Ver Versão Completa : Battle of the Bulge mod - atualização/hotfix saiu

28/01/2009, 18:13
atualização do mod

link aqui:


The folks behind the excellent Battle of the Bulge (http://www.moddb.com/mods/battle-of-the-bulge) Company of Heroes mod have announced that they've released hotfix 2.01, available here (http://www.moddb.com/mods/battle-of-the-bulge/downloads/hotfix-201), for your downloading pleasure.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/planetcoh.gamespy.com/images/news/mods/BotB/hotfix_promo.jpgBig News!!!

Well, you were all probably expecting to have to wait at least another month for this but we wanted to whet your appetites for the full patch (due out after Halftrack returns from his Asian trek)! But we know you have already waited long enough for this so here it is;
This hotfix will take care of many of the gameplay issues with BotB, including the 'ubershreck bug' (see below for a full changelist).

We strongly advise that everyone playing online downloads this hotfix as you will not be able to play online against people who do not have it installed!!

Download it here: hotfix-201 (http://www.moddb.com/mods/battle-of-the-bulge/downloads/hotfix-201)

Dn't forget to vote for BotB (http://www.moddb.com/events/2008-mod-of-the-year-awards/top100) as one of your favorite mods of the year!!
Installation instructions:

download the zip file
extract it to your Company of Heroes root folder (ie c:/programfiles/THQ/companyofheroes)

click 'yes' to overwrite the old attribarchive
Enjoy playing!


Hummel/Wespe howitzer barrage UI error. Stated 'Hummel' for Wepse Barrage; replaced with 'SP gun.'
Fallschirmjager AT nade does more damage.
Maultier fire-angle adjusted. Will match unanimated model, but if animation is given it will have to be re-adjusted.
Panzerschreck team adjusted to fix bug. Action removed from Loader, weapon cooldown reset, Gunner given new Critical type.
Op.Grief M3 Halftrack given speech.

Fallschirmjager FG42 upgrade removed. FG42 remains for Paradrop squad.
Goliath Pioneers are functional. They are not yet constructable.
SS/PanzerGrenadier UI errors stating they can upgrade to Panzerschrecks replaced with stating they can upgrade to Panzerfausts.
LMG42 marginally improved. The weapon was taking away from the 'damage
per second' compared to a Basic Rifle at long range; the long range
accuracy and overall damage were marginally increased.
Jagdpanther weapon tracking adjusted. The weapon was firing at angles that were not possible for the animation to extend to.
Repair bunker repairs Axis Howitzer and Flak 88mm.
Counter Battery now shares timer with Howitzer Barrages.

Fixed some UI Issues with 76mm AT Gun and Munitions Halftrack.
Fixed m1919 .30 cal showing up on Airborne HMGs.
Calliope Main Cannon removed.
Flak 88 has more hitpoints.
M3 (Op. Grief) Halftrack Gunner now works properly.
Axis Healing Station now requires to be constructed before applying healing aura.
Fixed damage bug with MG42 and .30cal (minimum damage was higher than maximum.)
Fixed bug where Scout Teams required certain members to use Recon.

Hotkey fixes:

Panzerschreck Teams
M21 Mortar Halftrack
M3 Quad Halftrack
US Recon Team
Opel Blitz repair trucks