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04/02/2009, 21:50
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Tiger Ace - The History (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/blog-post/tiger-ace-history)

Tiger Ace is the title of one of the new campaigns in Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. Here is a brief look at the history behind it:

June 13, 1944

It was a week after D-Day and the Allies were streaming ashore from the Normandy landings, but still struggling to capture major objectives such as the city of Caen. The United States 1st Infantry Division was forcing the German 352nd back, creating a gap in the German line between it and the Panzer-Lehr Division. The British 7th Armoured Division was ordered to exploit this gap in the enemy line by moving through it and occupying Villers-Bocage and a hill called point 213 behind the Panzer-Lehr-Division. During the morning of June 13, 1944, elements of the 7th Armoured Division moved in to Villers-Bocage and occupied the town while preparing to move on to Point 213.

Undetected by British forces was Michael Wittmann and the Tiger Tanks under his command. He belonged to Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101 and had been dispatched to protect Panzer-Lehr Division’s left flank. Wittmann and his Tigers had made quite a trek to join the fighting, five days on the road, and had only been in the area since June 12th. The travel took its toll on the Tigers as many had broken down en route, leaving just six under Wittmann’s command. As a British armored column left the Villers-Bocage area heading toward Point 213, Wittman made his move. He sent the bulk of his Tigergrüppen after the lead squadron at Point 213, while his Tiger engaged the two rear tanks in the column and knocked them out of action. He then ordered his tank to proceeded down the road to where the mechanized transport for the 1st Rifle Brigade and stopped at the side of the road and destroyed many vehicles while the unlucky riflemen took cover.

The Wittman commanded Tiger Tank then plunged into the British held town of Villers-Bocage, engaging and knocking out more tanks including several Stuarts and Cromwells. The tactical reasoning for this headlong charge has been criticized, and the number of targets destroyed by Wittman and his crew has been exaggerated or downplayed by the Axis and Allied powers. The results though are very impressive as in a matter of minutes Wittman’s Tiger had knocked out several tanks, anti-tank guns, and personnel carriers. The British did manage to disable the Tiger in town and force Wittmann and his crew to escape back to German lines where they were debriefed.

The fighting at Villers-Bocage continued through the rest of June 13th, but one of Germany’s most well-known tank commanders had already left his mark on the fighting. Late that afternoon, under pressure from German counter-attacks, the British withdrew from Villers-Bocage. Wittmann’s exploits on this day were a story that the Company of Heroes team here at Relic were excited to recreate, putting the player in command of the Tiger as it storms into Villers-Bocage. We’ll have more about how the design team on Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor translated these events into the Tiger Ace campaign in an upcoming developer diary.

05/02/2009, 12:37
Eu já sabia dessa história, o meu pai tinha me contado anos atraz.
Jogar ela no CoH vai ser mto massa :):)

05/02/2009, 23:31
mas o cara nem era tão "ace" assim

morreu para um Firefly :lol:

10/02/2009, 14:11
mas o cara nem era tão "ace" assim

morreu para um Firefly :lol:

É que ele tomou button de um squad de bren