected an error in requirements for advanced landing craft
- corrected subsistence/agricultural economy deactivations
- corrected some model naming
- fixed CHI/CXG peace issue
- changed some mobilization event triggers for FRA, ROM
- inserted new ai and ai-switch files
- revised and inserted new tech team images
- removed walter engine and nuclear sub engine techs, for the time being, since they didn't lead to actual units
- corrected jet escort model activation error
- inserted image of Smushkevich
- corrected error in transports unit file
- reduced build time for carrier air groups by 20 days
- corrected Spanish events for receiving units
- adjusted ai_chance values for Munich-related events to give less probability of war
- made minor alterations to GER events (such as event pics)
- inserted new synthetic rubber events for USA
- added metal to CHI and some more rares to Europe, also increased rubber usage in USA and adjusted rubber's 'value', thus lowering supply in Asia
- updated a couple of starting trade deals
- revised SOV naval and army names
- revised GER air and army names
- updated manual slightly

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- revised some US events, especially pre-war economy ones
- added synthetic rubber events for CAN
- made adjustments to fix formation of Vichy
- fixed error in Austrian State visit to Italy events
- cosmetic changes to Swedish events (exported text)
- corrected US turbojet multi-role fighter model names
- gave Siam Foreign Purchase Policy at start, for them to use the aircraft they have
- updated Turkish air model names
- added ability to build IC to 1943 Heavy Industry (for Pre-Industrial nations) and 1948 Heavy Industry (for Agricultural nations).
- added automatic setting of difficulty and ai aggressiveness to normal/normal (CORE standard) to scenario file
- corrected some Austrian and Nat./Repl. Spain events
- added Rudimentary Air Arm to ENG
- added some deactivation commands to pre-war fighter techs for the interwar fighter
- shortened name of a couple of CHI tech teams
- renamed a SOV tech team
- corrected infantry type use for SIA
- fixed incorrect triggering command in a ROM air event
- fixed end of purges event error
- fixed a couple of events for JAP (end of surprise effects and wartime economy)
- fixed minor error in aircraft tech file (Foreign Purchase Policy incorrectly activated Foreign Purchase Policy Change)
- adjusted CRO provinces to prevent trapping German forces there
- corrected trigger for an ITA event
- made adjustments to world amount of rares and metal
- moved several IC from India to England
- added a point of IC for Sweden, which should allow a second tech team
- added tech team Zajac for POL and made some adjustments to ROM air doctrine team
- corrected an error in land doctrines
- corrected a few EGY events
- added image for tech team Francis Tuker
- revised OOB and land doctrines for ROM and revised armor techs and land doctrines for SWE and YUG

Changelog for Ver (DD Expansion)
- changed so that even those with Air Missions can research Rudimentary Air Arm
- fixed a small error with multi-role fighters where the unit type isn't activated when researching any but the first tech
- moved 1930s Aircraft Industry from known tech to blueprint for SWE
- made a number of event text fixes
- made a change for Germany (and DDR and DFR) for new Scharnhorst model
- corrected some faulty tech names for air doctrines
- fixed some event texts
- updated some BUL events
- updated triggers for AFG mobilization events
- updated triggers for EGY events regarding ITA/ENG war
- corrected GRE right wing coup event
- amended mobilization event triggers for GRE
- uploaded fixes to United Front and Huayuankow flooding events in an effort to correct possible problems there
- changed chance of End of Surprise event to fire for JAP
- revised Purge events
- revised Eden resignation event to trigger if ENG go Appeasement, but not otherwise
- added events for SPA and SPR to modernize their air industry, post civil war
- fixed an event error for ITA
- adjusted costs (and added relation boosts) for some aircraft deal events
- added events for Turkish purchase of He 111 aircraft
- updated Hugo Sperrle event
- added a fix for a potential Munich problem
- implemented more fixes to deal with Vichy not gaining all North African territories
- corrected some model numbers for FRA and VIC
- corrected triggers for some ENG mobilization units
- implemented some minor text changes
- corrected a US economic recovery event

Sr. Bison
18/05/2007, 14:21
Muito bom, se no MP não ficar lagado vai ser 10 ! Agora esse negócio dos recursos ficarem negativo rapaz, se for do jogo isso, vai mudar completamente a estratégia dos MPs.

20/05/2007, 18:38
Na minha opinião, o melhor MOD, sob o ponto de vista da parte militar, ainda que a versão 0.25 era "inacabada".
Pessoalmente acho ele mais realista que o TRP (Total Realism Project), com a vantagem adicional de proporcionar um pouco mais de livre-arbítrio para o jogador.
Se ele tivesse mais alguns eventos históricos do HSR Addon e algumas opções de personalização do mod 34, seria perfeito.

21/05/2007, 14:05
esse parece ser bem legal.. só não gostei de todo esse colorido.. prefiro os outros q são mais "escurecidos"...

Der Meister
21/05/2007, 14:22
esse parece ser bem legal.. só não gostei de todo esse colorido.. prefiro os outros q são mais "escurecidos"...


21/05/2007, 19:34
esse parece ser bem legal.. só não gostei de todo esse colorido.. prefiro os outros q são mais "escurecidos"...

Não se preocupe. A pessoa que escreveu essa notícia comunicou também que serão lançados dois pacotes de gráficos para o CORE, um em preto e branco e o outro colorido.

22/05/2007, 08:38
tem gente que utiliza o GIP hein, hehe.

22/05/2007, 09:19
Nada que uma gambirra não resolva.

22/05/2007, 13:27
Esse GIP é um lixo...

Não sei como eles recebem apoio de diversos mod's com algo tão horrendo.

22/05/2007, 13:49
Esse GIP é um lixo...

Não sei como eles recebem apoio de diversos mod's com algo tão horrendo.

opa, faço parte de projeto, mais respeito ai kraio.

eu uso e gosto, se não gosta não use.