Ver Versão Completa : [REPLAY] Seph (amer) x Cann0nBall (wehr) - Round 5 do torneio GR

15/09/2009, 20:07
Partida impressionante. Acho que foi a mais difícil vencida pelo Seph. O Cann0nBall deu muito trabalho. A disputa por território foi acirrada. Os VP foram ainda mais disputados. Só pra se ter uma idéia, aos 43 minutos o placar ainda era 234 x 232 pro Seph. E olha que já tinham acontecido várias capturas.

olha o que o seph disse sobre o jogo lá no GR [ http://www.gamereplays.org/CompanyofHeroes/replays.php?game=25&tab=&show=details&id=95350 ]

This is one of the most intense games i've played, infantry wars, sniper wars, AT gun wars, artillery wars, it had a bit of everything. I though i'd lost it mid-game because it's an uphill battle to beat that type of wehr, but my snipers got some lucky counter snipes, i just put them on auto-attack because I was so frustrated at trying to counter his first sniper for 10 minutes, it was basically losing me the game after I had an early advantage.

Just a fun and intense game all around.