Ver Versão Completa : UPDATE: Company of Heroes - Balance Playtest

10/09/2008, 18:35
saiu mais uma atualização sobre o patch beta.

UPDATE: Company of Heroes - Balance Playtest

We have been conducting an open test of some upcoming patch content with our online community. The balance playtest (http://www.relic.com/news/Company-of-Heroes---Balance-Playtest/) introduces players to bug fixes, new maps, and balance work for a future patch. The feedback and support that we’ve been getting from Company of Heroes fans has been incredibly helpful during this process. First and foremost we must thank all of you who have been participating.

Currently we are planning to make at least two more updates to the balance playtest before we lock down the change list to create the final patch. These updates will include more balance changes and the addition of some new maps.

Our latest version of the balance playtest has a number of changes to our network code. We’d appreciate getting logs from players so that we can analyze them, especially if you’re experiencing lag while playing the game. You can find the log that we need in your "My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes" folder, and it’s called warnings.log.

Ideally we’d like players to:

1) Start the game
2) Join one game
3) Play one game
4) Quit to desktop
5) Send in the log to webmaster@relic.com along with a brief description of the symptoms.

IE: I played a 3v3 and 20 minutes in it began to lag.

Following those steps will help yield the best information for us to track down any bugs.

Once again, thank you to all the members of our online community who have been participating in our balance playtest.

18/03/2009, 12:59
Esse balance vale apena instalar? Vc chegou a usar ele Nigosky?

18/03/2009, 13:08
Esse balance vale apena instalar? Vc chegou a usar ele Nigosky?

não e não :up:

18/03/2009, 13:14
Valeu pela dica. Abraços

20/03/2009, 12:17
a ordem das perguntas está trocada

o nigo lesado respondeu não sem testar ahahahahaha :lol:

é um tarado mesmo :B