Ver Versão Completa : Possivel gamemode secreto em ToV - DOMINATION

05/04/2009, 04:30
Secret Gamemode: Domination (Not Confirmed, Possible!!)

Capture and hold islands until the enemy Victory Point ticker reaches zero.

- Squads are built from the "Forward Barracks" in the central area of the island.
- Any island that is fully captured by a team will enable the “Forward Barracks” for that team.

- Capture all of the territory in the island to own that island.
- If an enemy player destroys the “Forward Barracks” on an island that island will become neutrally owned.

- Players slowly accrue resources over time but also get a big boost every few minutes depending on how many islands are owned by the team.
- When the timer reaches zero a box of resources will paradrop down on a random island.

Commander Abilities:
- Capturing more islands will unlock more Commander Abilities for use.
- Losing islands required for a Commander Ability will result in a loss of the ability as well.