Ver Versão Completa : Novos modos de jogo para MP - "Invasion" e "Push"

13/01/2009, 16:58
novos modos de jogo para MP - Invasion e Push virão junto com a expansão Tales of Valor

A look at UMS Invasion and UMS Push

When Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor was announced, Relic also unveiled a new co-op gameplay mode called "Invasion". It was described as a scenario in which you would defend a town against a wave of incoming enemies, making it the first official custom Relic map that did not follow the standard Annihilation/Victory Point rules. While there hasn't been much more information about this new gameplay mode, the recently Company of Heroes Online beta included references to UMS Push and UMS Invasion in its files (UMS stands for Use Map Settings, meaning it is a custom map). Using Corsix's mod tools, we can now give you can overview of the Invasion mode, as well as the mysterious new Push mode.


• You and your team must defend your HQ against successive waves of enemies of increasing difficulty.

• Players will obtain resources by defeating the invading enemy units, with more powerful units providing a higher resource value.

• From time to time, players will receive a free ability for surviving various waves, these abilities only have one use so use them wisely!

Spawning Buildings:
• The structure in the middle of the map can be used to build and upgrade units.
• Outpost buildings along the perimeter can provide limited production support, but will not be able to reinforce.
• Outpost buildings can provide healing for your units, +10 extra population cap, or a continual manpower bonus.
• If there is more than one player the outpost buildings will be owned by nobody – the players must decide amongst themselves who will capture each building.

• As the waves wear on, stronger and deadlier enemies will appear.
• As the difficulty increases the invaders will come in greater numbers and in multiple directions as well.
• As each new wave type appears, a warning message and indicator will also appear, informing the player of where the next attack will come from.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/2853219_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=292) http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/14205858_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=293)
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Some interesting notes about Invasion. The description makes no reference at all to Hero units, and indeed sounds exactly like the Invasion mode from Tales of Valor, so it is likely that this map and scenario is exactly the same as the one found in Tales of Valor. It looks like you can build units and you'll receive benefits from certain structures if you defend them, giving this map a very unique feel. The map seems to be played against the AI, so this is a co-op map. It is similar to the custom map D-Day Coop.


• Push against your opponents defenses and help your Soldiers win victories to reach the enemy HQ.
• Destroy the enemy HQ complex.

• Play as a Hero and choose from a Commando, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic, Recon, Engineer/Pioneer, Officer, and Sniper.
• Each unit has two options, each option containing its own unique collection of active and passive abilities.

Level Progression:
• Players may level up their Heroes by defeating enemy soldiers and vehicles.
• As Heroes gain levels the player will be granted resource to improve their Hero.
• Players may change their Hero choice upon death, retaining all levels and upgrades earned.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/73841727_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=295) http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/screenshots/pcoh/85554249_thumb.jpg (http://planetcoh.gamespy.com/screenshots/?ss=294)
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Some notes about UMS Push: Because this map makes reference to Hero units, it is clearly intended for Company of Heroes Online and not Tales of Valor. It sounds more or less like an RPG, controlling a single character as they traverse through a battlefield. It seems like it'd be easily adaptable into Tales of Valor though by simply replacing the Hero with the unique Tiger Tanks from the Tiger Ace campaign, as they're more or less hero units capable of leveling up and selecting different abilities.

A very special thanks to community modding genius Corsix, who got a working version of his SGA viewer out within 24 hours of downloading CoHO. Without his dedication, we wouldn't have been able to discover this!

13/01/2009, 17:30
irado...vai dar um gás no coh

13/01/2009, 22:22
descobriram outro modo de jogo em arquivos beta

sem especificações ainda

se chama "domination"

14/01/2009, 09:22
sobre os outros modos de jogo que acharam nos arquivos beta

Update: The game's files also make reference to "UMS Domination", meaning that there is likely another custom gameplay mode. Once we find more details we will update this page accordingly.

Update 2: We've found another game mode: UMS TankWars. This mode seems to take place in Villers Bocage, involves a Tiger Tank, and uses the Direct Fire mechanic, so seems to be related from the upcoming Tiger Ace campaign from Tales of Valor. However, there are 4 commander "trees" in the TankWars mode, each representing 4 different kinds of tanks. They are Hotchkiss, M18 Hellcat, Panzer IV, and Panther. Each of these tanks seem to have their own unique abilities (M18 can lay Hawkins mines, Panthers have white phosphorus shells, etc), meaning that this mode is either an early version of the Tiger Ace campaign or an extended version of it where players duke it out using their tanks and the direct fire mode.

14/01/2009, 12:46
Muito louco esses novos modos, com certeza dará um gás no COH... Ansioso =)


14/01/2009, 21:00
será irado esse mode com direct fire tão somente

14/01/2009, 22:15
Parece interessante esses novos mapas!

14/01/2009, 22:16
engraçado, esse segundo mapa, me lembra algo!!

15/01/2009, 02:47
Se tiver o modo com direct fire vai ser muito massa.

E se o modo de hero NÃO for contra a IA, vai ser legau :up:

15/01/2009, 06:39
Se tiver o modo com direct fire vai ser muito massa.

E se o modo de hero NÃO for contra a IA, vai ser legau :up:

Não deve ser, já que vai ser um modo de jogo do CoH Online.