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14/10/2008, 13:31

Headquarters: HQ
Barracks: Rax
Weapons Support Center: WSC
Motor Pool: MPool or MP
Tank Depot: TD
Forward Headquarters: FHQ, Forward HQ, Forward Rax, FwdHQ, FwdRax

Engineers: Engi's
Riflemen: Rifles, Rifle squad
Heavy Machine Gun Team: MG, HMG, HMG Team
57mm Anti-Tank Gun: AT Gun, 57mm
M8 'Greyhound' Armored Car: M8, AC, Greyhound
Halftrack: HT
Halftrack with Quad'50 weapons upgrade: Quad
M4 'Crocodile' Sherman: Croc
M10 Tank Destroyer: M10

Browning Automatic Rifle Upgrade: BAR's
Mk2 Pineapple Grenade: Nade, Grenade
Sticky Bombs: Stickies, Sticky
M8 Armored Car's Armored Skirts Upgrade: Skirts
Armor Piercing Rounds: AP, AP Rounds, APR
Armor Piercing Shells: AP, AP Shells, APS

Allied War Machine: AWM
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank: Pershing
Off-Map Combat Group: OMCG
105mm Howitzer: 105, Howie, Howitzer
Artillery: Arty

Tier 1: T1 Rax
Tier 2: T2 WSC (although this is a contested issues due to the availability of both rax and WSC at the start of a game)
Tier 3: T3 MP
Tier 4: T4 TD


Wehrmacht Quarters: WQ, Quarters
Kreig Barracks: KB, Krieg, Kreig Rax
Sturm Armory: SA, Sturm, Armory
Panzer Command: PC, PCommand
Kampkraft Center: KKC
Tier 1: T1 (WQ)
Tier 2: T2 (KB)
Tier 3: T3 (SA)
Tier 4: T4 (PC)

Pioneers: Pio's
Volksgrenadiers: Volks
Machine Gun 42 Team: MG42, MG42 Team, MG, MG Team, HMG
Motorcycle: MBike, Motorbike, Bike
Grenadiers: Grens
Pak'38 Anti-Tank Gun: Pak, Pak38, AT-Gun
Halftrack: HT
Halftrack with Flammenwerfer Upgrade: Flame HT, Flamer HT, Flammenwerfer
Halftrack with Walking Stuka Upgrade: Stuka, Walking Stuka
Sdkfz 234 'Puma' Armored Car: Puma, AC, Armored Car
Stug IV: Stug
Nebelwerfer: Nebel
Panzer IV: P4, PIV, Panzer
Ostwind Flakpanzer: Ostwind
Knights Cross Holders: KCH

Veterancy: Vet
Veterancy Upgrades: Vet1/2/3
Volksgrenadiers MP40 Upgrade: MP40's
Panzershrek: Shrek, PShreks
Panzerfaust: PFaust, Faust
Camouflage: Camo, invisible, invis

Stormtroopers: Storms, Sturms, Storm Squad
Stormtroopers Bundled Grenade: Bundled Nade, Bundle
King Tiger: KT
Inspired Assault: IA
V1 Rocket: V1
For The Fatherland: FTFL

Panzer Elite

Logistiks Kompanie: Logistik, LK
Kampgruppe Kompanie: Kampfgruppe
Panzer-Jager Kommand: PJK, Jager Kommand
Panzer-Support Kommand: PSK, Support Kommand

Panzer Grenadiers: Grens, Grenadiers, PGrens, Panzer Grens, PGs
Kettenkrad: Ketten
Infantry Halftrack: Inf HT, HT
Mortar Halftrack: Mortar HT, MHT
Tank Buster Squad: Tank Busters
Munitions Halftrack: Muni HT, Munitions HT
Assault Grenadiers: Assault Grens
Armored Car: AC
Marder III Tank Hunter: Marder, Marder 3
Panzer IV Infantry Tank: P4, PIV
Light Anti-Tank Halftrack: AT HT, AT Halftrack

Group Zeal: Zeal
G43 Weapons Upgrade: G43's
FG42 Fallschirmjager Weapons Upgrade: FG42
Incendiary Grenades: Flame Nades
Anti-tank Grenades: AT Nades

JagdPanther: Jagd
Fallschirmjagers: Fallschirms
Butterfly Bombs: BB's
Booby Trap: Trap


Field Support Truck: T2, FST, Field Support, Support Truck
Armored Command Truck: T3, ACT, Armored Truck

Infantry Section: Tommy, Tommies, Tommy Squad
Bren Carrier: Bren
Lieutenant: Lieut, Officer
Sappers with PIAT Upgrade: PIAT Sappers, PIATS, PIAT Squad
Heavy Machine Gun Emplacement: MG Nest, HMG Nest, MG Emplacement
17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun: 17P, 17 Pounder, 17 Pndr
25 Pounder Howitzer Emplacement: 25P, 25 Pounder, 25 Pndr
Sherman Firefly: Firefly
Cromwell Command Tank: Command Tank

Bren Machine Gun Upgrade for Tommies: Bren, Bren MG
Rifle Grenades Upgrade for Tommies: Rifle Nades
Recon Element Deploy Marksman: Snipe Shot
Stuart Canister Round: Canister, Canister Shot

General Slang:

Capture a Point: Cap, Capping
High Amount of units to capture Points: High Capping Power
Low Amount of units to capture Points: Low Capping Power
Munitions: Munis
Strategic Point: SP
Observation Post: OP
Good Game: GG, gg, gee-gee, (polite thing to say at the end of a game)
Well played: Well Played, WP
Overpowered: OP
Underpowered: UP
Imbalanced: Imba
Good Luck Have Fun: GL HF



15/10/2008, 08:42
legal... o único q eu tinha dúvida era o Imba... bom saber!!

20/10/2008, 16:55
Tem aqueles outros também:

Putaqueopariu!!!!: 1 shot squad kill com artilharia nas SUAS unidaes
FDP: Drop Hacker
PNC: team mate que larga artilharia em cima das suas unidades
Fudeu!: King Tiger inimigo avistado