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02/12/2008, 09:53
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10. StGMorelloo vs Classy

Number ten on our list is a high-skilled match-up on Langres. Infantry is the dominant force throughout the mid-game, and tanks are produced in the late game. This replay features good sniper micro by Classy, pro use of Rifles by StGMorelloo, and how mines can be decisive in a tight game.


A Crocodile AND a Strafing run in your base? Can it get any better?

9. Przemo23 vs Driomphax

Next on the list is another Langres game. This epic 1v1 lasts for 1 hour and 26 minutes! Who said US Medic Stations were underpowered? In this game, they provide Przemo23 with tons of Rifles for free. The game also features good use of combined arms by both players. Tons of vehicles and artillery usage eventually make this map look like the surface of the moon. Booby-traps make it hard for the Allied player to capture points, while Shermans give DriomphaX a hard time.



8. RustyNails vs Krausen

The eighth most popular game this month is a short but intense game on Wrecked Train. Blitz vs. Airborne reminds us of games from version 1.7, but this match is different from the matches in those days. RustyNails manages to gain full map control early, but Krausen comes back with BARs and Strafing Rruns. RustyNails regains lost ground, and the game becomes an armor battle between M10's and Ostwinds and Panzer IVs.



7. GermanSupreme vs CokeSlurpee (SayNoToStim)

Number seven goes to a replay of two well-known people in the community. GermanSupreme is known for good Wehrmacht play, and the other player, SayNoToStim, is a Company of Heroes Game Admin and an Expert Player. A three-Motorbike start by GermanSupreme works out pretty well, and he gains a small early advantage. SayNoToStim, on the other hand, shows us how to lose a Bren Carrier as fast as possible. Throughout the game, we see two blobs facing each other - a Stormtrooper blob vs a Commando blob, with StuGs and Fireflies for support. This game is epic from start to finish.


Blob down, over!

6. CokeSlurpee(SayNoToStim) vs WoH|Martinmaster

SayNoToStim is in action again in the sixth most popular game of November. And, yet again, this match takes place on Langres. This game features standard Tier 2 Defensive play by the Wehrmacht vs. BARed Riflespam from the Americans. The early game is even, however, most of the battles go in favour of SayNoToStim's Wehrmacht, thanks to the For The Fatherland ability. Martinmaster pumps out some M8s, but the are met with an early Panzer IV. The chat-log alone makes this game worth watching. Mistercole (Replay Reviewer) described this match as, "Good unit preservation from both sides, despite some large scale losses," and that quote pretty much sums up this game.


For The Fatherland will surely help in killing this M8

5. MarinesReborn vs StGDiMkA

The fifth replay on our list is yet another Langres game. MarinesReborn has woken up from hibernation and is trying out his old 4ES strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=374888). StGDiMkA is caught off guard and is trying to counter the strategy with vehicles. That's not easy when Engineers are killing his Infantry Halftrack. Mines are causing even more problems for DiMkA. He manages to regain a bit of map control with Armored Cars, but they're countered by Ranger squads. The only counter StGDiMkA has left in the end is a JagdPanther. We even get to see some good sportsmanship in this replay.


Boom, headshot!

4. ChetBaker vs IplayforKeeps

For our fourth place replay, we've got an insane game of ChetBaker vs Iplayforkeeps on Langres. The game didn't quite make the top three, but it was certainly a good match. The Wehrmacht's strategy revolves around Medic Bunkers and T2/T3 . The Allied player makes use of Riflemen and the Weapon Support Center. We get to see a long epic match with lots of death and pain. Even the Officer is used to great effect in this match, as well as V1s. Both sides also produce artillery, making this game the fourth most wubbed game in November.


Chocolate Rain!

3. StGMorelloo vs RoboBoboTheHobo

The first replay in our top three podium is this match-up on Angoville. A back-and-forth game featuring Goliaths, T3 units, M10 spam, and much more fun. It's a tight game with two good players. Base rushes, Bombing Runs, and even some Piospam are amongst some of the stuff that this replay has to offer. It's also a Victory Point nail biter.


Don't you just love these little babies?

2. Link0 vs GermanSupreme

he second most wubbed replay this month is an Angoville game between link0 and GermanSupreme. This game is all about the vehicles. GermanSupreme spams Tetrarchs and Stuarts. Link0, on the other hand, is trying to stay alive by laying mines everywhere, in addition to spamming Marders and Armored Cars. The Bergetiger is never off-duty in this game. This match is a fun and different type of game.


Even with tanks, size doesn't matter; it's all about how you use it

1. Calneon vs. Krausen

The most popular replay of November features Calneon vs. Krausen! This game has reached 150 wubs, which makes it the seventh most wubbed game of all time. One of Gamereplays' Strategy Specialists, Calneon, is fighting Krausen on Langres. The game is long and epic, with death and destruction all over the place. Vehicles and infantry get killed left and right. Units and abilities are used to their maximum potential. A great game which richly deserves the number one spot on our list of the most wubbed games of the month November!


Leave the Jagdpanther alone! I'm serious!

03/12/2008, 01:26
já vi todos, mt bons...menos onde os mini tank´s britanicos conseguem dar mais dano no jadg do que um at com piercing ammo
lixo da relic

03/12/2008, 13:04
Por acaso alguém já postou por lá os replays da batalha épica FUBA x Itaperuna?????
Vamos fazer isso. E lógico, depois passamos por lá e damos uma forcinha nos Wubbs! hehehehe

03/12/2008, 21:20
Por acaso alguém já postou por lá os replays da batalha épica FUBA x Itaperuna?????
Vamos fazer isso. E lógico, depois passamos por lá e damos uma forcinha nos Wubbs! hehehehe

não leske...não foi postado...se quiser fazer isso.fique a vontade....
eu nao tenho acc na GR
e com certeza terá alguns wub´s !

03/12/2008, 22:35
upados.... mandei os 6 arquivos das duas finais. por favor, dêem uma olhada lá pra ver se tem alguma informação errada. valeu!

link: http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/replays.php?game=25&show=member_replays&member_id=107733 (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/replays.php?game=25&tab=upcoming&show=index&active_tab=upcoming&sort_by=bump_date&)

não esqueçam de dar WUB nos replays!