Ver Versão Completa : Armor Company Units & Abilities

16/12/2008, 16:01
Guide written by Calneon and sjceran

Description: to take complete advantage of this Company players must be using a vehicle centric strategy. The early abilities benefit light vehicle builds, with Fast Deployment maximizing the effectiveness of the quick M8, and Raid filling in the void in your capping power in the absence of a riflemen heavy tactics. Field Repairs and Allied War Machine will best be used to support the Tank Depot units, allowing the player to enable automated repairs in the midst of battle and fully reimbursing the loss of two tanks, respectively. While the Pershing doesn't quite hold up against the King Tiger or Jagdpanther these days, that will change in coming patches, and the Calliope remains one of the most effective artillery units in the game, making it a worthy investment into Armor Company for this unit alone.

Armored Support

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1229310318.png (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=1)

Fast Deployment

Good Versus:Fast armored cars or opponent without anti-tank capabilities
Cost: 1 CP
Duration: Passive Ability

Ability Description: Fast Deployment is one of the most useful abilities within the armor doctrine. The effects of fast deployment double production, or in other words, halve the production time. A M4 Sherman normally takes fifty-five seconds to produce from the Tank Depot, but this ability will decrease the build time to roughly twenty-three seconds. Even better, a M1 57mm AT gun takes 34 seconds to build instead of the eternal 67 seconds without fast deployment. All vehicles including jeeps are affected by this bonus, so this ability is a wise choice even if you go down the right-hand side of the Armor Doctrine.

The usefulness of this ability is highlighted during Panzer Elite play, when a fast M8 is crucial. Against a proficient PE player, a fast armored car can come out in less than four minutes. In a game where every second counts, a Motor Pool could be up in five to eight minutes, but by then the PE player could have a Anti-Tank Halftrack under construction. Fast Deployment will halve the production time of the M3 half-track or M8 to counter the ACs, while you pump out AT guns twice as fast to counter the impending AT HTs or even a Panzer 4 Infantry Tank. Under any circumstances, this ability will never be a burden.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1229193996.png (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=2)

Field Repairs

Good Versus: Enemy tanks during or after battle for quick repairs
Cost: 2 CPs, 200 munitions
Duration: 20 seconds
Recharge: 45 seconds

Ability Description: this ability is quite useful during battles, and since munitions accumulate with the armor doctrine, it can easily be used throughout the game. Field Repairs regenerates all vehicles’ health at a rate of 15 health per second for twenty seconds. Basically, it gives up to 300 health to all damaged vehicles. It can fully repair any light vehicle, and restore half of a M4 Sherman's health within 20 seconds. A M26 Pershing will be restored by a third of health, so having engineers by its side is always a smart move. However, due to the high cost, this ability will probably be used no more than three times during a ranked 1v1, which requires you to use it wisely and sparingly.

The opportune moment to use this ability is during or after a vehicle battle where at least two tanks or light vehicles were damaged. Many times during a battle, regardless of the faction, infantry anti-tank weapons or other vehicles will damage more than one of your vehicles. If you win the battle, you have the chance to take ground and win the game. Instead of wasting time repairing your vehicles, use field repairs and send those engineers to capture territory. You can also use this ability when a Sherman engages a Wehrmacht Panzer 4. If the Sherman is not upgraded, this ability may give you the upper hand to defeat a P4. Why lose 480 manpower and 90 fuel, when you can gain 420 manpower and 80 fuel for 150 munitions. The point is not to waste it on one idle Sherman which has a quarter of its health taken out, but on multiple damaged vehicles or units in battle. This ability is a great time saver, but the high resource cost requires you to use it wisely.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1229193829.png (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=3)

M26 Pershing

Good Versus: Light Vehicles and Heavy Armor
Cost: 5 CP, 900 manpower
Population Cap: Only 1 Pershing allowed on the field per player
Health: 990
Speed: 5

Unit Description: the M26 Pershing is the Ally’s super tank. However, it is the equivalent to a vet 3 Panther, so one shouldn’t expect a King Tiger-esque vehicle from the American army. As any US player would say, this tank is not worth the manpower. As of now, the Pershing will lose to a vanilla Tiger, Jagdpanther, and a King Tiger. Despite the morose characteristics of the Pershing in patch 2.301, in 2.507 the Pershing has received major adjustments and is incredible. The accuracy and penetration have increased making it a formidable unit for the super tank class.

The Pershing is a fairly sluggish vehicle once it comes out onto the field. It has a large range, but a slow turret speed, so engaging from a medium to long range distance is best. But if necessary, the thick frontal armor allows for a great short range unit, but be sure to micro it to avoid the circle strafe. Once the Pershing gets veterancy, a notable change occurs. For a measly 8 experience points, the Pershing receives Vet 1 status. This makes the Pershing maximize its speed, all the way up to 1.25, to make it a mobile and dangerous tank destroyer. By Vet 2, the Pershing acquires increased penetration for 16 experience points. Vet 3, for 32 experience points, increases the damage delivered to 1.25, making it a superior tank to all except a King Tiger and Jagdpanther toe-to-toe.

Although Vet 3 Pershings are one of the best units in the game, they are also one of the rarest. PE has a multitude of AT units, especially the Marder III, which can decimate a vanilla Pershing. Panzershreck blobs, which have become popular from the med bunker craze, will annihilate a Pershing without losing too many units. With the addition of the new OF super tanks, the Pershing’s role as the US’s end-all-be-all unit has disappeared. Like most US players, the Calliope proves to be a better choice to strive for rather than the Pershing. The following game changes have ruined the 1.71 Pershing’s glory, but hopefully the Pershing will return with flying colors in the next patch.


http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1229194011.png (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=4)


Good vs: Increasing map control
Cost: 2 CP
Duration: Passive Ability

Ability Description: a fantastic ability for Motor Pool or Jeep users that allows your light vehicles to capture any strategic points on the map, including victory points. You should almost have this ability by the time your M8 Greyhound comes out and it can be of great use for an M8 because they're fast moving and durable. Jeeps can also use this ability, aiding your map harassment, but they are a lot more vulnerable than the Greyhounds. On the other hand, jeeps are immune to suppression and have great sight range, giving you an early way to get behind enemy lines and cut off your opponent. The only other vehicle that can use this ability is the M3 Halftrack, though it is not recommended because it is very frail.

One thing to note when using Raid, is that your vehicle’s main gun will not fire while capping. This affects the Jeep’s mounted .30 Cal, the M8’s 37mm cannon, and the M3 Halftrack’s Quad .50 Cal (if upgraded). However, a benefit of using an M8 to capture with, is that while its main gun will not fire, the .50 Cal upgrade (if you have it) will still fire at and scare away enemy infantry.

Be very careful when using it to capture enemy controlled strategic points. A minor point is that your enemy will be able to see you capturing and know you’ve gone Armour Company. Secondly, and much more importantly, while capping an enemy point, your enemy will have perfect line of sight on your stationary vehicle, a perfect chance to bring up a Pak anti-tank gun and take it out. This is why it's not recommend capturing with a Halftrack, as it will certainly die to two cloaked Pak hits, and even if you notice the first one, it will almost certainly be too late. An M8 however will be able to survive maybe two or even three extra hits after the first, giving you adequate time to get out.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1229193942.png (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=5)

Allied War Machine

Good vs: Anything that is about to destroy your tanks
Cost: 2 CP, 250 Munitions
Duration: 30 seconds
Recharge: 90 seconds

Ability Description: the effectiveness of this ability has been discussed extensively throughout Company of Heroes history. Back when the meta game consisted of double Pershing vs double Tiger, suiciding your Pershings and popping Allied War Machine (AWM) could give you back 1800 manpower worth of units. Today however, the Pershing has a cap of one and AWM now has a two tank revival limit. This ability is most effective when used to save two M4 Shermans or Sherman Crocodiles because they are expensive units.

AWM is one of the most expensive ability in the game, but if you get the full use out of it, it can save you ~800 manpower and ~200 fuel, which is more than worth it. The trick to using the ability correctly is to wait until your tanks are almost destroyed and use AWM just before your enemy finishes you off. Preferably, your tanks will have caused a lot of pain to you enemy before dying, as it is pointless just charging your tanks in to be destroyed without causing any damage. Not only would you waste 250 munitions but also any experience those tanks have gained would be lost.

You can also use AWM defensively, by waiting for your enemy to attack with his tanks or infantry, trying to do as much damage with your tanks before they die, and then calling them back in to effectively double your defense. An added benefit to using AWM like this is that while your enemy can avoid killing them (by firing at the ground), your tanks will just keep doing damage, making his offensive an expensive waste. He'll be forced to kill them or retreat. If you use it offensively, he can attack ground until AWM wears off and then kill your tanks. Try to spot this ahead of time so you can retreat back to your base and repair up.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-70591-1229193748.png (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=6)

Calliope Rocket Launcher

Good vs: Defensive Wehrmacht, heavy infantry, light vehicles, and low health tanks
Cost: 3 CP, 650 Manpower
Population Cap: Maximum two M4 Calliopes at any one time
Ability: T34 Rocket Barrage - no cost, 90 second recharge, minus 5 seconds for each level of veterancy (75 seconds at vet 3)

Unit Description: Probably the main reason you’ll chose right hand side Armour, is the Calliope Rocket Launcher. It has, as you would expect, a very powerful turret mounted rocket launcher, capable of inflicting massive destruction inside the target area. It's easy to tell when a Calliope has visited from the scorched, moon-crater like ground and scattered dead bodies everywhere. Each rocket will do comparable damage to a mortar shell against infantry. To light vehicles and tanks, each rocket will do comparable damage to an M8 or upgraded Puma shot.

Veterancy is rather easy to get on a Calliope with the amount of damage it unleases and rather easy to keep alive with its satisfying hitpoints, especially for mobile artillery. Don't get cocky with it though, keep the Calliope out of harm’s way, hidden off to the side, as the barrage cools down. Vet 1 increases speed, which can be useful for getting out of trouble. Vet 2 increases penetration by 50%, helping against armoured targets. Vet 3 increases damage by 25%, making it even deadlier against infantry. In addition, each level of veterancy decreases recharge time by 5 seconds, so at vet 3 you can barrage once every 75 seconds.

A Calliope is one of the best ways to counter a defensive Wehrmacht player camping around his medic bunker. It may take a while to get, but when it comes, he will be unable to stop the constant barrages on his defensive perimeter. The rockets will likely kill his medics so he can’t get zombie grenadiers and reveal any cloaked paks, if not destroy them outright. They are also effective against Panzer Elite infantry because of their smaller squad sizes. Don’t be afraid to use a barrage to finish off weak tanks or light vehicles which may be repairing; the rockets will do double damage to repairing units and will likely finish off the vehicle.

It is important to note that the closer the Calliope is to the target, the closer together the rockets will land. This is useful when trying to destroy buildings such as bunkers, forward HQs, or damaged vehicles. Just be careful not to expose them too much when moving forward. To avoid that, a good idea is to select your bombardment area and then queue up a move command back to your base. This makes the Calliope fire off its salvo and immediately retreat back to your HQ area.

fonte: http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?game=25&show=page&name=armor-company-guide&st=0&

16/12/2008, 16:03
de todas as 12 doutrinas no jogo, esta é a que menos vejo sendo usada

jogando de PE só enfrentei uma vez um gringo maluco de Armor

e ele me detonou facil :(

17/12/2008, 15:53
essa é a doutrina pra quem é mt bom a garante segurar até sair o calliope
mt boa mesmo....pra quem da o rush pra m8

21/12/2008, 02:23
Essa partida aqui é um show de bola no uso da doutrina. O jogo parecia definido.
E não é uma partida de dois jogadores quaisquer: Seph x Iplayforkeeps.

21/12/2008, 12:57
É como o Itaperuna disse... se conseguir segurar early game com ela, no final você simplesmente destroi... Calliope é um fator decisivo huaihua

22/12/2008, 10:02
no patch beta o Pershing ta mais forte ainda

22/12/2008, 16:08
nigo, só mais forte ?
pq ele é fraquíssimo...panther owna ele
hahaha caro, lento e lixo
como foi de verdade
um projeto fracassado:up:
devem melhora-lo para vê-lo mais nas partidas
pq é mt melhor fazer 3 m10(mesmo preço) e detona qq tank com a micragem dos 3, inclusive o KT

22/12/2008, 16:22
o "mais forte" que deixaram ele me parece na penetração dos tiros e splash

parece que agora o Pershing ganha VET muito mais rapido. Um Pershing Vet3 deve ser o terror :angel:

22/12/2008, 20:30
Calliope é um fator decisivo huaihua

Eu já vi uns 3 replays do Seph que ele usa o Calliope de forma magistral.
Dá até medo quando ele coloca o 'bichinho' em campo!

23/12/2008, 23:18
Callilope é nervoso mesmo, quando vc menos espera surge uma chuva de bombinhas em cima dos seus soldados :angel: