Ver Versão Completa : Detalhes da nova campanha Americana que virá em ToV

13/01/2009, 15:55
para quem joga Single Player

um gringo modder descobriu arquivos da nova campanha americana que virá na expansão "Tales of Valor"

Paraquedistas tomando e defendendo uma estrada.

US Campaign:


The .bsc are from what I know "linker"-files that works along with .sga files to provide audio. The .bsc files are right now not "connected" to anything so no more soundfiles to check out http://www.gamereplays.org/community/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

The US campaign/map is called "causeway" and is taken place in La fiere. This is also a historically correct campaign, following the 25th Glider Infantry Regime abd 82nd Airborne Division (<-- This one is probably the one we will play). The battle was really rough and many paratroopers died. Read more about the causeway of la fiere here. (http://www.historynet.com/world-war-ii-capturing-the-la-fiere-causeway.htm)

La fiére Causeway:

- The First mission is from the files to tell, about attacking the causeway.
- The Second is defending the causeway against a counterattack.
- The Last mission is clearing out pockets of resistance in cool locations such as a castle http://www.gamereplays.org/community/style_emoticons/default/w00t.gif

My guess is now that all campains contains three maps each, making it a total of 9. I think the "subfiles" are for different objectives. Sounds awesome.

13/01/2009, 17:55
3 missões pra campanha dos americanos tá bom, mas queria que tivessem mais pra da Wehrmacht. O Opposing Fronts não teve campanha simétrica assim, talvez esse também não tenha.

14/01/2009, 10:15
malditos aliados :/