Ver Versão Completa : Eastern Front mod (mod com os Russos)

08/01/2009, 11:14
ainda em produção

Hello and welcome back for another update of the Eastern Front Mod. We have lots of goodies to show you.
After many tanks in the past update, this time we'll show you our queen of battle, the infantry:


Conscripts are the early infantry unit for the Soviet Union, armed with the Mosin-Nagant. They come in squads of 8, but they are ill-equipped and ill-trained. Trough a variety of upgrades, like the commissar, molotov cocktails or extra rifles, they can gain some considerable combat strength though. And there will be many of them. Trust me.


The standard infantry unit of the Red Army. Well disciplined and versatile, with upgrades like PPSh machine pistols or PTRD anti-tank rifles.

http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/7124/majormk1.jpg http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/3265/major2co7.jpg
Fearless and unforgiving, the Major and his command squad will lead the soviet troops into battle.

The sharpshooter will come together with an observer, making up the sharpshooter team. They have ambush and scouting abilities.

Maxim MG team
These guys will handle the soviet standard lafette HMG.

Heavy Mortar Team

Equipped with the soviet heavy 120mm mortar, these dudes will give you quite a bang for your buck.

ZIS-2 AT-Gun Team
The ZIS ATGs will be the fear of the german tanks.

Big Kudos to halftrack for skinning these. More of them are to come.

Okay, okay, no Eastern Front update without tanks. How about this one. BurroDiablo finished the IS-2 and it looks goood.


We also have some pictures of this beast ingame, we still need to tweak the amount of shine (who said more bloom?), but as burro said it himself, he could already smell the fascists crapping their pants.




Stay tuned!


Since Relic is not doing the Eastern Front themselves any time soon, just a quick update to give you some more eye candy.

We got some really big soviet tanks this time:

The T-35 was a Soviet multi-turreted heavy tank of the interwar period and early Second World War that saw limited production and service with the Red Army. It was the only five-turreted heavy tank in the world to reach production.

The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet heavy tanks, named after the Soviet defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov. At the time of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II, about 500 KV tanks (with about 1,000 T-34 medium tanks) comprised a portion of Soviet tank forces which was clearly superior to German tanks of the period.

The heavy tank was designed with thick armour to counter the German 88 mm guns, and sported a main gun that was capable of defeating the new German Tiger and Panther tanks. It was mainly a breakthrough tank, firing a heavy high-explosive shell that was useful against entrenchments and bunkers. The IS-2 was put into service in April 1944, and was used as a spearhead in the Battle for Berlin by the Red Army in the final stage of the war.

The Soviet Union lacked self-propelled anti-aircraft guns at the beginning of World War II. The first serious design of a real air-defence vehicle was in 1942, when a twin 12.7 mm DShK machine gun turret with optical sights was built for mounting on the T-60 scout tank. The T-70 became available in the meantime, and was adopted as the basis for the T-90 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun.

Here some soviet rifles:

The Mosin-Nagant is a Soviet Bolt-action rifle. It's development history started around 1882. It was designed to replace old single-shot rifles. It's production started in 1891. This rifle has been used in many wars and some of them are: Great war, World war 2, and many other... During WW2 has been produced around 17.4 millions of this rifle. This rifle has sniper version too.

But no worries, we also got something for our new german faction:





Stay tuned for more!


11/01/2009, 23:11
estou esperando pra ver este mod, deve ficar muito bom.

12/01/2009, 00:30
fala ai vfn...

infelizmente esse mod vai demorar pacas ainda :(

12/01/2009, 14:21
nao sei se da pra colocar no steam

13/01/2009, 17:57
Acho que dá pra colocar no steam sim, afinal, a pasta do mod não altera a instalação do jogo e pra inicializar é só alterar o executável/caminho do atalho.

17/01/2009, 08:16
nao sei se da pra colocar no steam

Se for seguir o raciocínio de outros jogos que rodam pelo Steam dá sim. Mas o jogo não tem uma pasta MODs como acontece no RO, BFs, HL2, etc. O Destination Reischtag, por exemplo, fica em uma pasta com esse nome.

É mais ou menos assim:
Company of Heroes\Nome do MOD

Enquanto que em outros jogos é assim:
Jogo\MOD\Nome do MOD

22/08/2009, 10:43
Gurizada, desencavando o tópico gostaria de chamar a atenção novamente para este mod que me pareceu excelente, PRA JOGAR COM OS RUSSOS. Olhem as unidades, doutrinas e habilidades.

Achei interessante que os Russos não tem Retreat ahahaha :D

1. Basic Information

In order to prepare you for your first battle (which you will probably not survive), it is imperative that you get to know the basic traits of the Soviet Union, so that you can make the most out of it.

No Starting Unit
The first thing you will recognize is that the Soviet Union has no starting unit. This is because the fascist pigs caught us by surprise. While we trusted in the non-aggression treaty, they amassed troops at our border, supposedly for relaxation and to protect them from British bombers. To us that seemed reasonable at the time, which is why we were not prepared for the war. While this puts us at a disadvantage in the beginning, we are able to train a large variety of troops in a relatively short amount of time.

No Retreat
By Order No. 00227 by the People’s Commissar of Defense of the USSR Comrade Stalin has ordered us that retreat is not an option anymore. Deserters will be shot. Soviet Union troops cannot retreat, but they are cheap and more of them just keep on coming. Not one step back!

No Recrewing
Our honorable soldiers would never pickup axis heavy weapons to use them. They would not know how to use them anyway. And, the German weapons are prone to breakdown. But this lack of training means the same for our own guns. Soviet Union infantry cannot recrew heavy weapons. As compensation, Soviet weapon crews number four men.

Already Veterans
Veterancy in the Soviet Union is already represented through the army list. Conscripts are fresh soldiers, Strelky are trained veterans and Guards are the elite. Units in the Soviet Union do not earn veterancy, since it is already incorporated.

Cooldowns instead of Costs
You still pay for upgrades as usual. But all Soviet use abilities, like handgrenades or artillery strikes, are not restricted by munitions costs, but by cooldown timers. For example the Commander’s light artillery strike never costs anything, but once used you have to wait ten minutes until you can use it again. This is not rocket science to understand Mikhail.

2. Buildings, Units and Upgrades

The Soviet Union has a new unique tech-tree. There are three unit production buildings: The Red Army Infantry Mustering Tent, the Soviet Support Barracks and the Russian Tank Hall. You can build any one of these buildings at any time, given the resources. Each building has three tiers. If you only have one factory building, you can only build units of the first tier. As soon as you have any two different factory buildings, you unlock tier two in both of those buildings. With all three buildings, you can access all tier three units in all three buildings.

You better understand this comrade, just yesterday I had to shoot 25 conscripts again for not knowing this correctly!

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_6701980c.png Headquarters
This is our HQ. The center of planning our strategy and tactics, and where we drink vodka after the battle.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_27be7352.jpg Commander
This is me, Major Ivan Danko and my squad of Honour Guard. I will lead our forces into battle. With my ability to call-in light artillery strikes and lead heroic charges, the Germans do not stand a chance. I can even spy on those Germans with my binoculars. Haha, sneaky.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m7ff2d333.jpg Ingenery
The backbone of our forces. They are there for construction and clearing obstacles. Later on, you can even upgrade them with SN-42 body armor and satchel charges from the Armoury and send those Sturmovie Ingenery right into the thickest of German defenses.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_5c5ca2f4.png Red Army Infantry Mustering Tent
This is where we draw upon our innumerable reserves of manpower, millions of soviet countrymen ready for battle. You are one of them.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m49001db9.png Conscripts
Fresh soldiers rushed to the front to hold the axis onslaught. Due to logistical problems, full weapon supply is not possible. Stop complaining Vladimir, soon there will be more rifles lying around than you can carry! Conscripts can be supervised by a political commissar to fire them up and can be equipped with extra rifles and molotov cocktails from the armoury. Conscripts are available in the millions and therefore cost no population. But they are not very disciplined and tend to charge the enemy, although not ordered to.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_38bae18e.png Strelky
Experienced soldiers, the mainstay of the soviet army, well equipped with the trusty Mosin-Nagant rifle. Can be upgraded with PPSh-41 smgs or DP-28 lmgs, for either close or long range combat. This will be the Red Tide breaching over the Germans.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_2168ae0b.png Guards
Guards are the elite, feeling no remorse and no regret. Bearing the newest SVT-40 weaponry, they excel at long range combat, and are well equipped with anti-infantry and anti-tank grenades to get up close and personal. Guards have seen the horrors of war in all its forms and know no more fear. They are unsupressable.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m119b6b99.png Soviet Support Barracks
Here the Soviet Union trains its specialists and weapons teams.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m751bdbb1.png Sharpshooter Team
One sharpshooter and one observer, they stalk the battlefield to find their prey. Effective at scouting and marksmanship, these troopers are viable combat support. They cannot cloak, but can ambush while in cover, and observe a wider area of view when not moving. Once permission is granted, sharpshooters can call down precision artillery strikes.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m61e4edfb.png PTRD Tank Hunter Team
This three man squad is our infantry’s primary mean of anti-tank. One man carries a high velocity, high caliber PTRD anti-tank rifle. It is good against light vehicles and the sides and rear of medium tanks. The fact that the Germans have now begun to attach side skirts onto their weak armor just because of this weapon, shows its power.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_1354ce11.png ZIS-2 Anti-Tank Gun
This cheap and mass produced ATG has enough firepower to still be effective against the heavier German armor. As all Soviet heavy weapons, it is handled by a crew of four specially trained soldiers.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m496aa6b1.png M1938 Heavy Mortar
The heavy 120mm mortar packs quite a punch. It has a long reload time and big scatter radius, but also a wide range and big boom. Be sure to protect them carefully though from those german raiding units.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m49ea21f4.png ZIS-5 Medical Supply Truck

This truck is there to tend to our wounded. Nearby squads can heal.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_2836d330.png Russian Tank Hall
This is where our glorious workers manufacture our true might: Soviet tanks.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m61ff449f.png T-70
The lightest of our armour, it is good for early reconnaissance and skirmishes. Do not rely on it for too long though, as its 45mm gun is not the biggest.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_mbd30bf3.png T-90
A modified version of the T-70, bearing a different main armament. It is armed with two 12.7mm DShKs, suited for anti-aircraft and anti-infantry duties.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_9eb5ee.png T-34
This is the Soviet Union. Tough, strong and fast. You should have seen the Germans faces when they saw our T-34 for the first time! They didn’t even have any guns capable of penetrating our armor! A big 76.2 mm gun, thick sloped armor and a powerful engine characterize this tank. The problem is, that we are now producing so many of these tanks that most of the crews are rookies, having a somewhat poor impact on the accuracy. Also, the vision slits are not the best, resulting in decreased sight, so best support it with infantry.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_451b4eb8.png SU-85
Our new SU-85 assault gun is the bane of the german armor. Specifically designed as a tank hunter, it excels at this role with its powerful 85mm gun and sloped armor. Be careful against infantry, as it has no machine gun for close defense. This tank is so good, there goes a rumor around that the Germans copied this design for a new development based on a panther chassis...

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_4b9dbf6a.png IS-2
This tank is just a beast, like the Russian bear and bearing the name of our glorious leader Iosef Stalin. It roars with a 122 mm gun and has a hide of 120 mm of soviet steel. Panzer 4s are no match for the IS-2 and it can best a Panther in a 1v1. This heavy tank will seal the Germans fate. And they know it.

In this building, Soviet military research and development is done.
http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m144f2c92.png Extra Rifles
Our weapon factories are now safely behind the Ural mountains and production is in full swing. Now every conscript can be equipped with a rifle, effectively doubling their firepower.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m15aec6ef.png Molotov Cocktails
These improvised fire bombs can be handed to conscripts to give them a way to effectively clear out buildings.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m64c4c4fe.png Sturmovie Ingenery
Ingenery are equipped with SN-42 body armour and satchel charges, making them effective assault troops.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m70bdec01.png Artillery Spotter
Sharpshooters are now outfitted with a radio device, which allows them to act as artillery observers, calling in precision strikes at targets of opportunity.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_42f3ac6b.png Men against Machine
Seeing the need to give soviet infantry extra anti-tank capabilities, PTRD tank hunter squads now contain a fourth man with an additional PTRD.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_6713fa10.png Phosphor Rounds
The already powerful heavy mortars can now fire phosphor rounds. What Piotr, how do you know that this is against the Geneva Convention? Well, don’t tell anybody.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m2464af2c.png T-34/85
Although the T-34/76 is already powerful, the T-34/85 is even better.
It has a new turret, containing a long barreled gun, thicker armour and improved optics. The T-34 now approaches the Panther in killing power. To not disrupt the numbers of our tank divisions, old T-34s stay in service, but only new ones are produced from now on.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_1209b812.png Outpost
A small sandbag fortification, which can be manned by infantry, to provide them with a certain amount of protection. It also provides reinforcement abilities.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_325c200b.png ML-20 Firebase
This heavy 120 mm gun-howitzer can lay down a thunderstorm of steel. It is not very accurate, but fires a lot of shells in a single salvo. This makes it perfect for area bombardment.

3. Company Commander
Soviet doctrines have a wide variety of powerful abilities that will help to enhance your playstyle. They are referred to as strategies.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m5a90c453.pngPropaganda Strategy
The Propaganda strategy focuses on the traditional warcraft of infantry and artillery. There are more soviet infantrymen than stars in the sky and the deadly soviet artillery will rain down on the enemy like a meteor shower.

Political Warfare

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_1377c86f.png Impenetrable Defense
Ingenery can now build MG-Dugouts.
http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_mabbf29e.png For the Motherland
Once triggered all infantry units are unsuppressable for a short amount of time.
http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m6653b7b7.png The Red Tide
While active all killed infantry units respawn at your HQ.

Artillery Warfare

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m4b926c40.png Trench Systems
Ingenery can now build trenches.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_357bc620.png Stalin Organ
You can now call in BM-13 Katyusha rocket launchers.
http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m47a833e1.png God of War
All available artillery pieces are now redirected to your sector. This will allow you unleash hell upon a large area of the map.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m37e57d1b.png Urban Combat Strategy
This strategy is ideal in destroying the enemy in urban environments and harassing their supply lines.

Street Warfare

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_20a81aac.png Close Combat
Ingenery can now be upgraded with double flamethrowers.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m590c082b.png Not one Step back
This ability will make all friendly units within its radius immobile, but give them a significant health bonus at the same time.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m461eb038.png Steamroller
You can now call in a KV-2 heavy tank.

Guerilla Warfare

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m38552a9a.png Partisans
You can now infiltrate a squad of local Freedom Fighters.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m4b2e54a2.png Sabotage
Partisans can now booby trap points.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m3b482612.png Sniper Ace
You can now infiltrate a Hero of the Soviet Union.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_7df2cd2e.png Breakthrough Strategy
Utilizing combined arms and the heaviest of Soviet armour, this is the spearhead of the Red Army.

Combined Arms Warfare

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_5fca2b60.png Inspiring Speech
All units can now sprint for a limited amount of time.
http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m270aa0fe.png Tank Riders
T-34s can now mount Guard infantry. Or was it vice versa?
http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m7c8bf6f6.png IL-2 Sturmoviks
You can now call in a squadron of IL2 Sturmoviks, performing a rocket run on an area target.

Tank Warfare

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m4be696fe.png Mechanics
You can now call in a squad of Mechanics, who can repair and salvage.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_8e56949.png Rolling Fortress
IS-2s can now dig in.

http://easternfront.org/guide_images/tset_html_m55a174a5.png The Juggernaut
You can now call in an ISU-152.

22/08/2009, 12:15
Já chegou a esse nível? Será que ainda demora muito?

22/08/2009, 13:58
Caralho, quanta coisa. Eles vão mecher nos alemães tb pra ficar equilibrado pelo menos?

22/08/2009, 16:08
O LOKO isso ta mega OP sauhsuahsuahus muito doido e bem feito , agora sim vão ter batalhas de tanque de verdade :twisted:, isso ai vai precisar de muito balanceamento pra ficar bom, :up:

ps: tem previsão pra sair??

22/08/2009, 16:48
ninguem joga Mod no CoH

e olha que ta cheio deles...

é uma pena...

22/08/2009, 22:02
Eu até tentei jogar um. mas baixei duas vezes e a instalação não funcionou de jeito nenhum.

23/08/2009, 12:36
eu queria muito que saisse um red army oficial, mas já que o criador de COH é anti-comunista os modders tão ae pra isso XD parece que vai ficar muito show esse mod, mas sei lá COH já é desequilibrado, imagina um exército novo com tantas coisas OP assim auhaeuheauaeh
Vamos ver né...

23/08/2009, 15:14
Pqp eu qeuroooo =D

olha quanto tank a tank hall faz, nossaaaaaaa

Vai ficar perfeito, agora me diz, por que não há um CoH no leste Europeu oficial?? Sua informação procede, showtaro??

24/08/2009, 00:30
Pqp eu qeuroooo =D

olha quanto tank a tank hall faz, nossaaaaaaa

Vai ficar perfeito, agora me diz, por que não há um CoH no leste Europeu oficial?? Sua informação procede, showtaro??

Sim, não há mesmo, pelo menos nada previsto, inclusive tinha uns boatos de que o diretor do jogo não queria uma "campanha vermelha" no COH hehe, mas quem sabe no futuro :up: