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05/04/2009, 22:39
The situation in Normandy in August 1944 was looking ever worse for the Axis. Since the Allies had come ashore on June 6, they had slowly but surely been achieving their objectives despite a determined defense. The port of Cherbourg was lost to the Allies on June 27, while Caen was taken on July 20. General Patton had broken through the German lines and was making use of the good tank country to advance swiftly. Few soldiers who faced the Allies were still thinking that driving them into the sea or victory were possible, but a decisive blow had yet to be struck. That was until the battle of the Falaise Pocket.

Resources were stretched thin as German commanders in Normandy faced the combined weight of the Allies. Matters were made worse in early August when High Command ordered a counter-offensive, which captured little ground but served to push the German Seventh Army further west. A withdrawal to more defensible positions would now be difficult, and the Allies moved to encircle German forces.

The French town of Falaise became the initial focus of one of the arms of the encirclement. American forces closed from the South while Canadian and Polish armor pushed to meet them from the North. Operations included the use of the Kangaroo, armored personnel carriers which allowed for the relative safe and rapid transport of infantry, and for the Allies speed was crucial. Between the towns of Trun and Chambois a significant gap remained that was allowing elements of the German Seventh Army to escape from the Falaise Pocket. German soldiers were fighting to keep the gap open, but they were quickly running out of time.

Inside the pocket it was a grim scene. The weight of Allied armies and air power bore down on fatigued soldiers and little could be done with the wounded. On August 21 Canadian and Polish forces at last linked up to complete the encirclement, trapping tens of thousands of soldiers from the German Seventh Army who were cut off and forced to surrender. Still more had managed to escape the encirclement, but they had to leave behind much of their equipment. With a larger part of the German Army out of the way, the path was clear for further advances. The Allies liberated Paris just days later.

Our next developer diary will explore how these events became the Falaise Pocket campaign in Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

06/04/2009, 11:30
O mais legal dessa campanha é que vai ser a primeira campanha que dá pra jogar de Wher, a única facção que até então não tinha nenhuma.

06/04/2009, 12:20
resumindo...os alemãe ficaram na merda
nego colocou pocket pra nao ficar mt feio

06/04/2009, 12:59
Bacana, no último cenário da campanha americana vc tem justamente de fechar o bolsão de Falaise.

Haverão campanhas coop no ToV ou apenas aqueles cenários já divulgados?

06/04/2009, 15:05
campanhas coop seriam show