Ver Versão Completa : mod p/ SP - CoH+OF American Campaign improvements

19/09/2008, 16:08
mod que altera a campanha AMERICANA single player do CoH, colocando unidades do CoH OF.

I have both CoH and OF. After playing Opposing Fronts single-player, i realized that the American campaign could be better with some of the new Opposing Fronts units added in. So, i edited the SCAR for 3 levels, and edited the map for M16 Chambois. This mod requires at least CoH 2.101 or preferably CoH+Opposing Fronts.

Forgot to add this to the readme: You have to run the CoH shortcut with -dev added in the target.


-M03 Carentan: Fallschirmjagers replace Volksgrenadiers and Grenadiers.
-M04 Carentan: Considering that the 17th SS Panzer Grenadier division with elements of the 6th Fallschirmjager division undertook the role of counterattacking Carentan, there are now Stormtroopers, Fallschirmjagers, and later on Panzer Grenadiers, instead of hordes of Grenadiers.
-M16 Chambois: Canadians (player's ally) are now Commonwealth, instead of a renamed American force.