Ver Versão Completa : CoH: Tales of Valor Expansion Stonewall HD Video

30/03/2009, 09:55

What you'll see in the video: Time elapsed (4X) playback of the Stonewall game mode via the in-game replay viewer, with plenty of combat, and several waves from easiest to the toughest levels.

What you won't see: The Stonewall unique upgrades and tech progression, the purpose of the nearby HQs, the triggering of one time use abilities, and all that much skill (I was sloppy since things were hectic).

General Info: Stonewall can be played as Axis or Allies, with up to four people. The tech tree is going to take at least one game to get used to, at which point there are a whole slew of possibilities to overcome the onslaught of attacks. I'm sure at the very least the more casual / tower defense gamers will enjoy it immensely, and pros will get a kick out of from time to time with friends.

30/03/2009, 11:10
aproveitando o topico da expansão

parece que os outros dois modos de jogo, ASSAULT e PANZERKRIEG serão rankeados.

30/03/2009, 14:10
Stonewall vai ser o paraiso do comp stomp.

Os outros 2 parecem ser interessantes.

05/04/2009, 04:39