Ver Versão Completa : Como reportar "drophack" e gringo com boca suja

29/09/2008, 10:38
parece que esse email voltou a funcionar


caso aconteça um "drophack" no seu jogo, salve o replay, uma foto e envie no email.

a mesma coisa para gringos bocas sujas....

mais instruções:


oq é drophack?

“Drop-Hacking”, Lagging, Sync Errors, Disconnect Abuse, and other Game Exploits

Drop-hacking is a specific action taken by a player to manually disconnect from a game with the intention of acquiring a win illegitimately or avoiding a loss intentionally. This does not include using the in-game option to quit, or if your internet connection unintentionally drops. However, we will still be tracking trust for players who appear to drop often, regardless of the method used to drop. This also includes players using artificial lag, causing sync errors, lag kicking, or any other game abuse to artificially gain a win or avoid a loss. Using hack/cheat programs, or exploiting game flaws/bugs provides an unfair advantage to players, ruining the fair gameplay experience for legitimate gamers. This will not be tolerated.

30/09/2008, 14:26
É mas acho q eles n devolvem as vitórias. :?