Ver Versão Completa : Beta patch 2.509

26/02/2009, 00:19
Beta Patch 2.509 Live (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/blog-post/beta-patch-2509-live)

Testing on the beta patch for Company of Heroes continues and revealed some bugs that we have addressed. A new patch has been built to address a number of issues and has been pushed to our test server as 2.509. Here at the patch notes:


- Further optimizations & fixes to the new network code.

- Fixed a bug where the Up-Gunned Pershing would not have increased penetration values versus Wehrmacht Vet 3 (armour skirted) Tanks.
- Grenades research will no longer apply an increased received suppression modifier to riflemen.
- Fallschrimjager leaders now re-enter camouflage at the same speed as the rest of the squad.
- Pershing’s gun now correctly deals 10% less damage to panthers with armored skirts.
- Sprint no longer receives the same penalties that fire-up does.
- All Anti-Tank guns have reduced accuracy against each other.
- The Churchill Crocodile’s attack ground function now uses its tank gun instead of its flamethrower.
- Goliaths no longer have an unintended accuracy modifier vs airborne squads.
- Fallschrimjager and Luftwaffe squads now have leader_exts on their leaders.
- M10 will now correctly prioritize its targets (vehicles over infantry).
- Victor Target will now allow Howitzers and Priests to fire outside of their usual maximum range.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Counter Battery from being toggled on Mortar and Howitzer Emplacements.
- Fixed flickering health bar for panzer elite units with group zeal.
- Fixed an issue where pioneers’ medium range was more accurate than its short range.

http://cohpatch.relic.com/relic/coh/playtest/CoH_Playtest_2508_2509_Patc... (http://cohpatch.relic.com/relic/coh/playtest/CoH_Playtest_2508_2509_Patch.exe.torrent)
http://cohpatch.relic.com/relic/coh/playtest/CoH_Playtest_2508_2509_Patc... (http://cohpatch.relic.com/relic/coh/playtest/CoH_Playtest_2508_2509_Patch.exe)

As we work towards a final retail patch we will continue to update the beta, simply as a test bed for our patch release candidates as we fix bugs. We've incorporated this into our patching process to allow as many eyes on the patch as possible, and it's not something that is going to add extra time into releasing the retail patch.