Ver Verso Completa : Relic Q&A Fevereiro

10/03/2009, 23:15
Gamereplays: Will there be a ToV-demo? If so, any information on what it will contain?

Thunder No, we will not be providing a demo of Tales of Valor at this time.

Gamereplays: Why is there no ingame option to change hotkeys?

Thunder Yeah, odd I know. Im told there wasnt time to put that in the game when it first shipped and now its a low priority feature, given that you can edit your hotkeys outside of the game. There are many other things that are higher priority that we need to be working on such as game balance etc etc.

Gamereplays: Do you have projects for the Company of Heroes franchise in the near future (just after ToV) or will you be more focused on Dawn of War and/or Homeworld ?

Thunder Yes we have more plans for Company of Heroes beyond Tales of Valor, but were not talking about them at this time. (Id love to talk about them but Ive been told not to.)

Gamereplays: Can you please give us some more definite detail in regard to the release date of the patch.

Thunder We have been testing and bug fixing the patch, as seen by the recent 2.509 beta patch that was all bug fixes. I do not have a definitive release date for the patch as any bug we come across and need to fix would move out such a date. We will be releasing this patch before Tales of Valor ships.

Gamereplays: The lack of accurate stats recording has been an issue for some time now. What are the plans currently in motion to address this problem?

Thunder Assuming this is in reference to wins not being recorded correctly, we mentioned on the COH Community site that were testing a fix for this issue on the beta servers now and have had no further problems reported. The fix will be pushed out to the live server as soon as the patch is pushed to retail.

Gamereplays: When are we going to get these promised "details" on the multiplayer aspect of ToV?

Thunder Well be releasing information on each of the three new multiplayer modes monthly, this began in February with information on Operation Stonewall that was posted on our community site. Well also be posting info on the new units there.

Gamereplays: Is there a possibility that CoH will move to GFW Live?

Thunder No.

Gamereplays: Will there be any 64 bit support?

Thunder Our lead programmer says:

There are no plans for a 64bit Company of Heroes client. Company of Heroes is Large Address Aware so one can take advantage of additional virtual address space for extra heavy custom maps that arent possible to run on a 32bit OS.

Gamereplays: Are the new units from ToV available in ranked? Or in basic match only?

Thunder They can be used in any multiplayer game, ranked or basic.

Gamereplays: Any real chance of allowing stats to be read from the database for xml feeds? So we can build our own Relic Rank site.

Thunder A few people have asked me about this and I probably didnt give a very good answer. Well need to talk about this on our end, when we arent trying to finish a game and a patch.

Thanks as always to Thunder for answering these questions to the best of his ability.

11/03/2009, 10:33
Thunder Yes we have more plans for Company of Heroes beyond Tales of Valor, but were not talking about them at this time. (Id love to talk about them but Ive been told not to.)

Eu sei que F@#$ criar expectativa com uma coisa que est 'to distante' e pode nem ser verdadeira. Nem quero especular o que pode vir por a. Mas s de saber que o jogo no vai parar no ToV j animador.