Ver Versão Completa : Relic on Relic Online status

06/01/2009, 22:49
We’re aware of the server issues that players have been experiencing when playing Company of Heroes during peak periods and it is currently our highest priority to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible via hotfixes to our servers. We have been making progress, but multiple hotfixes are still expected to be applied to the servers. Please be aware that applying a hotfix to the servers involves a rebooting them, which will effect those of you playing multiplayer and reset our Automatch map list. This work will be ongoing this week so we will try and give you all as much warning of a server reboot as possible via the in-game news page.

Thank you all for your patience as we work to improve your gaming experience.

07/01/2009, 09:02
ok, tb irei pagar o jogo apenas quando vcs terminarem de instalar os tais HOTFIX, hehe.

07/01/2009, 09:14
sumiu do MSN ?

nunca mais te vi on-line.

07/01/2009, 17:10
desculpa esfarrapada