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12/08/2008, 11:57
COH jogavel somente na China. Deverá ser lançado ao ocidente logo mais e de graça.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/51391582_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=267) http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/58340626_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=265)

When Company of Heroes Online was first announced as a free-to-play game for the Chinese market, a lot of people (myself included) asked "why", as it seemed like such an odd choice to convert CoH to an online-only game developed in a joint venture between Relic and a Chinese developer. And when some CoHO concept art surfaces and showed their vision for a revamped art style for some units, people began to get worried.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/50429962_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=254) http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/72054971_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=252)

However, since then, I have heard some very, very good things about Company of Heroes Online, and I have heard many people, including die-hard Company of Heroes fans, say that the game is a blast to play. Thanks to the screenshots in our gallery, we now have a closer look at CoH Online, and we can gleam some facts about the game:

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/64548613_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=263) http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/11394006_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=262)

- It is strictly an online game. There is no skirmish mode or single-player campaign; everything requires you to play online against an opponent.
- The game is free-to-play, but supports microtransactions to finance it. Microtransactions are used to purchase cosmetic things like clothes for your avatar, and may actually be used to purchase in-game content.
- Does not contain anything from Opposing Fronts, but does contain new maps, cooperative and persistent campaigns, avatars, and hero units that can be used in the battlefield.
- Players can create and customize an avatar with various outfits. This avatar is given a "class" (one of the 6 CoH doctrines) and can level up through online play. This is similar to MMO classes, meaning the longer you play with a single character/doctrine, the better it will be.
- There are now nearly 50 abilities in the game, giving doctrines and characters a wide range of options that help make them unique.
- New "hero" units have been added that are stronger than normal units and have some pretty awesome abilities.
- The online service appears to be a modified version of Relic Online.
- You can unlock multiple abilities and upgrades. Some units, like engineers, seem to have 3 levels of upgrades.
- It appears that you level up and unlock things by participating in online battle and cooperative campaigns. I hope they have a good automatching system to help balance out competitive games. I'd hate to be the guy who just unlocked Rangers when my opponent has a Tiger...
- It appears upgrades/abilities can be tied to your avatar, meaning the choices you make for your character can affect how the game is played on the battlefield.
- You can dress up your avatar with various items. Concept art has shown avatar classes with a very distinct art style and weapons, so it stands to reason that avatars gain cooler items and abilities as they level up.
- The game retains all of the English market voices for units and announcements.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/67601456_thumb.jpg http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/43260345_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=261)

There is still a lot more that isn't known about Company of Heroes Online (it doesn't help that the only information is in Chinese!), but we'll be sure to bring you more details as we find it. What do you think of this information and the screenshots, especially of the shots detail the unlock and avatar system? Leave your opinions in the comment section!

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/7941481_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=258) http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/34052146_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=257)

With news (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/fullstory.php?id=152461) that CoHO might be coming to English markets, this is definitely a game to watch!

13/08/2008, 20:03
interessante... vamo ver noq da...

25/08/2008, 17:18
Found these like a week ago when latest beta patch was released and I think it included a lot of the localized strings for COH online (some might be normal COH related too). Also its not know what stuff will be actually included so after you have read these don't come here to rant about balance, realism or etc. http://forums.relicnews.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Ill just copy paste some of stuff here:

We already knew there was gonna be heroes that you lvl up:

Your Hero is: Demolition Engineer (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Saboteur Engineer (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Guardian Commando (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Aggressor Commando (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Base Medic (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Field Medic (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Cunning Officer (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Inspirational Officer (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Observation Scout (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Vanguard Scout (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Infiltrator Sniper (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Marksman Sniper (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Daredevil Recon (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Illuminator Recon (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Infiltrator Sniper (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Marksman Sniper (Offensive)
Your Hero is: Defender Heavy (Defensive)
Your Hero is: Storm Heavy (Offensive)[/CODE]
Base Medic
The Base Medic provides healing to nearby units. It also has the ability to do a single shot emergency heal of all units within a specified area.
Observation Scout
Observation Scouts are armed with an Ensnare ability that prevents enemies from following them back.
Vanguard Scout
Eager to prove themselves, Vanguard Scouts are fearless on the attack.
Marksman Sniper
Highly skilled Sharpshooter with scoped rifle, effective against all Infantry. The Marksman can do an Aimed Shot.
Daredevil Recon
The Daredevil's speed makes it an ideal Reconnaissance unit. It also has the ability to repair itself when damaged.
Illuminator Recon
The Illuminator can drop flares to illuminate parts of the battlefield.
Cunning Officer
Schooled in many tactical doctrines, the Cunning Officer prefers camouflaged ambushes.
Inspirational Officer
Leading by example, the Inspirational Officer can inspire troops to perform great deeds.

Some new game mode?

Capture Territories to earn rewards
Rewards have been granted here
Objective Island Secured
Island Under Control: Receive weapon rewards here
This Island is being contested
Objective Island Contested!!
Island Up For Grabs!!
Objective Island Lost!!
Allies: Capture and hold these Islands to win
Capture and hold this Island
Axis: Capture and hold these Islands to win

And finally some misc stuff fun to read http://forums.relicnews.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Map Blur
Blurs the mini-map of all players
Color Blind
Merges player colors on the mini-map
Tilted World
Tilts the mini-map of all players
Radio Breakdown
All players' radio sounds are blocked out
Dampening Sound
All players' distant sounds are blocked
All players' sounds are blocked
Prevents nearby sounds of allied players from being blocked out
Two Bombing Runs
Calls in a second plane for an additional Bombing Run
Three Bombing Runs
Calls in a third plane for an additional Bombing Run
Accelerated Arrival
Reduces the time for the second and third planes to arrive
Fatherland Ambush
All infantry non-heroic units in friendly territory will camouflage for the duration of the ability.
Air-Dropped Decoys
Decoys are air-dropped in the selected area, potentially drawing unfocused enemy fire.
Infantry non-heroic units in the selected area will instantly Camouflage. Units Camouflaged will stay Camouflaged until they enter combat or are detected.
A devious tactic intended to wreak havoc on Commanders' ability to control the battle. Commander Tree access, radar, and radio frequencies are the victims of this assault.
Mammoth Stug IV
This versatile tank can soak up a lot of damage but is slowed considerably by its heavy armor (Leveling Speed: Slow)
Fuel Insurance
Yields 1 fuel for every unit lost while Recoup Losses is active
Fuel Insurance II
Increases the fuel yielded by 1
Resource Disruption II
Disrupts the resource income of opposing territories the Tiger resides in by 50%
Resource Disruption III
Disrupts the resource income of opposing territories the Tiger resides in by 75%
Tiger Defensive Maneuvers Ability
Allows the Tiger to use the Defensive Maneuvers ability
Camouflage Detection
Allows the Tiger to detect camouflaged units in a nearby radius
Tiger Engine Overdrive Ability
Allows the Tiger to use the Overdrive ability
Point Destruction III
Neutralizes an enemy-owned strategic point or resource point, if it is in the V1 blast radius, and prevents recapture for 60 seconds
Point Destruction IV
Neutralizes an enemy-owned strategic point or resource point, if it is in the V1 blast radius, and prevents recapture for 120 seconds
Munitions Generation
Allows the Forward Barracks to acrue munitions at the same rate as a Low Munition Point
Munitions Generation II
Allows the Forward Barracks to acrue munitions at the same rate as a Medium Munition Point
Vehicle Benefactors
Allows Fatherland Ambush to affect Motorcycles and Halftracks, but with a 40% movement penalty while they are camouflaged
Vehicle Benefactors II
Allows Fatherland Ambush to affect Pumas and Nebelwerfers, but with a 40% movement penalty while they are camouflaged
Vehicle Benefactors III
Allows Fatherland Ambush to affect Stugs and Ostwinds, but with a 40% movement penalty while they are camouflaged
Allows Fatherland Ambush to affect all vehicles, but with a 40% movement penalty while they are camouflaged
Vehicle Benefactors IV
The Jeep can recover vehicle wrecks and bring them back to a functional state.

There's a lot more of these and seems every squad has boost unlocks and stuff, check http://www.harharetki.net/coh/cohonline.txt for rest related stuff (its copy paste of certain string range, if you check the stuff yourself from beta files be careful not to spoil the tiger ace campaign info).

26/08/2008, 10:23
andei lendo em por ai, que vc no caso comandaria um unico squad em combates online.
fazendo parte assim de um exército.

vai saber se é informação veridica ou nao.