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17/11/2008, 14:32

Tales of Valor

Tales of Valor is a full fledged Company of Heroes expansion and not downloadable content (DLC). While portions of it were originally created as DLC, THQ/Relic have decided to publish it as a full retail expansion.
There are no new sides. There are, however, some new units per existing sides. So no, no Russia.
The campaign consists of 3 "mini-campaigns", each of which last about an hour and a half.
The first campaign is designed for the Wehrmacht and known as the "Tiger Ace campaign". In it, you control one Tiger tank. The Tiger Ace has 4 support staff inside of it.
You get munitions for killing enemies, taking Capture Points gives you access to air strikes, and more. It is very RPG-like.
You can level up your tank a new tech-tree where you select a branch for each crew member.. There are four different levels, with each one giving access to bigger and better upgrades such as explosive ammo.
You can control the Tiger's gun directly as part of the new "Direct Fire" option. This option does not change the camera angle, it just presumably allows you to move the unit with the keyboard and use your mouse cursor to target and fire.
Direct Fire is mainly for the campaign and perhaps a new multiplayer mode. It is not something that will be added to the existing multiplayer modes.
The other campaigns are said to take place in Normandy.
One of these new modes is called Invasion. In it, you must defend a town against a wave of enemy units. This sounds very similiar to D-Day Coop.
There is also a strong focus on multiplayer, but we will have to wait a bit to see exactly what this focus is.
Will add additional skirmish/multiplayer maps.
New multiplayer modes are going to be included, and they're going to focus on coop play.
The Essence Engine won't be receiving any major updates in this expansion, nor will to bring Company of Heroes to the Essence Engine 2.0 version that Dawn of War II is using.
Tales of Valor is due to be released in Spring 2009. The most likely candidates for release seem to be March 9, 2009 in North America and March 13th in Europe.


17/11/2008, 14:50
Quero só ver o que vem por aí... Só espero que não venha uma decepção!

17/11/2008, 14:54
pelo o q eu estou vendo vai ser basicamente 3 campanhas novas para single player e skirmish.

pessoal que gosta de MP nao vai ter nada de novo

17/11/2008, 17:27
E é justamente nessa parte que o jogo pode vir a morrer. Lembrando que o WCIII, SC2 e DiabloII ainda sobrevivem, por causa do foco no multiplayer. Imagina só um game, como o CoH (que até o momento, ainda é o melhor RTS disponível), deixar de focar as suas novidades no multi, o jogo vai vir a ser uma lenda? Lembrando que já não é grande coisa (em se comparando com "grandes" títulos [EAca] que sempre estão entre os TOP10 de vendas), ainda mais com distribuição limitada. Ainda bem que adotaram o STEAM. Home em dia são pouquíssimos jogos sem foco no multi que fazem sucesso e vendem por um bom tempo, pois a maioria é a mesma coisa, você compra, joga, zera, deixa guardado juntando poeira.