Ver Versão Completa : Plano de Patchs da Relic

31/03/2009, 21:41
plano de patch da relic

Patch 2.400 is out the door but we still have a couple of patches that we are working on and that will be released in the near future.

Patch 2.500

Patch 2.500 is the "Tales of Valor" patch and is in the final stages of testing. It contains the new art and information from Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor so that players who don't have the new standalone expansion can play with players who do.
2.500 will be going live around the release date for Tales of Valor, April 9.

Patch 2.501

We also have patch 2.501 in development. Bugs that the community is finding in the 2.400 patch are first tested to see if they can be reproduced using the 2.501 patch. If they do occur in 2.501 we’re logging a bug on them, and we’ll be looking at addressing anything high priority. Some bugs in the 2.400 patch are already addressed in the 2.500 and 2.501 patches.

Thank you all for your feedback, we appreciate your support as we continue to work to improve your gaming experience by providing ongoing support for Company of Heroes.

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05/04/2009, 14:06
ixe, lá vem uns 15gb de download via steam huahuauha