Ver Versão Completa : Relic Downloader

31/03/2009, 21:32
Included in the patch 2.400 notes was notification that Relic has enabled the "Relic Downloader" in the latest patch. However, most users may be unaware what the Relic Downloader is, so we're going to explain.

The Relic Downloader appears to work as a BitTorrent (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_%28protocol%29) client, meaning that it acts as a Peer to Peer service that allows other users to connect to you to download the latest patch. This has clear benefits for the community, as it means that everyone is helping distribute the patch instead of the mad rush to grab the latest patch from Relic's servers.

However, Relic Downloader does have a downside. Because it acts as a peer to peer service, it means that whenever you run Company of Heroes, people may be downloading the patch off you. While the bandwidth used is unlikely to be huge due to the fact that there are thousands of people hosting the files, it does mean that there is a chance that people will be downloading from you, which may make the whole setup unappealing for users with limited bandwidth or those who do not feel comfortable using their computer to share the patch (the patch transfer method, however, is completely safe).

Unfortunately, the Relic Downloader is not an opt-in service, meaning that if you have patch 2.400, it is now installed on your computer. Equally concerning is the fact that you are never really notified that it is being installed, and since it only runs when you load up Company of Heroes, it is entirely possible that you may never know it is even installed or running.

If you wish to remove or disable the downloader, it is relatively easy to do so. Simply navigate to C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicDownloader and either rename the entire folder or the .exe itself. This will prevent it from running the next time you start up Company of Heroes.

While the Relic Downloader is completely safe, great for the community, and unlikely to use much bandwidth, I thought this post would be useful to clarify what it is, allowing users to decide if they want to continue to keep it enabled.

05/04/2009, 04:38