Ver Versão Completa : Entrevista com Thunder

12/11/2008, 10:52
Thunder é o community manager do CoH

a pessoa que faz a ponte entre a comunidade e a relic

entrevista em inglês

fonte: site gamereplays.org

Yoink & Bawx sit down with Relic Community Manager Thunder in this 40-minute long audio interview. Find out what a community manager does, how he does it, and what's up ahead in the future. Download the audio below and read a few excerpts to get a taste of this exclusive special feature.


Thunder Interview [mp3 format] (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=427412)


Thunder: "...the preconceived notion that I'm in some remote part of the north pole where I can't just turn around and talk to one of the developers. I think that's really important. I've worked at various companies...and people will try emailing the person I sit beside telling them what they just told me. The line of communication between a community manager and the developer is a lot closer than people usually think it is."


Thunder: "...I really want to see this beta come to a close because it's been going on so long. We got a lot of good feedback and we need to address them and get the retail patch out there. It's the right thing to do but we still have some things to test out, we still want some community feedback on the changes that we've made, so it'll be a while yet. I hope we can communicate better and continue to get good feedback."