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23/12/2008, 09:33
10 Perguntas enviadas para a Relic

10 Perguntas respondidas pelo Thunder (community manager da Relic)

Ten questions were asked, ten answers are given. Read below to find out Thunders answer to some of the more pressing issues of the community with the game, such as the British, custom maps and Tales of Valor.

Gamereplays: The Relic balance team is looking into balancing resource sharing in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games. Why is it taking so long for them to do so? Is it the gameplay design of the brits, or are they trying to take it in a new direction?

Thunder: The way the British play does make it tricky. Simply put we’ve tried to fix the problem on the data side of things, but it wasn’t working out. We are going to have to try and get some free programmer time to get into the code for the resource system to address the core of the problem. It’s risky, time consuming, and quite complex. Since this is such a difficult issue to solve, we want to make sure that we give it the required attention and detail to make sure that it is fixed correctly—and do not provide you with a band-aid solution that breaks in other ways.

Gamereplays: Why has there been a reluctance by the Relic patch team to change the free super tank idea?

Thunder: I’m not entirely sure, as this issue has been around long before I started working at Relic, so I don’t know all of the history behind it. In my view, the community thinks it’s a balance issue that we should address, and that is what I have told the team. There has been debate about it here, we’ll see where that goes.

Gamereplays: Last month you said that everything that is now in beta, is everything that will be added. Why are so many maps (with a general consensus that they are good maps) left out of the retail patch? Is it possible to at least include these maps to be available in custom games?

Thunder: Our commitment is first to the contest winners. At this point the plan is to add 6 community made maps to the game in a future patch, these being the maps judged to be the best. These are the finalists. (A poll to choose winners will happen later on.) Any map that we add to the game needs to have an art and balance pass, and we have a limited number of maps that we can spend this time on. We don’t currently plan on adding more maps than these right now because we don’t have the time to do art and balance passes on more.

The maps that we do add will be for custom matches at first, only added to Automatch later on if the community thinks they’re good for competitive play.

Gamereplays: Do you consider to remove the weather-effects from ranked and basic matches because of the fact, that these effects cause massive lag-problems?

Thunder: In the recent map feedback I collected, Semois was mentioned as a good map but one that people didn’t like playing on due to the weather effects. I have passed on that information to the team and I hope we can do something about that.

Gamereplays: Why can't you just give a loss to who ever drops from a game?

Thunder: This is a great question, one I’ve been asked a few times and one I’ve posed to programmers before. It seems like awarding a loss to the player(s) who drop would be the ideal solution. It would take away any sort of reward for the player who pulls the plug right? The problem is that since CoH is a peer to peer game it is impossible to determine who dropped, or effectively dropped by doing something like setting up a custom firewall to disallow packets to their opponent. If we knew who dropped we could give them a loss. As a simple example, if I pull the plug in a 1v1, my game can’t communicate with you and your game can’t communicate with me. That’s all the information there is to go on.

This has been an issue for every peer to peer game, as players have a number of ways/tools at their disposal for interrupting or blocking games from communicating out over the internet. There isn’t an easy solution to this problem but as a studio we regularly agonize about the best method to address this for all of our games.

Gamereplays: Are you planning to fix AI problems, such as snipers searching for cover before shooting and soldiers running out of cover?

Thunder: Not in the near future. IE not for the next retail patch, but there has been AI work going on here lately with both the squad level AI and the opponent AI you play against in skirmish games. Soldiers running out of cover is a bug we have been looking at.

Gamereplays: An announcement as already been stated that there will be no new armies / factions to play as in ToV. What armies will players have access to online in multiplayer if they buy ToV only and not own the original CoH or OF?

Thunder: If you only own ToV, you will be able to play with all four factions in multiplayer.

Gamereplays: What is Relic's view on the exploits/features of CoH, and are they a design feature or a bug that wasn't fixed?

Thunder: Is an exploit a design feature or a bug? Are features in COH that get exploited by design? An exploit is generally something bad, so they would be bugs. You can certainly have features that are working as intended that can be exploited in a way that wasn’t anticipated by the designers, such as unbuilt tank traps, and those get logged as bugs to be fixed.

Gamereplays: How well does relic think Tales of Valour will be received by the community, granted that its features are mainly single player orientated.

Thunder: I think that is somewhat of a misconception, due to the fact that we aren’t really allowed to talk about the multiplayer features in much detail. The design team is spending as much time on the multiplayer Operations and units as they are the campaigns.

Gamereplays: A lot of the top spots on the leaderboard are occupied by players who don't play anymore. Is Relic planning on ever implementing rank decay, eg. that when someone doesn't play, he loses ranks slowly but steadily?

Thunder: No I don’t believe that’s in our plans right now. Leader boards can certainly get stale without a decay system, I agree. I’ll bring it up with the gang here, I’m sure they’ve talked about it before.

Thanks go to Thunder for getting this out before the holidays.

23/12/2008, 09:36
Uma boa noticia para nao tem ainda o COH e quiser esperar pela nova expansão:

vai poder ter os 4 exercitos de uma só vez para jogar MP no RelicOnline via expansão "Tales of Valor" sem precisar ter os 2 jogos anteriores