Ver Versão Completa : modo "Assault" em ToV (DOTA)

24/03/2009, 19:45

"Finally, we turned our attention to the Assault mode, which will be Tales of Valor's take on Defense of the Ancients, the small-scale, individual-character modification for Warcraft III. Like DOTA, Assault will put you in control of only a single character from one of seven different character classes--the well-rounded commando, the heavy-weapons specialist, the medic, the recon scout, the engineer (known as the "pioneer" on the Axis side), the sniper, and the officer. Each class will have its own individual abilities (the officer can use a morale-building effect to immediately break pinned allies out of the pinned state and increase their movement and firing speed; the medic can heal injured allies; the sniper deals huge damage to a single infantry target, and so on).

Like in DOTA, your character will gain experience levels by killing enemy soldiers (who will either appear as enemy hero characters controlled by individual players, or will spawn continuously as computer-controlled cannon fodder). With each level, you'll gain a skill point to apply to one of Assault's three attributes: weapon damage, armor, and grenade power. At the start of the game, you won't have much firepower, but as time goes on throughout the match and you gain more levels and put more points into your attributes, you'll start to notice your heroes come into their own. Even if your hero dies and you choose a different hero to play, you'll still keep the attributes that you've already purchased, so you can keep the progress that you've made in the match. This is a more arcade-style action experience, wherein a high-level heavy-weapons expert can bring down an enemy machine gun after whaling on it for a few moments, which earns your character extra experience points, as well as the satisfaction of seeing a pair of defeated enemy soldiers march out with their hands over their heads.

The ultimate goal of Assault is to press your way into the enemy team's base and destroy their central headquarters (which lies all the way behind enemy lines, and which goes up in a satisfyingly explosive cinematic sequence), but considering that the enemy base will be full of gun nests, forward spawn points for the enemy team's heroes, and a continuous spawn of computer-controlled enemy fodder, it seems best to press forward as a group and take down enemy emplacements one by one. Given that different heroes have such differing abilities (several possess additional mobility options, such as the recon scout, who drives a speedy motorcycle), there doesn't necessarily seem to be a clear-cut best character class, though some, such as the medic and the engineer, seem like they're best used in specific situations. Your progress will be recorded in various statistics (for instance, who had the longest uninterrupted kill streak) that will surface in Relic Online's rankings.

All three of Tales of Valor's multiplayer modes seem like they'll offer a great variety of very satisfying, slam-bang action on Company of Heroes' trademark small scale. The game is scheduled to ship in April. "