Ver Versão Completa : Quando escolher sua doutrina com Wehrmacht

27/10/2008, 17:24
Para jogadores de Wehr

Of all the choices you make in a standard Company of Heroes game, when you pick your doctrine is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make. While some doctrines give you an early bolster and some can give you a massive late game push, you need to pick the right tool for the right job or else you may find yourself at a massive dissadvantage



The most efficient, and likely obvious, time to use Blitz is when using any strategy involving skipping T2 Krieg Barracks. If you go T1 > T3 Sturm Armory, you need to go Blitz for stormtroopers. You're putting yourself at a gigantic disadvantage in the long run if you rely on only volks for your main infantry force because they stand no chance against tommies and will become absolutely useless against BARs. In addition, the AT gun + sticky bomb combination will completely negate your vehicles.

With stormtroopers, you have a good grenadier replacement. Although they serve different roles, storms do cap at the faster rate of 1.5 like grens and you can take out AT guns quite easily by cloaking behind enemy lines. Always make sure to upgrade your stormtroopers with one MP44s, consistently use bundled grenades at every chance, and always use cloak. You can keep a squad with a shreck or two around, but it's unrecommended to rely on them for your primary AT. Against WSC starts vs mass MGs, going Blitz for assault grenades can be effective. In addition, the StuH is a neat unit if you can afford it and the Tiger is excellent (but it's no King Tiger).


King Tiger

Going Terror is usually for when you find you're not in crucial need of any immediate doctrine help, knowing you can survive 25-30 minutes. Obviously it has the strongest late-game out of any of the doctrines and that's the sole reason you're going Terror, for the King Tiger. That's the main drawback of picking Terror; you're pretty much on your own until late-game. Zeal is neat but rarely noticeable and Propaganda War is a nice emergency save but rather expensive for just a force retreat. T2 grenadier spam is very efficient with Terror because it's the most stable, reliable, least risky strat Wehr has; it gives you the highest chance to survive until late-game. T2 > T4 Terror is hardest to pull off but very powerful.


Medic Bunkers

When going Defensive, you need to be taking complete advantage of its increased bunker HP with multiple medic bunkers because that's the greatest advantage of Defensive. Defensive is the most effective mid-game doctrine and you can transition into any tier from there. It's recommended that you do eventually advance to another tier because of Defensive's lack of late-game strength. Without a King Tiger, you really need to rely on the power of Wehr's T4.

Also note that Defensive has the most powerful artillery for Wehr. Registered Artillery is incredibly effective, constantly catching your opponent off-guard when capping or straying to close to a point, and Rocket Artillery is good against AT guns and buildings. In addition, FtFL makes your infantry exceptionally resilient and can give your forces the edge, especially in the early game.

by daeyeth

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28/10/2008, 01:06
Da uma visão bem ampla das doutrinas.

Lembrando que a Blitz é mto eficiente contra os brits por causa da chuva de granadas q é util pra limpar as trenches e stormtrooper.

Outro ponto importante é que se pretende ir Terror ou Defensive, escolher o qto antes para aproveitar o Zeal e as habilidades iniciais passivas de Defensive.

28/10/2008, 20:14
Bom, meio tendencioso mas tudo bem, só não vi mesmo a parte do "quando escolher".

Esse aqui tb vale a pena dar uma olhada, do mesmo autor: http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=wehr_rulesofthumb