Ver Versão Completa : Wehrmacht Tier 1 to Tier 4 Versus the British

07/02/2009, 16:31
guia T1 direito para T4 contra britanicos.

This guide is independent of any specific doctrine. This means that you should not choose a doctrine early in the game, but rather wait until you know that a certain unit or ability from a doctrine would give you a significant advantage when used. My personal favourites are Blitzkrieg before Terror and my least favorite would be Defensive doctrine. Personally I dislike playing versus the British on Angoville and Semois, so these two are maps I uncheck in the current patch version.

[2.301] Download Replay Examples (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=445639)

A small replay pack with high level players and replays at the beginner level. I hope the beginner level replays will help beginner Wehrmacht players, who are facing problems with Vickers, mortar pits and other emplacements. In some replays I do not stick dogmatically to the order of the units built, but hopefully the replays will show that it would have been more advantageous to use the exact build order that I present here. At this point I can give as a general advice the following doctrine choices:

Commandos -> Terror or Blitz
Royal Engineers -> Defensive
Royal Canadian Artillery -> Terror or Blitz


If you felt that Wehrmacht units are robust then this ends right here. From now on any Wehrmacht unit is flimsy, because our enemy will be the British faction, which is slow, packs enormous firepower and is resilient due to both their infantry armor and over repair on their vehicles. A typical British early game build includes 1-2 extra Tommies, a Lieutenant, and maybe a Bren Carrier and a mortar near their HQ truck. Most British HQs will be parked on a medium or high munitions point near their base territory. It will be your task to keep track of these units in the field. A good understanding of where the enemy units are in the field is crucial to your success. This strategy builds upon advancing to the Wehrmacht Panzer Command as soon as possible. The first pioneer will start to build the Wehrmachts Quarters, while the 2nd and 3rd pioneer will go capping immediately. The resources for the bike should be ready as soon as the WQ is up.

Early Game Build Order

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176221642.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176221486.jpghttp://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176221498.jpghttp://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176221486.jpghttp://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176221486.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176310472.jpghttp://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh59/bowerjj/t2.jpg

Early Game Tasks

Your primary tasks are to achieve a dominating map control with your pioneers capping and possibly wiring map sections off, while harassing singled out Tommies or British officers, who try to regain map control. A mine at your strategic point works wonders on some maps (e.g. Angoville, Langres). If your enemy is preparing for a full assault on any of your points you should try to pin them using the MG while the rest of your men can make short work of the enemy. Your build order includes more than enough firepower to deal with any standard British build order.

Unit Guide


Pioneers will be capping at all times in safe zones only. Once upgraded, your flamer will be used to clear out trenches, burn suppressed Tommies and eventually burn a mortar pit, if the British HQ is safe of Tommies at some point. You will promise from now on to dispose of the futile idea of charging a single flamer pioneer against any British unit. The pioneers will repeatedly repair your bike, when its health falls below 50%.


The bike should be harassing the Lieutenant in the early game, for the most part, but does not necessarily need to be limited to that role. Any unit takes extra damage while capping and the British are particularly slow, which makes capping a tedious task for them. If your bike has no immediate support, do not engage any infantry section directly. Because of the priority fire system, keeping bikes close to your Volks or MG results in firearms damage dealt to your bike instead of the infantry section. Bikes can be repaired for free, which is an advantage you should not give away. Bikes can also stop the building progress of trenches and emplacements very effectively. This is another important reason why you want a bike. After all you will hopefully agree by now that Klaus is your friend.


The heavy MG42 is not a stationary unit at any time. You will carry your MG with you at all times in the field and make the tommies retreat, when they try to cap. The times when MGs could spot for themselves are over though. You are not playing VS the American faction, so your spotters can and will be any other unit from this build order. A British recon section can fearlessly snipe your first MG gunner and advance in the meantime to pass by your MG without ever getting suppressed. A rifle grenade section can easily kill an MG without support. This is why your MG needs a spotter and needs to shoot from a good distance, while the spotter will take the role to inflict damage upon the suppressed enemy infantry. There is only one MG needed, because the British like to cluster, and you have a good amount of firepower packed in your 3 Volks squads.


The Volksgrenadiers are the backbone of your army until the 10th to 12th minute. The early game build order includes the teching to Kriegsbarracks, because only then your Volksgrenadiers will have access to the Panzerfaust. You will need to cluster your Volksgrenadiers a bit, which means, that you will keep at least 2 of your Volks squads together. This is because even the (free) British Scout section is stronger than a Volksgrenadier section. Having 2 Volks together means you can fight any single Tommie in the field.

If you engage a Bren Carrier then you need to either evade it in the field until you have access to the Panzerfaust or fight it from green cover only. Cover is absolutely essential against the Bren Carrier with any of your units. Once you reached Tier2 you can fearlessly engage the carrier. To get a safe shot at it make sure it is within reach of at least 2 Volks and fire 1-2 Panzerfausts. It is better to safely kill it using 2 Panzerfausts than having it repair itself and escape to fight another day.

Your Panzerfausts will also be your defense against the Stuart Light Tank. The Stuart has a devastating canister shot ability, that is its primary strength. Other than the canister shot the Stuart will be mostly harmless, as its regular main gun can not kill your infantry like an American M8, and it does not have heavy crush. You will counter the Stuart by firing 3 fausts simultaneously at the Stuart. Most of the time 2 fausts will be sufficient, but again, when you spend 2x35 munitions you want to be sure that this thing doesn't return from the dead.

Therefore you absolutely need to save munitions to faust the Bren Carrier and the stuart, which results to 5x35=175 munitions total. This is not a lot of munitions and you should always have this amount available in time, even if you upgrade a flamer. If you do not see a Stuart prepare yourself for a Cromwell by laying mines and eventually calling in Stormgrenadiers with double panzershrecks from the Blitzkrieg doctrine.


Stuart Light tank spotted. Note that 2 Volks are kept together (preferably 3)
Fire Panzerfaust NOW.

Damn Stuart - no Shrecks dropped though, coz there ain't no shrecks

Payback time. Reliable and cheap, every time.

2 Volks are in range and the first faust was fired (engine damaged)

Second 'faust fired

Score. 75 munitions in trade for 280 MP+10 fuel + 50 munitions.
Half a CP was gained by destroying one Bren Carrier

Mid Game

This is the time during which you are teching up. This is a very important step of this strategy and you should do it as soon as you have any breathing room. If there is a safe (at least medium) fuel point, then you should think about building an observation post on it to speed up your teching even more. Most of the time you should be enjoying far more than 50% map control by now, due to your constant harassment of the British forces, an eventual base rush with flamers you did earlier or just the capping power of your pioneers. If you are floating munitions that you don't need otherwise, then consider upgrading the other 2 pioneers with flamers as well or laying more mines if the pioneers are low on health or you feel it would fit your game better. If done correctly you will arrive at Tier4 slightly past the 10 minute mark of the game. Cromwells are feared for coming early, but this time they haven't included your early Panther in their calculations. Therefore you may say an early Cromwell is not so early. In fact a Cromwell will soon turn into a delicious appetizer for your Tier4 Panthers...


Late Game

This is when your full power will start to shine. Depending on the fuel income you enjoyed, by now you will use one of these two late game build orders (A) or (B). If your opponent already has a tank truck or was rushing a Cromwell get the first Panther asap.



Keep the Knight's Cross Holders together and they will make short work of any infantry in their way. Don't hold yourself back from using a med pack before a member dies. If you see a massive infantry fight, using the med pack once you enter the fight is advisable. 3x MP40 upgrades for your Volks will upgrade their firepower as well, if you can afford it. Saving munitions for the counter to the British Cavemen Approach will have priority though. Panthers are the most powerful tanks in your arsenal, and if one of them gets buttoned by a Bren Tommy section use a second tank to crush the buttoning infantry section. While they are using the button ability, they will not be able to dodge the tank crushing them. I would refrain from buying Panzer 4's. The Panzer 4' can not deal safely with Cromwells and for sure not with fireflies. Dual Panthers will be a reliable counter to most standard tanks in the British arsenal. If a tank battle continues after the 2 Panthers it will be wise to buy at least Vet1 for tanks, if not Vet3 and a repair bunker on top of it.

The British Cavemen Approach

As we all know the British like to dig in and have a jolly cup of tea while either the VPs are ticking or they are buying time to recover (they may need man power to start rebuilding things they lost). This is an unpleasant situation at first. I strongly recommend referring to some nice support Vet in this moment instead of using (vetted) Stukas to break the emplacements. In the replay pack to this guide you will see both approaches and hopefully agree after watching them, that the vetted flamers are not only cheaper, but also far more efficient both in time and in damage dealt to the enemy. Therefore you should get ready with 4-5 flamer pioneers with Support Veterancy Lvl. 2 and use this flamer mob to kill off the emplacements with a focus on the 17 Pounders. Once the 17 Pounders are burnt your tanks can easily take on what's left (including Bofors and the rest).


08/02/2009, 00:49
Essa estratégia é nova. Eu uso uma diferente. Mando Pioneers pra tudo quanto é canto uns 3, 4 , 5... Depois boto umas MGs pra segurar uns locais estratégicos (depende do mapa), faço um medic bunker e seguro o jogo até a hora que mando uma porrada de Panzer IV pra cima do inimigo. Às vezes, quando o mapa tem pouco combustível eu faço halftrack e AT. Mas não é sempre. Sei que não é uma estratégia muito inteligente, mas comigo tem sido eficiente.:twisted:

17/02/2009, 10:27
1k anos que nao jogo COH, hehe.

17/02/2009, 15:32
Há uns 4 dias atraz eu tinha escrito uma resenha analisando os pontos fracos dessa estratégia, mas deu erro no browser e perdi tudo. Sei que a estratégia é nova e pode ser muito eficaz, mas não gosto muito, acho ela de muito pouca mobilidade pra capturar pontos, o que eu acho esencial contra os brits. O ponto fraco dela na minha opinião é no inicio do game, onde se gasta muito mais manpower que o brit para manter uma força que malemal é capaz de segurar

17/02/2009, 17:50
Essa estratégia é nova. Eu uso uma diferente. Mando Pioneers pra tudo quanto é canto uns 3, 4 , 5... Depois boto umas MGs pra segurar uns locais estratégicos (depende do mapa), faço um medic bunker e seguro o jogo até a hora que mando uma porrada de Panzer IV pra cima do inimigo. Às vezes, quando o mapa tem pouco combustível eu faço halftrack e AT. Mas não é sempre. Sei que não é uma estratégia muito inteligente, mas comigo tem sido eficiente.:twisted:

Pode ser boa essa estratégia, só tem que mecher bastante as MG's.
E cuidar com as Granadas de Rifle inglesas.