Ver Versão Completa : CoH Joint Operations - nova versão desse mod

04/02/2009, 21:53
para quem nao sabe, esse mod contem missões Single Player e Co-op para serem jogadas no CoH.

Mannerheim and Henry666, the team behind the excellent D-Day Coop map have released the latest version of their newest mod, CoH Joint Operations (http://www.coh-jointoperations.com/). This new version includes a host of new missions like survival missions and attack missions that can be played cooperatively with friends. Here is the news about the latest release:
Ok, we have released a smaller version 0.9 while waiting for the official Relic patch. This version includes 3 new maps, score system and some other changes that can be found here. Releasing this has been taking so long because we have been hoping that official patch would come before our release so we wouldn't have fix everything right after release in case the patch messes things up. The new patch also adds new stuff for modders which we would like to use.

http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/planetcoh.gamespy.com/images/news/mods/JO/coh_joint_ops.JPGIf you've played D-Day Coop (and you should have!), you'll know that this mod isn't something you should miss. Seriously, give it a download (http://www.coh-jointoperations.com/index.php/download). A bit of fair warning though --the CoH Joint Operations team believes in a bit of a challenge, so these maps can be pretty challenging.

05/02/2009, 09:24
opa vo baixar , mas tipo ele não buga o coh original , e é facil de instalar, tu ja jogou nigo?

05/02/2009, 23:27
nunca joguei, mas falam q é bom

e pelo oq parece, nao ferra com a instalação do coh nao

05/02/2009, 23:48
Eu tenho esse D-day coop, você tem que defender a praia por 30 minutos, se me recordo bem.

Vou baixar

ps: link para download tá quebrado por enquanto...

08/02/2009, 00:50
Eu já baixei mas não consegui jogar. Ficou bugado um tempão. Aí desinstalei. Teve que ser na unha pq não tem desinstalador.

24/02/2009, 20:30
Vou baixar e testar para ver. Dps digo o que aconteceu.