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27/11/2008, 17:21
perguntas e repostas que foram enviadas para a Relic através do site gamereplays.org

Gamereplays: What are your plans on mod and mapping support? Will there be a way to share maps over Relic Online? What about the map contest, what happened with that?

Thunder: I don’t have specific mod or mapping support plans right now.
No, there aren’t any plans to build in functionality for Relic Online to allow map sharing through it.
The map contest has not been forgotten, however with two products near the final stages of development (DoW II and Tales of Valor) playtesting and judging of the maps took longer than expected. All of the maps that we’d like to add to the retail game are apart of the multiplayer beta right now. Some of these maps will be tweaked so that they don’t bog down a minimum spec PC, or result in balance issues. We will be conducting a poll to select the winners from finalists chosen by Relic.

Gamereplays: It was said that the top 100 participants of the recent playtest beta would be given access for another upcoming beta. Can you say what this will be for?

Thunder: We’ll be announcing that when we wrap up the balance playtest.

Gamereplays: What is Relics stance on hotfixes?

Thunder: If there is a game breaking bug that’s making things unplayable, in short an emergency, we’ll do a hotfix. I think that’s the policy in a nutshell.

Gamereplays: What do you think about the community and the way criticism is expressed? How does it influence your motivation to support the community?

Thunder: There are some players out there who make great posts. A well thought out and constructive post on the game can go a long way to getting a point across. A major part of my job is really about sifting through the forums for those sorts of posts and getting that information to the team here, rather than that information being lost or having a valuable member of the team spending time reading through the forums for it.
Well written and well thought out criticism can be invaluable.

Gamereplays: RelicRank has been down for a long time, are there any plans to get it up and running again?

Thunder: Not right now.

Gamereplays: Can you give us a hint about when there's more news available about Tales of Valor?

Thunder: That’s largely up to the marketing/PR teams. We are working on a Company of Heroes Community site though, similar to the Dawn of War II site: http://community.dawnofwar2.com (http://community.dawnofwar2.com/). It will cover all of the COH games, including Tales of Valor.

Gamereplays: One of the most critical issues, if not the most critical, with the game right now, is the resource sharing in 2v2. Could you give us an estimate on when this will be fixed? Will this be part of the upcoming patch?

Thunder: Resource sharing in 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 games in general, not just 2v2 I assume. I can’t give an estimate on when it will be fixed. I certainly would like it to be part of the upcoming patch, yes, but the balance team has been wrestling with the best way to fix the problem for awhile. There have been great suggestions on how to fix it by the community, but we’re dealing with the resource system in the game, which is a pretty rigid game system. We’ll see what they can come up with.

Gamereplays: You have had some time to become familiarized with the game. What are your thoughts on the state of balance in 1v1 and team games?

Thunder: Stipulating this with…I’m not the guy that balances the game, or an expert player.
Overall Company of Heroes balance is good. I generally play 1v1 games and play as Wehr or Americans. A single strategy doesn’t seem to dominate and a single unit doesn’t rule games. I’ve certainly run into lots of Rangers and Airborne players, and they can be frustrating to play against, but I’ve won some and lost some.
Team balance is another ball game where the Allies do have an advantage when the British come into play, as the question above shows. I’d like to see that resolved.

Gamereplays: If the community, or some part of it, were to balance the game very well, what would you think about implementing it?

Thunder: I assume this is in reference to the Battletest mod? I’m sure that both the balance team and I will be looking at the mod for ideas and indications of what needs to be addressed. This is already the case. I don’t think that it is realistic to think that the balance team and modders would always agree on a fix, so no I don’t think that all of the changes from the mod would be implemented.

Gamereplays: Where does Relic see Company of Heroes in 3 years?

Thunder: We want to keep developing strong retail products for COH, and with the development of Company of Heroes Online in China we’re looking to bring that experience to the rest of the world. We’ll continue to experiment and innovate. We’re not ones to rinse, wash and repeat.

Thanks a lot to Thunder for answering all the questions!

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27/11/2008, 17:54
Resumo da ópera:
1. ele dá voltas mas reconhece o problema no balanceamento. Isso já é um grande passo. Mas não diz que vai ser resolvido tão rapidamente ou no ToV.
2. ele dá a entender que a expectativa de novos exércitos deve ser deixada de lado. porque a idéia é de ampliar o CoH online que eles têm desenvolvido na China.

Não ter novos exércitos é uma pena. Seria ótimo se o jogo fosse se expandindo sem deixar de lado o que já existe. Além de satisfazer a comunidade trazendo coisa nova mas não 'jogaria no lixo' o que já foi feito.