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Frequently Asked Questions about Tales of Valor

What is Tales of Valor? An expansion or a new game?
It is a stand-alone expansion, just like Opposing Fronts. Basically, if a player only has Tales of Valor, he/she can still play online with everyone else. If you have the previous CoH games, Tales of Valor will act as an expansion, giving you access to new content.

What is the release date?
Tales of Valor has gone gold as of March 26, 2009. The release date is April 9 or later, hitting North American shelves first.

Why is there so little content compared to Opposing Fronts? Is this expansion priced lower?
Yes, Tales of Valor is priced lower than usual. The price has been confirmed at $29.99 USD/CAD, the same price as the Gold Edition. It seems ToV was made to be more attractive to newcomers.

Is it true that you get all 4 factions for use in multiplayer if you get Tales of Valor?
Yes, it is true. Tales of Valor unlocks all 4 factions for use in multiplayer. Previously, you needed both vanilla CoH and OF (Or the Gold Edition) to get all 4 factions.

What am I missing out on if I have Tales of Valor but no previous CoH games?
Without the previous CoH games you would miss out on the single player campaigns from CoH and OF.

It is rumoured you may also miss out on some other things, like the existing "classic" units that would be available for alternative unit swapping. Relic has yet to confirm or deny this.

What are the system requirements?
The system requirements are the same as Opposing Fronts. In other words, no change.

Is Steam a requirement to play this game, like Dawn of War 2 is?
No. Steam is not required to play this game, just like the previous CoH games. Steam only becomes a requirement if you buy Tales of Valor on Steam.

Will ToV work if I buy it from Steam but own retail versions of previous CoH games? What about buying ToV retail?
According to a THQ staff member:

"If you get ToV through steam you'll need to uninstall the current install. Once you run the steam version you will have access to the CD key. Add it to your existing account and you are set.

If you get it through retail you can either patch up, or install from the DVD; then add the key to the existing account, the end result is the same." -SGT_nemo (THQ staff)

Are the new units entirely new units, or are they just skins, or are they alternatives?
The new units are completely new units, but they work as alternatives. In the game lobby, there is a new tab called "Rewards", and a sub-tab called "Vehicles". From here, you can decide which unit to use. The new units can be swapped in for an existing "classic" unit. For example, you can decide between being able to use the new Kangaroo Carrier or the classic Cromwell Command Tank for your next match, by ticking or unticking the Kangaroo's checkbox.

These new units are alternative options and ideally will not be too different compared to the unit it is replacing. They may have different stats, mechanics, and abilities, but they will not stray too far from the role of the unit it is replacing. More information about this can be found in the Multiplayer section of this guide.

Is Direct Fire included in multiplayer?
Yes and no. Direct Fire is a feature used in the single player campaigns and in ONE of the new multiplayer modes called Panzerkrieg. Other modes, including normal skirmishes, do not have Direct Fire introduced.

What is an "AoS" game?
This refers to Assault, one of the new MP modes that is modelled after the AoS concept. A popular example of this is "Defense of the Ancients", or "DotA", a popular custom map on Warcraft 3.

If you're unfamiliar with AoS games, basically, each player gets a special individual, usually a "Hero" unit. The ultimate goal is to advance through an enemy's base and destroy something. During the game, AI controlled units called "Creeps" are periodically spawned on both sides, and follow a simple path towards the enemy base. These cannon fodder units are generally very weak and are meant to be killed or used as support. The "Heroes" fight alongside their creeps, destroying the enemy's creeps while leveling up and pushing as far as possible. When up against enemy defences, players will be dealing as much damage to the defences (like towers/turrets/whatever) and fall back until momentum is regained due to large numbers of creeps or hero support. Eventually a defensive structure is destroyed and they can proceed further down the enemy's territory.

Players usually play safe until they gain enough levels, then proceed to "gank" (gang kill) enemy heroes by preparing ambushes along these linear paths and such. It's a simple, addictive gameplay style that has been working for almost a decade. Generally these kinds of games take a long time to complete, and there are other factors for the player's heroes, such as items, gaining experience and levelling abilities, etc.

Note that AoS games are human team vs human team, with computer controlled bases/units for both sides.

Single Player

For single player, there are 3 new campaigns: Tiger Ace (German campaign), Causeway (U.S Paratrooper campaign), and Falaise Pocket (German campaign). These campaigns are shorter than the previous CoH game's campaigns - Relic has called them "mini-campaigns". They comprise of only a few levels each and focus on short stories of heroism based on historical battles - hence, the title "Tales of Valor".

Each campaign lasts about 2-3 hours, but the Falaise Pocket campaign has been stated to last a bit longer than the others.

Unlike previous CoH campaigns, there is persistency between the missions. This means completing optional objectives may yield long term benefits, and destroyed cover/objects/etc. will stay destroyed.

Tiger Ace Campaign

Details of the real-life historical Tiger Ace battle can be found here:
http://community.companyofheroesgam...ger-ace-history (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/tiger-ace-history)
Official details on the Tiger Ace campaign can be found here:
http://community.companyofheroesgam...er-ace-campaign (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/tiger-ace-campaign)

The Tiger Ace campaign is a highlight of Tales of Valor's single player. You control the Tiger Ace and her crew in this campaign, including Hauptmann Voss, the Tiger Ace commander who is modelled after the famous Michael Wittmann. He and his crew almost single-handedly took on a whole British armoured column. The campaign is based on the actual historical battle, right down to the Tiger Ace crew being forced out of their tank after being disabled and making a dash to safety back in German lines.

Direct fire is a prominent feature of the campaign, as you will be able to turn your tank's turret and fire manually whenever you wish. Unlike other campaigns, you're only controlling a single unit this time - the Tiger Ace tank. As you gain experience, you can unlock new abilities and perks through the command tree. The Command Tree for the Tiger Ace is split into 4 categories for each of the crew members. Gaining one of the Gunner's abilities can allow you to, for example, gain the ability to switch between Armour-Piercing Rounds and High-Explosive Rounds.

As mentioned before, eventually the Tiger Ace is disabled in one of the missions and you must control the Tiger Ace crew members themselves (infantry squad) as they make their way toward safety.

Causeway Campaign

Details of the real-life historical Causeway battle can be found here:
http://community.companyofheroesgam...auseway-history (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/causeway-history)
Official details on the Causeway campaign can be found here:
http://community.companyofheroesgam...useway-campaign (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/causeway-campaign)

Causeway is based on the fight for the La Fière Causeway. An abridged history: The 82nd Airborne's objective was to secure this causeway, which provided a link between Utah Beach into France and between friendly airdrops. The Germans attack, problems arise, and for two days the control over Causeway was heated up. Relic picked up on a particular story of heroism, one of Captain John Sauls. This man had to lead a seemingly suicidal charge across the Causeway in order to secure the western side and keep the Allies from the beach flowing in. Out of the more than 100 men who attempted to cross it, only the captain lived. However, a few more reinforcements managed to cross over, and these few men managed to hold out long enough to force the Germans to back off as additional Allies began to flow in.

In the campaign, you will control the fictional Able and Baker paratrooper squads. These 2 squads have unique abilities and can be "levelled" up to unlock additional stuff. Able squad is your assault squad, armed with direct assault weapons/abilities. Baker squad is more fire-support, carrying Recoilless Rifles (which can be controlled with Direct Fire) and less direct abilities. Due to their story-related nature and the nature of the campaign, they're much more powerful than a normal unit. In addition, you will gain control over a small amount of other 'normal' units throughout the campaign, like engineers, weapons team, and even a platoon commander.

Falaise Pocket
Details of the real-life historical battle:
http://community.companyofheroesgam...-pocket-history (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/falaise-pocket-history)

Not much is known at Falaise Pocket right now. Details will be updated as more information is revealed in the future. Nevertheless, it is a German campaign and has you dealing with U.S Airborne. Also, it has been stated that this campaign takes a bit longer to complete than the others.

In a podcast, developers have noted that Falaise Pocket is more challenging than the other two, and one noted that he still could not complete it while holding all available optional objectives. It is a defensive oriented campaign and was inspired by defend missions from the past campaigns, like Carentan.

Direct Fire

ToV introduces a new feature called Direct Fire, available for certain units in the campaigns and in one of the new MP modes called "Panzerkrieg". You can watch videos to see what it looks like, but basically it gives the player more control over their unit's weapon. When toggled on, Direct Fire makes the unit (or the turret) aim to where the mouse cursor is aiming, and it only fires when the player clicks. Reload time is tracked via the cursor/ability, and obviously you have to wait while reloading before firing again.

It appears so far that Direct Fire is 100% accurate - it'll shoot exactly to where the player aims the shot. However, it cannot be used to shoot through obstacles.

New Campaign-only Units/Weapons

As with most RTS games, the campaign features new units and abilities that are not used in multiplayer for obvious reasons. These include the Tiger Ace crew and the Able/Baker paratrooper squads. However, some new campaign only things seem very interesting. These include anti-tank rifles (Boys Anti-Tank Rifle) and S-Mines (aka Bouncing Betty). Relic has not stated if they have plans on introducing these into multiplayer later on. However, it is safe to say that modders will be "all over" these new units and weapons.


For multiplayer, there are 3 new modes being added. Now, in addition to playing normal skirmishes (Annihilate or Victory Points), ToV introduces these completely new multiplayer modes that are similar to "custom maps" or mods in other RTS games.

Operation Stonewall
Official details can be found here: http://community.companyofheroesgam...ation-stonewall (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/operation-stonewall)

Operation Stonewall is a defence game. 1-4 players co-operatively defend a town by surviving through 16 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. There are capturable buildings that grant bonuses, and you gain resources by destroying enemy units. Each player has an HQ located in the center of the map that must survive - units and technology are produced/researched here. If you've ever played a Tower Defence kind of game (Of course, this is with units, not towers only), this will be familiar territory. The first waves are easy, but later on things get tougher as units come in larger numbers and with stronger units, in addition to coming from multiple directions all around the map.

There are 4 capturable buildings in the game that are farther from the center, and are located in the North/East/South/West sectors of the map. Although they pose a challenge to defend, (as enemies will attempt to destroy it in their path), each building provides unique bonuses, in addition to being an additional outpost that can reinforce and build units. The buildings are: The Church, which heals friendly infantry units, the Garage, which provides a repair bonus to engineer units, the Manor, which provides a good garrison for infantry units and an increase in population cap, and the Bank, which provides bonus manpower income.

In addition, commander abilities, like air strikes, can be gained after defeating certain waves. The mode has 3 different difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard), and the difficulty also adjusts depending on the amount of players playing Stonewall.

Operation Assault

Assault is something similar to AoS-style games, or if you prefer more popular terms, "DotA", a popular custom map from Warcraft 3. AoS (Aeon of Strife I believe) was a custom map concept made way back in Starcraft that launched into complete stardom, with many other custom maps of Blizzard's games using the same concept/template as it once did. Refer to the above FAQ section if you do not know what an AoS type of game is.

Assault has not been officially documented about by Relic; however a recent preview has revealed some details. In Assault there are 7 different classes to choose from: Commando, Heavy-Weapons Specialist, Medic, Recon Scout, Engineer (Pioneer on Axis side), Sniper, and Officer.

A ToV producer stated in an interview that there were 14 heroes. Later, people unofficially found out that there were defensive and offensive variants for each of the 7 classes, which resulted in 14 heroes.

Like most class/hero based games, each class has distinct abilities and attributes. Some will be better than others in certain situations, but more importantly, teamwork is the key to bringing out the full potential of each "hero", and ultimately, victory of your team.
As players fight it out, their "hero" gains experience which leads to gaining skill points, which can be spent on 3 attributes: Weapon damage, armour, and grenade power. When you die, you have the choice of choosing a different class - however, you keep your attributes and thus your progress.

There is no command tree to level through in Assault. In a podcast interview, ToV developers stated that if such a thing were implemented in Assault, it would make things too complicated.

Refer to the above FAQ section if you do not know what an AoS game is.

Operation Panzerkrieg
Official details can be found here:
http://community.companyofheroesgam...ion-panzerkrieg (http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/forums/topic/operation-panzerkrieg)

Panzerkrieg (meaning "Tank War" in German) is the only MP mode that uses Direct Fire. This is a tank-only mode. It pits the Allies vs the Axis. Up to 6 players can play this mode. Players must choose one of 3 possible tank choices, then proceed to capture victory points on the map and hunt down enemy players. For Allied players, they can choose either the M18 Hellcat, M4 Sherman, or Mk IV Churchill tanks. The Axis can choose between the Hotchkiss H39, Panzer IV, and Panther.

Like the Assault multiplayer mode, or the ToV campaigns, each tank has unique abilities that can be unlocked through the Command Tree as you gain experience from killing enemies or capturing points. For example, the Hellcat and Hotchkiss are speedy, lighter tanks that can become ambushers and can gain the ability to lay mines.

Details about each tank's abilities:

Note: Please note that the abilites are listed in random order and do not represent the command trees. As usual, more info to fill in missing things will be updated as they come out.

Allied Tanks

-M18 Hellcat: A speedy but less armoured tank made for offensive fights. Can gain the ability to lay mines, switch between two types of armour-piercing rounds, camouflage for a first-strike bonus, gain increased visibility that also allows it to detect stealthed units more easily, and can "mark" an enemy target temporarily that makes them more vulnerable to attacks and reveals the target even through fog of war.
-M4 Sherman: A medium tank with jack-of-the-trades upgrades. Can gain the ability to clear mines with a Crab Mine Flail, gain a .50 cal MG gunner, deploy smoke, and can gain the 76mm gun upgrade that "...offers a long range, high explosive, armor piercing, area attack."
-Mk IV Churchill:A heavily armoured tank that is more support and defense oriented. Can gain a speed upgrade, hull down ability ('dig in' to trade mobility for increased defence), a flamethrower weapon, a Tread Breaker ability that temporarily immobilizes a hit vehicle, a field repair ability the heals friendly vehicles in an area, and Heroic Assault, which temporarily improves visibility and attack speed for friendlies.

Axis Tanks

-Hotchkiss H39: Small, speedy light tank that excels in offensive fights. Can gain the ability to camouflage for a first strike bonus, lay mines, immobilize targets like Tread-Breaker, and can gain the Wurfrahmen 40 rocket upgrade, which has been described as slow to take off but quite powerful against stationary enemies.
-Panzer IV: A medium tank with jack-of-the-trade abilities. Can gain upgrades to speed and damage of main gun, Armoured Skirts, a speed overdrive ability (temporarily increases movement speed), and can gain the ability to field repair itself.
-Panther: A heavier tank that lends itself more to support and defensive abilities. Can gain Armoured Skirts, a Blitzkrieg ability that temporarily increases speed and firepower, deploy smoke, call in artillery strikes, an ability that immobilizes the Panther but grants camouflage and increased range/damage (like a sniping mode) and can gain a never-before-seen ability, White Phosphorus rounds that are effective against clustered infantry.

The objective is to take down the enemy's victory tickets to 0. This is done by holding more Victory Points on the map than the opposing team, which causes their tickets to slowly decrease. In addtion, the team loses Victory tickets whenever one of their player's tank is killed, so careless deaths are a "no-no" in this mode.

However, unlike normal skirmishes, each Victory Point also grants bonuses to the team controlling them. Each Victory Point represents a different bonus, and the longer one is held, the more abilities that become available. So far, 3 types of points have been confirmed: A Radio tower that grants air support in the form of recon runs initially, and later on strafing runs and bombing runs, a Mortar tower that grants artillery strikes, and an Infantry tower, that grants computer-controlled deployable infantry. One preview noted that, if the Infantry point is held long enough, you can gain elite stealth squads armed with sniper rifles and sticky bombs.

The amount of victory tickets can be adjusted before game starts - 250, 500, and 1000 have been confirmed.

New Multiplayer Weapons/Abilities
Mark Target: This is an ability that the Schwimmwagen may have in multiplayer if the PE player's doctrine is Luftwaffe. It is also a confirmed ability for the M18 Hellcat in the Panzerkrieg mode.

What this ability does is "mark" a target. The target is now more vulnerable to attacks, and vision of the target is granted. In addition, the "marked" target is revealed even through the fog of war.

White Phophorus rounds: Confirmed for the T17 Armored Car (U.S) in normal skirmishes, and the Panther in Panzerkrieg mode. It not only burns infantry units caught in the smoke, but it also acts as a smoke screen and thus grants smoke cover. However, it lasts considerably shorter than a real smoke ability.

Trivial fact: There is actually a lot of unused German dialogue about white phosphorus in CoH (OF speech files, specifically). This leads me to believe that WP was a cancelled concept and has been revived with Tales of Valor.

New Multiplayer Units

Tiger Ace as a Reward Unit
The Tiger 205 is a confirmed reward unit and is an alternative to the Wehrmacht Tiger. Note that there is no real difference between the two in multiplayer, besides the skin and voices.

New Multiplayer Units for normal skirmishes

Relic announced that there are 8 new vehicle units being introduced with ToV, with 2 per faction. However, they work differently. Instead of being completely new units added to each faction's tech tree, these units serve as alternative options that can be "swapped" with a "classic" unit that fills the same role.

Your unit choice can be decided in the lobby, through a new tab called "Rewards", sub-tab "Vehicles".

For example, you can decide between using the new Kangaroo Carrier or the classic Cromwell Command Tank in the lobby, by ticking or unticking the Kangaroo listed on the page.

These new units will have differences, but overall, they will still fill the same role as the unit it is replacing. This supposedly will allow better flexibility and pre-game strategy planning, while keeping balance woes to a minimum.

The units listed here are using the official in-game names.

Confirmed officially:

* M18 Hellcat (U.S Tank Destroyer): Confirmed as alternative to M10 Wolverine. The Hellcat looks and behaves similarly to the M10 Wolverine at first sight. However, the M18 Hellcat can be upgraded with an MG, and it has an ability to lock-down camouflaged for a first-strike bonus.

* T17 Armored Car (U.S Armored Car): Confirmed as alternative to M8 Greyhound. The U.S version of the Staghound has an ability to shoot a White Phosphorus round. The WP not only burns infantry units, but also acts as a smoke screen. WP noticeably has a shorter duration than real smokes however.

In addition, it shoots semi-fast rounds. It shoots faster than an M8 Grayhound but slower than a PE classic Armoured Car.

* Kangaroo Carrier (British Armoured Personnel Carrier): Confirmed as alternative to Cromwell Tank. The Kangaroo Carrier has 4 unit slots and a 15 unit capacity garrison. When carrying troops, up to 6 units will appear at the open top, whom can attack (and be harmed). Like other open-top transports or buildings, the squads/units will change places to adapt to appropriate threads - for example PIAT Sappers will jump up when vehicles are nearby.

The Kangaroo Carrier has tank-like armour and a weak frontal MG. In addition, Tommies carrying Bren Guns can use "Button Vehicle" while being transported. Lastly, the Kangaroo can use the "Hull Down" ability from the Royal Engineer Support doctrine.

*Staghound Armoured Car (British): Confirmed as alternative to Cromwell Command Tank. The British Staghound does not appear to have any new abilities, but it can be upgraded with an MG. The Staghound replacement is a less armoured, but more armed vehicle that is effective against infantry. Compared to the U.S version, this Staghound shoots at a slower rate, but each round is more powerful (similar to the M8 Greyhound's shots)

In addition it can use the "Hull Down" ability from the Royal Engineer Support doctrine.

* Schwimmwagen Type 166 (Wehrmacht Car): Confirmed as alternative to Wehrmacht Motorcycle. Little is known about this Schwimmwagen so far, besides that fact that it can reverse and has an MG. There are rumours that it is unaffected by water movement penalties, but this is unconfirmed.

* Geschutzwagen (Wehrmacht Tank Destroyer): Confirmed as alternative to StuG IV. This unit looks similar to a Marder III - an open top vehicle on treads. This unit not only has a main AT gun, but also a secondary MG. In addition, it has an ability that allows it to shoot almost twice as fast temporarily.

* Schwimmwagen Type 128 (Panzer Elite Car): Confirmed as alternative to the Kettenkrad. The Schwimmwagen for PE is an unarmed car, and may have one of three abilities, depending on the doctrine chosen:

Luftwaffe - Mark Target
Scorched Earth - Scorched Earth
Tank Destroyer - Mine Drop

* Hotchkiss Light Tank: Confirmed as alternative to the Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank. The Hotchkiss is a light tank that is able to be upgraded with rockets called Wurfrahmen 40 (aka Walking Stukas). 4 missiles can be launched in a single barrage. In addition, it can upgrade its main gun to one with a longer barrel, which grants AP rounds.

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Medal Names
Falaise Pocket Campaign

Army Artillery Badge

General Assault Badge

Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge

Iron Cross

Causeway Campaign

Parachutist Badge

Bronze Star

Silver Star

Medal of Honor

Tiger Ace Campaign

Tank Destruction Badge

Wounded Badge

War Merit Cross 1st Class

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves

SP Commander Trees
Tiger Ace: http://i40.tinypic.com/vwsxzb.png

Able and Baker: http://i43.tinypic.com/6hm05y.png