Ver Versão Completa : Novas infos sobre a expansão "Tales of Valor"

25/10/2008, 18:13

Today the new issue of pcgames arrived at my house; there's a preview about Tales of Valor. There will be a new multiplayer mode where you have to defend a village against the AI.

Also there will be some new campaign, the Tiger-Campaign - you'll only control ONE Tiger and maybe some support troops, it'll play like an RTS with action-RPG elements like in Diablo (As you may remember I posted some stuff about the Tiger campaign some time ago, everything just as I predicted it to be http://forums.relicnews.com/images/smilies/icon_smile_big.gif ).

The Tiger is manned by 4 guys, each of them having individual techniques in 4 different levels; having a higher level for your cannonier allows you to fire explosive rounds. Through different researches you can improve the driving- and firing-attributes of your tank.

Things you earned in one mission will be taken to the next mission. In the preview they're also about a system which lets the AI only see what a real tank could see (that would be kinda cool, eh?)

The others new campaigns are planned to take place in normandy and it's not sure if they're going to be like the new tiger campaign or like the old ones. (if I got it right...)

In the review it says NOTHING about new factions, but about an intro taking place in Leningrad. Also they said, that the lead designer didn't want to talk about things like "russia" (not "russians"!) (yet...).

More info to follow, have to read the review again (and again, and again and again...)

25/10/2008, 18:24

mas q engraçado, pela descrição parece mais um jogo novo que uma expansão não é mesmo?

Mas tomara q seja expánsão mesmo

25/10/2008, 19:02

os elementos citados são para campanha Single Player

26/10/2008, 02:28
sim sim sim, mas essa história dos gunners/drivers do tiger, dá a impressão que é um jogo diferente pois o CoH não tem essa estrutura

29/10/2008, 10:07
mais infos vindo de quem leu a revista alemã pcgames

Ok guys , I bought the new Pcgames and will tell you what it says about Coh: Tov (omg what a name^^), Coh: Online and
Coh 2...

First of all: Tales of valor will be an addon, no package of downloadable content, it is again a stand-alone addon.

The most important facts are already mentioned.
The new gamemode, in which you have to defend against the npc is only mentioned in one short sentence , so there are now real informations about it in the article.
But now to the biggest disappointment :
-No new armies
-no new units (except for the schwimmwagen, staghound etc.
but I call them new models)
-no new scenario

The writer of the article played tales of valor and asked, after he played through the first mission if he would be able to see new stuff, but the answer was: there is nothing...
Sure, you could call it a lie and that relic wants it to be a surprise, but it is repeated again and again in the article ,that leningrad is only used for the intro and that new armies only would be a hard hit for the balancing.
So pcgames seems to be quite sure about that.
So which new features will be implemented in the third addon?
The tiger-ace-campaign:
Like said above, the wehr-campaign will be different from the other campaigns: You will control most of the time only the tiger-ace and be able to upgrade the skills of his crew.
Shooting, driving , reloading and his view.
That sounds interesting to have a tiger which gets better the more units you kill, but: After the first mission you already got each ability , so you will have all its abilitys from the second mission on.
Two examples are named in the article:
high-explosive rounds and a smoke-camouflage.
You'll have to watch your environment to get through the levels: A new feature is, that the npc's (unfortunately only the npcs) only can see what they would see in real life...if you are behind an obstacle with your tiger...the won't notice you, cool idea for ambushes...but would be much cooler if this feature would be implemented for real players too (multiplayer).
Nothing is said about the other campaings in the addon, and they didnt want to tell us if they will be tradicional or extraordinary like the tiger-ace-campaign.

About Coh:Online and Coh 2:
Just rumors , but the pcgames is quite sure, that russians or italians will be in Coh 2 and that Coh: Online will stay "Asian only" =/

All in all: Nothing new, still a lot of questions unanswered...
it's time to hope that there will be other great features in the addon.


Ok im going to translate some parts.
Got the mag here.

Reading the test it sounds like major bullshit....

Its singleplayer only.
No new factions.
last part of Coh 1

One discovered that a lot of players prefered the taktical over the macro-intensive missions and felt overwhelmed by the multiplayer and people that play it since 2006 vCoh

Quote of Brian Wood:

The game becomes more taktical.
In the new campaing you only controll 1 tank, not the troops around

There are no strat points in the new campaing

Then there are the mentioned speculations about Coh2
Wood again:

I wont say anything about russia today

hint to coh2?

And the new reward units will come with ToV

The rest is about the new sp campaing and hints that its not that great.
Instead of doctrines you can choose upgrades for your Tiger and the crew. (And keep them over the missions)
Enemys can only see what the tank could see. But it seems there are some AI flaws (i.e. they cannot hear a superheavy tank when standing on the other side of a wall and such things)

So all told this preview was quite disillusioning.

29/10/2008, 13:53
Bom, só espero que não façam ****** nessa expansão. Poderiam muito bem adicionar mais 2 exércitos e continuar o mesmo estilo de jogo multiplayer, apenas tentando corrigir bugs, balanceamento, essas coisas. Se vierem com um stand-alone single player, vai ser a morte do CoH.

29/10/2008, 14:26
q lixo


29/10/2008, 14:45
morte nao vai ser , mas que da trabalho balancear o Company of Heroes isso é verdade nao é um jogo facil pelo proprio estilo dele é só ver o Warhammer Soulstorm..

29/10/2008, 21:28
Também acho que não seja a morte. Mas acho que é um pouco decepcionante.

30/10/2008, 01:53
Um pouco???

30/10/2008, 10:34
Eu tô de cara.


31/10/2008, 03:15
mesmo só extendendo o single player, pode ser legal se for mais barato, tipo 10 dólares ou 20 dólares, mas pagar 40 george washington pra missão single player não vai dar. e eu esperarava os russos e os japoneses numa próxima expansão, falar q mais exércitos ia dificultar o balanço ia sim, mas a Relic é mestra em mexer em coisa q não tem nada a ver com oq os jogadores pedem, só ver o beta 2.505.

31/10/2008, 19:57
copiaram o detalhe do fog of war do mow...
qnt aos novos exercitos eu tinha falado que era improvavel..
se ela n tem capacidade pra balancear com 4, qnt mais com 6.
O ideal seria o COH 2.
AE sim...Mas isso só qnd o lula terminar a pós graduação dele...ou seja..2029 mais ou menos
valew povo...e o patch ? está decidido ? sai qnd ?

01/11/2008, 11:42
e eu esperarava os russos e os japoneses numa próxima expansão

Os russos e japoneses não ia dar porque são de fronts diferentes, mas talvez desse os italianos e canadenses, ou os franceses. Talvez o afrika Korps também, mas dai fica estranho por causa dos mapas atuais que são ambientados na europa. Acho que seria melhor os Russos e alguma subdivisão do exército alemão ou os italianos.