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05/04/2009, 04:26
Assault é um novo modo de jogo que virá em ToV

Operation Assault

Assault is something similar to AoS-style games, or if you prefer more popular terms, "DotA", a popular custom map from Warcraft 3. AoS (Aeon of Strife I believe) was a custom map concept made way back in Starcraft that launched into complete stardom, with many other custom maps of Blizzard's games using the same concept/template as it once did. Refer to the above FAQ section if you do not know what an AoS type of game is.

Assault has not been officially documented about by Relic; however a recent preview has revealed some details. In Assault there are 7 different classes to choose from: Commando, Heavy-Weapons Specialist, Medic, Recon Scout, Engineer (Pioneer on Axis side), Sniper, and Officer.

A ToV producer stated in an interview that there were 14 heroes. Later, people unofficially found out that there were defensive and offensive variants for each of the 7 classes, which resulted in 14 heroes.

Like most class/hero based games, each class has distinct abilities and attributes. Some will be better than others in certain situations, but more importantly, teamwork is the key to bringing out the full potential of each "hero", and ultimately, victory of your team.
As players fight it out, their "hero" gains experience which leads to gaining skill points, which can be spent on 3 attributes: Weapon damage, armour, and grenade power. When you die, you have the choice of choosing a different class - however, you keep your attributes and thus your progress.

There is no command tree to level through in Assault. In a podcast interview, ToV developers stated that if such a thing were implemented in Assault, it would make things too complicated.

What is an "AoS" game?
This refers to Assault, one of the new MP modes that is modelled after the AoS concept. A popular example of this is "Defense of the Ancients", or "DotA", a popular custom map on Warcraft 3.

If you're unfamiliar with AoS games, basically, each player gets a special individual, usually a "Hero" unit. The ultimate goal is to advance through an enemy's base and destroy something. During the game, AI controlled units called "Creeps" are periodically spawned on both sides, and follow a simple path towards the enemy base. These cannon fodder units are generally very weak and are meant to be killed or used as support. The "Heroes" fight alongside their creeps, destroying the enemy's creeps while leveling up and pushing as far as possible. When up against enemy defences, players will be dealing as much damage to the defences (like towers/turrets/whatever) and fall back until momentum is regained due to large numbers of creeps or hero support. Eventually a defensive structure is destroyed and they can proceed further down the enemy's territory.

Players usually play safe until they gain enough levels, then proceed to "gank" (gang kill) enemy heroes by preparing ambushes along these linear paths and such. It's a simple, addictive gameplay style that has been working for almost a decade. Generally these kinds of games take a long time to complete, and there are other factors for the player's heroes, such as items, gaining experience and levelling abilities, etc.

Note that AoS games are human team vs human team, with computer controlled bases/units for both sides.

ype of Hero (Offensive/Defensive)

Demolition Engineer/Pioneer (Defensive)
Saboteur Engineer/Pioneer (Offensive)
Guardian Commando (Defensive)
Aggressor Commando (Offensive)
Base Medic (Defensive)
Field Medic (Offensive)
Cunning Officer (Defensive)
Inspirational Officer (Offensive)
Observation Scout (Defensive)
Vanguard Scout (Offensive)
Daredevil Recon (Defensive)
Illuminator Recon (Offensive)
Defender Heavy (Defensive)
Storm Heavy (Offensive)
Infiltrator Sniper (Defensive)
Marksman Sniper (Offensive)


Information about them

Demolition Engineers can plant demolition charges and are armed with SMGs
The [Saboteur] Engineer can throw satchel charges, and is armed with a flamethrower.
The Guardian Commando is capable of dropping concealing smoke to break suppression.
[Aggressor] Commandos can become fired up in order to break through enemy lines and can also conceal themselves within a smoke screen.
The Base Medic provides healing to nearby units. It also has the ability to do a single shot emergency heal of all units within a specified area.
The Field Medic provides healing to units nearby and is equipped with incendiary grenades.
Schooled in many tactical doctrines, the Cunning Officer prefers camouflaged ambushes.
Leading by example, the Inspirational Officer can inspire troops to perform great deeds.
Observation Scouts are armed with an Ensnare ability that prevents enemies from following them back.
Eager to prove themselves, Vanguard Scouts are fearless on the attack.
Defender Heavy Weapons Specialists are armed with LMGs and can take lots of punishment.
Storm Heavy Weapons Specialists are armed with LMGs and can take lots of punishment.
The Daredevil's speed makes it an ideal Reconnaissance unit. It also has the ability to repair itself when damaged.
The Illuminator can drop flares to reveal parts of the battlefield and is adept at field repair.
Highly skilled with a scoped rifle, and effective against all Infantry. Infiltrator Snipers can use the Camouflage ability.
Highly skilled camouflage sniper who is effective against all Infantry. This Marksman [Sniper] can perform a Vital Shot.

The [text] means that I added it to make it more understandable what unit it is about.

09/04/2009, 14:32
E isto é divertido assim ? ? ??

Nunca joguei dota, mas gostava mais do modo clássico mesmo do Warcraft3