Ver Versão Completa : Operation Market Garden - novo mod em fase beta

14/01/2009, 09:53
mod que acabou de sair


Three days after our originally scheduled launch date, the OMG Mod team is proud to present you with our first public release! Operation Market Garden is a Persistency modification for Company of Heroes & Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. This release includes all 4 factions (British, Panzer Elite, American, Werhmacht) fighting battles in a persistent environment where every kill your squads get makes them better (If they survive the battle!)


Update: Truck-Built weapons have been removed from the game as we work to fix a bug, percentage in post modified to 95% from 99%

What you get in THIS Beta!

* 99% stable version of Operation Market Garden (only one crash bug left)
* Persistency: Every kill your troops get on the battlefield gives them more experience and makes them better for the next battle - Every win comes at the cost of squads you've grown to rely on from previous engagements!
* All 4 Factions in and fully playable
* Fully functional WarCP that will let you build companies, buy upgrades, etc.
* New Features like Halftrack Loading, Paradropping Fallschrimjaegers, Weapons able to garrison emplacements, etc.
* New Doctrinal Units (only Americans have new units at the moment) including new tanks & infantry all of which are quite balanced to fit in the gameplay and don't overlap existing units
* 7 new & exclusive maps
* Simple battle file downloader that you tell where you installed COH and it puts the battle files and .UCS in the right place for you
* A single installer that brings it all under one roof

What to expect in coming releases (With ETA's)

* Comprehensive Launcher 1.0 will include Battle Creation, Chat, Battle File Downloading & Automatic Version Updates - ETA 2-3 Days
* Comprehensive Launcher 2.0will include all of above + company creation & management + automatic map downloading (maps will be selected before game launches) + Dynamic warmap integration - ETA Mid-February
* DOCTRINES - While some doctrine UNITS are in, the complete doctrine system has over 600 unique abilities, many with multiple levels, so will take a while for Bonte & Marcus to get them in - We estimate 4-6 weeks for full implementation but we may roll them out a tier at a time i.e. week 2: All T1s Week 3 All T2s, etc.

For those of you who have never played OMG or EIR before, you can get acquainted with the army creation process through this video

And finally, this is a community based modification - Communication is exceptionally important & the way we communicate/organize games in OMG is through voice chat software Ventrilo

Ventrilo software may be downloaded for free at
the OMG Ventrilo Server:

Server: OMG.hostventrilo.net
Port: 5025
Password: sp4m

For the whole Operation Market Garden Development Team,
GamerAndy, Design Lead

Download Operation Market Garden via ModDB (http://www.moddb.com/mods/operation-market-garden/downloads)

15/01/2009, 11:40
Vou baixar pra conferir

15/01/2009, 13:37
Muito bom, mais um mod.

Alguem que já baixou pode postar as considerações?

17/01/2009, 12:09
Baixei e não entendi como joga

Consigo criar o mapa mas não há exército (A propósito, os mapas que vi parecem bons)

Não tem readme tampouco

17/01/2009, 13:32
Parece que esse mod usa um sistema desenvolvido por outro mod, o Europe in Ruins.

No EiR vc não treina unidades na batalha, vc tem uma reserva de soldados e vai convocando eles para a batalha. Parece que vc tem de fazer um cadastro no site deles, não sei qual é, por onde vc pode recrutar unidades e quizá melhorias e upgrades. Quando for jogar vc se loga no site e entra no jogo, de modo que na batalha então vc terá a sua disposição as unidades que vc tem na reserva, parece que perdendo uma unidade na batalha (um tanque por exemplo) ele tb é excluído de sua reserva, então vc tem de pensar bem no que faz. O ganho de experiência tb é registrado, então vc pode ao longo de algumas batalhas ter várias unidades veteranas.
Os mapas não possuem recursos, apenas são divididos em setores que são conquistados conforme sua presença neles, algo similar ao Battle of the Bulge.

Vc pode postar umas imagens dos mapas?