Ver Versão Completa : Meet the Bren Carrier

29/10/2008, 10:06

A guide to microing one of the best British units in the game.

The Bren Carrier is one of the most powerful and versatile units in the game. Coming right out of the Headquarters Command truck, it's a capable unit for harassing Pioneers and Volksgrenadiers, and it can lend your Tommies a big hand in winning an engagement. The unit can also be used for transporting Infantry Sections to the fight, as you can carry one squad in it (before it's been upgraded with the Vickers machinegun.)


With an Infantry Section or officer loaded in it, the Bren Carrier can be used as a capping unit, much like a Kettenkrad. However, a Bren Carrier used this way is far superior to that Panzer Elite unit, as the Bren Carrier will be capable of defending itself with both its onboard Bren gun and the squad or officer in back as well. Un-upgraded Bren Carriers also possess the same Button Vehicle ability that Bren-equipped Tommy sections have. This can be an effective tool for dealing with early vehicles.

While it is useful right out of the box, the Bren Carrier really becomes a beast when it's been upgraded with the Vickers medium machinegun. Even though you lose the ability to Button Vehicles and carry squads (and thus the ability to capture points,) its increased hit points (up to 280 from 215,) damage output, and AP Rounds ability more than make up for it.

Usage versus the Wehrmacht

While your Wehrmacht opponent is in Tier 1, you'll want to keep the upgunned Bren Carrier stationary and at medium range. The onboard Vickers machine gun is much more accurate while the Bren Carrier is stationary, so not only will it deal far more damage than if it was moving, it will suppress enemy troops faster, too.

When up against an Wehrmacht opponent in Tier 2, you need to be very mindful of the Bren Carrier's health. Anytime you see your Bren Carrier is at less than 3/4 health, you should be constantly backing away from attackers, especially if you can tell that your opponent's Volksgrenadiers mean to faust it. The goal is to keep it alive well into the late-mid game. It's good as a late game Victory Point guard on the far end (i.e. non-contested) side of the map, since by then there's usually enough AT on the frontlines to kill it instantly. When left alone protecting a distant point, it works quite well at fending off a raiding Pioneer or Volksgrenadier squad. Obviously, a judicious use of self-repair is a necessity if its health gets too low and you dont have Sappers nearby.

Reverse Gear
To get your Bren Carrier to back up along a path (instead of making a full three-point-turn,) just shift-click a bunch of points behind it in succession, and it will follow your route while backing up. This takes a little practice, but it can mean the difference between losing the unit early and keeping it around for maximum effect.

Usage versus the Panzer Elite

Against a Panzer Elite opponent, you'll have to keep your Bren Carrier far away from Infantry Halftracks, as it will take as much as it gives. If you can afford to activate AP Rounds, however, it's advisable to drive right up to the halftrack (so long as there's only one) and keep it stationary. The Bren Carrier will deal massive damage and chew through the halftrack very quickly. Against massed Panzer Grenadiers, keep your Bren Carrier still and at a distance to suppress them, and then, if your Bren Carrier has high health, drive it in close and kill the suppressed infantry.

Bear in mind that the Bren Carrier's 280 HP can be vastly increased by Overreparing it with Expert Engineer Sappers. A full Overrepair will give your Bren Carrier up to an additional 300 HP, more than doubling it's base health (though, over time, the bonus HP will decay, leaving you with only 100 additional HP.) Thus, in some circumstances, it will still be able to withstand two direct hits from a PaK, Marder or Panzerschreck and live to fight another day.

The Bren Carrier is also effective against both Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Tier 3 units. It can kill both Armored Cars and Pumas with AP rounds, though it will receive plenty of damage from both units in return, especially if the Puma is upgunned. In a pinch, the extra damage from a Bren Carrier can mean the difference between killing an opposing unit and letting it slip away with minimal health. In some cases, it's even worth sacrificing the Bren Carrier in the late-midgame to kill an Armored Car or Puma, since both cost considerably more fuel to construct than the Bren Carrier does, and by that point, the Bren Carrier should have more than made up for its initial cost anyway.

In summary -

While stationary, its accuracy is greatly improved, and its damage output increases significantly.
When against Wehrmacht T2 units or multiple Panzer Elite halftracks, keep your Bren Carrier at range by constantly backing up.
Use self-repair to the keep your investment alive, but remember that while it is self-repairing, it will not shoot and will move very slowly. Nearby Tommy support is key to keeping it alive during this vulnerable period.
Try to Overrepair your Bren Carrier whenever possible to maximize its longevity.

by DGN