Ver Versão Completa : mais um patch beta - 2.505

29/10/2008, 15:00
para quem estiver testando o beta

Below is the 2.505 patch change list. This does not reflect the community’s or design team’s very latest feedback, but we did want to have the patch go out so that you had the opportunity to play with these changes. 2.505 is now live on the beta server:

- Further optimizations & fixes to the new network code.

- Fixed some issues with Repair Station Engineers.
- Fixed a number of quite obscure in-game crashes.

- Fixed incoming projectile sounds.
- Collisions between physics objects now produce material-specific sounds. *this system is not perfect, and is meant to supplement the regular destruction audio (ie: a sound will not play for every collision, only those with a large enough velocity/mass). It’s fun to push around debris with vehicles though.
- Check out the Nebelwerfers… can you say Katyusha?
- Reduced volume on BAR to sit better in the mix, as well as many other smaller mix refinements.

Note: Due to technical reasons, some of the audio changes listed in the last patch didn’t make it in (ie. distant arty), but they are included in this one.

- Removed Riflemen Veterancy bonuses granted through researching grenades
- Adjusted cost of British Glider HQ to 200 MP from 100 MP
- Adjusted cost of American HMG Nest to 200 MP/15 Fuel from 240 MP/10 Fuel
- Reduced cost of Firestorm to 160 munitions from 175 munitions
- Reverted cost of Wehrmacht Panzer IV back to 80 Fuel
- Adjusted MP40 medium range accuracy to .45
- At Vet 2, Volksgrenadiers get a +10 sight range addition.
- When a Wehrmacht Bunker is upgraded to Medic Bunker/MG Bunker/Repair Bunker, it can no longer be garrisoned.
- All Panzer Elite Vehicle veterancy curves now escalate (previously many obtained veterancy 2 much slower than they would obtain veterancy 3)
- All Panzer Elite Soldiers obtain Veterancy 3 at a slightly slower rate (they’ll now have to kill 2 more Engineers)
- Wehrmacht Sdkfz 234 Armoured Car Weapon Range bonus at Veterancy 2 replaced with a Sight Range bonus
- Wehrmacht Panzerfaust no longer deal double bonus damage to American and Commonwealth Heavy Armoured Vehicles
- Wehrmacht Knights Cross Holder Entities now capable of camouflaging
- Commonwealth AT Armor Piercing Round ability will now only show up for Commonwealth Players
- American AT and MG gun Armor Piercing Round abilities now will only show up for an American Player

- Road to Montherme - Fixed the garrison problem with the upper wooden bunker near left VP
- Road to Montherme - Replaced the lower building near right VP to balance building capacity and fix garrison/shooting problems