Ver Versão Completa : Torneio 2x2 gringo de CoH promete prêmios com muita grana

22/01/2009, 15:36
parece ser um torneio 2x2, os detalhes estão abaixo.

This website acts as a gateway concerning the role and work of The United Kingdom eSports Association (UKeSA). With the proliferation of video gaming across modern Britain, and greater connectivity between gaming communities both on and off line, there is a growing percentile of the British population that recognise eSports as a genuine competitive activity, or leisure pursuit to be enjoyed with friends and family.

UKeSA is a not for profit organisation that acts as a bridge between Government, Industry and Community, coordinating efforts so as to create an environment that encourages amateur and professional eSports in the UK from grass roots initiatives through to full professional level competitive eSports.

So, what is the UKeSA, you say? You'll probably get fed up of seeing a large wall of text in this post, so check out all their structure shizzle here.

UKeSA's Open Division events have officially launched on Enemy Down. You'll be able to find all the information regarding the Open Division here:

Welcome to the UKeSA Open Division Season One, hosted by Enemy Down, the official UKeSA 2009 host website.

Competitions will be played across PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii . Don't see a game you like? New games released which have a workable online competitive element will feature immediately in the free-to-play Open Division, and popularity will determine which games make it to the all-important Championship Division and ultimately the professional Premiership Division where teams will get the chance to compete for prize funds and earn seasonal retainers (Read more in the FAQs) . In order to sign up and compete in the UKeSA Open Division you'll need an account. You can sign up for a new account below:



Its primarily a UK event, but non-UK people can still participate if they have a UK manager as far as I know.

* Platform: PC
* Game: Company of Heroes
* Format: Individual event
* Max Teams: 256
* Status: Signups Open
* Sign-up opens: Friday Jan 16 2009
* Sign-up closes: Wednesday Feb 18 2009
* Start Date: Tuesday Mar 03 2009

The rules and league format is kinda a dissapointment..2vs2 with unbalanced maps like Wolfheze and stuff: http://www.enemydown.eu/tournaments/8/rules

23/01/2009, 10:04
Ja me inscrevi!

Alguem a fim de organizar um clã brazuca lá?

23/01/2009, 14:12
criei um clã

SFA Team

e a tag SFA


23/01/2009, 17:42
tou a disposição

23/01/2009, 20:57
Kurt, vc tem que abrir o cla para novos membros se inscreverem.

24/01/2009, 07:28