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12/02/2009, 23:32
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Brian Wood - Lead Designer on Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor on the vision for the Tiger Ace campaign:

What is Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor? It’s simple. Tales of Valor is an opportunity for us to bring you more Company of Heroes. It’s a chance for us to focus on developing content for you without having to spend five years before getting any feedback. So, in many ways, it’s a chance for us to try a new mode of gameplay or develop a new feature and see how you guys enjoy it. And if you like it, we can make more. Maybe I’m being too candid, but nobody says that we have to develop in a bubble. So, with that, let me introduce you to the first chapter of Tales of Valor--Tiger Ace.

Tiger Ace

http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace1.thumbnail.jpg (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace1.jpg)

The setting of Tiger Ace is Villers-Bocage. The story is about an Ace Tank Commander who almost single-handedly prevents the British from outflanking the German Army. You command the Tiger Tank. You assault Villers-Bocage. You stop the British. You are the Tiger Ace.

We love the infantry combat in Company of Heroes. The interaction between suppression, mortar fire and cover adds a very unique flavor and character to managing infantry. When dealing with tanks, we wanted more of that level of interaction and complexity. Therefore, when we started development on the first campaign for Tales of Valor, we wanted to develop interactions and gameplay that gives the player stronger tactical control and choice with their tanks. Additionally, we wanted to support this new level of gameplay with the same interaction in all aspects through art, audio, and the story.

The historical battle at Villers-Bocage was an incredible feat and makes for a great story. However, to succeed at telling this story, we have to mold it to fit our vision for Company of Heroes. We have done this by tying the action and story closer to the actual soldiers on the battlefield (including the Tiger you control), and made the gameplay with the Tiger live up to the legends about its fearsome and deadly power.

http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace2_0.thumbnail.jpg (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace2_0.jpg)

How do you add character to what essentially amounts to a giant metal box? The Tiger isn’t just a Tiger. A Tiger is manned by a crew of five soldiers crammed into an exhaust-filled hull. These guys had to work together closely to make the Tiger work effectively and efficiently, while trusting that each other do their jobs. When you are an infantryman and you are in danger, you can run away. With a tank, if your gunner cannot hit the broad side of a barn, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than pray that your enemies drive slow. However, when the crew was clicking, they were a fearsome threat on the battlefield. Therefore, the story of Tiger Ace is not just about the commander of the Tiger tank, but its entire crew.

http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace3.thumbnail.jpg (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace3.jpg)

To tie the characters into gameplay more, we wanted to draw you closer to the members of your tank crew by giving you the option to upgrade their abilities as they gained veterancy. As a result we gave you the option to customize the capabilities of the crew. At the same time, this also means that the tactical capabilities of the Tiger increases over time, so that you can employ S-Mines (an explosive defensive weapon) or upgrade your cannon to use High-Explosive rounds for destroying buildings and infantry.

http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace4.thumbnail.jpg (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/sites/companyofheroesgame.com/files/images/tigerace4.jpg)

Additionally, we wanted to give you the capability to direct the tactical decisions around the Tiger. We wanted to let you determine where to point the turret, what to shoot at and when to shoot. Out of this idea sprung the concept of Direct Fire. With Direct Fire, you control target the Tiger’s turret and determine when it fires. No longer do you have to wait for the Tiger to turn a corner to start aiming. You can set up the shot and take it as soon as you’re ready.


We’re excited to release Tales of Valor out to the world. We’ve been having a great time with the game and all that it has to bring to the table. In our next developer diary, we’ll talk about some of the new multiplayer content in Tales of Valor.

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