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02/10/2009, 09:05
This strategy is designed to exploit the weaknesses of typical Allied 2v2 play style while using the Wehrmacht's strengths to their maximum effect. Because this strategy incorporates all Tiers it gives the Wehrmacht players a diverse army that when put together and used to their fullest is very difficult to counter.


Player 1 Defensive Doctrine

T1: There is none! Pioneers will be your main source of firepower. These little pests are cheap to produce and reinforce and with a little Veterancy go a long way. After your sixth or seventh Pioneer is on the field you should build your Kampfkraft Center and upgrade to Veterancy 2 as soon as your have the fuel. Its also a wise idea to OP at least one +10 or +16 munitions point somewhere where you can defend it.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499142.jpg X6

After your first 6 Pioneers build more as you can afford them though when you have the MP and fuel for Vet get it ASAP.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-14241-1176312996.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-7754-1190980315.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-7754-1190980363.jpg http://i32.tinypic.com/2508chc.png
OP Medium or High Munitions

At this point in the game you should have Veterancy 2 Pioneers roaming the field and between 2 and 4 Flamers mixed in the bunch. Now you need to make a decision base on your fuel income. If your fuel situation is good (+30 or more), go ahead and get Veterancy 3 support. If your fuel income is not so hot go ahead and start your jaunt towards the T3 Sturm Armory. This decision can make or break you. Veterancy 3 helps quite a bit in large infantry battles but if your fuel income sucks you will not have vehicles in time for the M8/T17/Stuart or fast Sherman/Cromwell.

If you have the fuel income for it.
For the Fatherland!
Remember to use the Defensive Doctrines most powerful early game assets. During large engagements use For the Fatherland when in your own territory to give your Pioneers that invincible boost that Allied players hate to see.

Fortify the Perimeter
Build a Bunker near your ally so that he can reinforce his Volks/MG army once you have Fortify the Perimeter. Upgrade it to a Repair bunker for your upcoming T3 vehicles.


The best counter to the Pioneer blob is American Grenade spam. Be mindful of this when charging Rifles.

T3 Sturm Armory


Now you have to make a choice based on what your opponents have fielded. If you see indications that your opponents have backteched to WSC, BARs, or Elite Infantry, then get Pumas. If you see a surge of light armor such as M8s, Stuarts, T17s, etc then get out a few StuGs instead. Between these two choices the StuGs are however a safer bet. You will have a Pioneer horde that will chase off the pesky Airborne or Ranger squad and Pumas can leave you lacking in the AT department. At this stage of the game your partner will have fielded 2 or more PaKs so StuGs are more of an AT safety net. The choice is yours.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v734/GeneralPattonJr/basic/vehicle_axis_stug_iv.png or http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499151.png

When you don't have the fuel to make a vehicle make Nebelwerfers.

With Support Vet you bought for your Pioneers you have also just made your Nebelwerfers killing machines. Use them to pound on the British retreat points and emplacements, and to send American Rifles running home. Make sure to move them after each shot if the enemy decides to return fire with counter battery.

At this point in the game you may or may not have the CPs for an 88mm. As soon as you do and have the fuel, get one! This will be your main punch when the Kangaroos start flooding the field.

If you don't yet have the CPs for the 88mm then start investing in more Veterancy depending on what Vehicles you have fielded. If you went Stug heavy then get Tank Veterancy, if you went Puma heavy get Vehicle Veterancy. The good thing about Vehicle Veterancy is it also helps your 88mm tank killing, AT Sniping, infantry exploding monster machine abilities.

Vehicle Cover for your 88mm
Use your Pioneers to build Sandbags around your 88mm gun. The Sandbags will help your 88mm stay alive longer against artillery and it will benefit all around from Vehicle cover modifiers due to the Sandbags.

Protect your Investment
Build an MG Bunker a few paces behind it to keep off rushing infantry that may want to take your prized possession.


Tier 4 is there if you need it but I tend to spend my fuel on Veterancy instead. Vet 3 Pumas and Vet 3 StuGs with an 88mm is a nightmare for Allied players. You may go T4 but your partner will be providing all the heavy hitting T4 you will need.

Other things to consider:
Late game you should have plenty of Munitions due to an OP or two on high or medium Munitions points. Use this for Defensive Artillery and Rocket Barrages on dug in positions. Due to your large amount of Pioneers you can also build Bunkers extremely fast and Defensive Bunkers are also very resilient. Use this to your advantage to pop up nearly instant MG, Medic, or Repair bunkers. Your large Pioneer investment can also drop down large fields of mines in a matter of seconds. Of course keep your and your partner's vehicles repaired with your ability to patch up tanks in seconds.

<h3>Player 2 Terror

</h3>T1: This player tends to stay with a more traditional build order. I recommend two Volks, two MGs, and a Sniper though sometimes it is recommendable go more MG heavy or Volk heavy. The Sniper here is key because 70% of players who see Pioneer spam will backtech to WSC. A sniper will give you the ability to counter-snipe and get rid of MGs. A Medic Bunker is always a good investment at this point in the game as well.

http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499209.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499209.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499105.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499105.jpg http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74457-1237499160.png



Your first objective when your Kriegs Barracks get up is to get a PaK. PaKs are well known for being one of the most devastating units in the Wehrmacht arsenal due to their cloaked shot bonuses. Get at least 2 PaKs with a Grenadier Squad in between. Get more Grenadier Squads as needed.

http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s257/MrUrkin/pacatgun.png http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s257/MrUrkin/grenadiers.png http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s257/MrUrkin/pacatgun.png http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s257/MrUrkin/grenadiers.png

At this point you will have two options:

Get Veterancy 2 Infantry, then go to T4
http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s257/MrUrkin/vet.png http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-7754-1190980331.jpg
Go for quick T4.

The choice is extremely situational, and the decision is ultimately up to your judgement. Do you have time to get Veterancy 2 before the game moves into the next tech level?


T4 is a very flexible Tier so get what you need or think you will need. The Panther-Ostwind combo is never a bad one and neither is straight up Panzer IVs. If StuGs are roaming and the 88mm is up you may want to just grab dual Ostwinds and wait for the big ugly.

THE BIG UGLY, aka KT or King Tiger.

Another great unit for late game is the Walking Stuka. Use these for chopping down the British blob or knocking down emplacements.

Since Player 1 has OPed Munitions points you should have lots of Munitions at your disposal for these bad boys. V1s and Firestorms will soon be at your disposal as well and both are fantastic. If the American has built an 105mm Howitzer a Halftrack hit and run with the V1 is always a great solution.

Closing Comments

This strategy incorporates all of the things that most people feel are OP with the Wehrmacht faction namely Pioneer Spam, PaKs, Defensive Doctrine Abilities, and late game Armor. But with the strength of the American and British team you have to fight fire literally with fire. The usual 1v1 player must usually choose which Tier they want to go or which approach they want to take but with this Dual Wehrmacht strategy the amount of combined forces creates a deadly arsenal which is very effective and not terrible difficult to produce. Even the dreaded Kangaroo can be dispatched rather quickly with the combination of Pa's, StuGs, and 88mms. Its great for the beginner team or pros alike.

Special Thanks goes to my teammate BlueTraineReborn, and to SnoopReborn and NosliwReborn for extensive field testing. Snoop and Nosliw have been using this strategy to great effect and are undefeated since they started using it.

Written by Budwise

02/10/2009, 19:40
Strat perfeita pra maldita combinação americano + britãnico! vlw bob :up:

05/10/2009, 11:14
adicionado a sessão "receitas de bolo"

06/10/2009, 15:05
boa mesmo bem equilibrada, eu só não concordo com o spam de stugs, prefiro fazer 2 stugs e botar panzer srk nos grenadiers se o cara for armor:up:

06/10/2009, 17:04
e eu ainda prefiro o Getuchwagen*

06/10/2009, 18:30
e eu ainda prefiro o Getuchwagen*

Eu também acho ele muito bom. É um PAK sobre rodas. Com uma "mini mg" embutida. Além de ser bem mais rápido que o PAK e ter um raio de ação absurdo. Os inconvenientes são o fato de não ter a camuflagem, ter um ângulo de visão bem menor e ainda não poder ser re-guarnecido... se o time morre o GW tb morre.

Eu já ganhei um jogo de um brit por causa de um GW. O cara chamou um churchill e matou o primeiro GW e um Puma que eu tinha produzido. Depois eu fiz outro GW. Por coincidência acabei deixando ele bem longe do Churchill e mandei um volks usar um panzerfaust nele. Meu GW deu dois tiros e mandou o churchill pro espaço. Depois o cara chamou outro churchill... mais um panzer faust e alguns tiros... kabum... nessa brincadeira o cara chamou 4 churchills e um AVRE. Deu no mesmo. Daí caiu a ficha que ele tem um alcance muito maior que o LoS... O replay tá aqui. Mas é do patch 2.502 :(

06/10/2009, 20:49
O Gwagen tem o lado ruim tb. Ele demora um monte(ãozão) pra ficar pronto, morre por qualquer peteleco e acho que custa mais que o Stug. Ah, e gira no próprio eixo mais devagar tb. Ele compensa esses defeitos pelo poder de fogo e alcance, então tem que pesar bem os prós e contras antes de escolher.

07/10/2009, 11:40
O Gwagen tem o lado ruim tb. Ele demora um monte(ãozão) pra ficar pronto, morre por qualquer peteleco e acho que custa mais que o Stug. Ah, e gira no próprio eixo mais devagar tb. Ele compensa esses defeitos pelo poder de fogo e alcance, então tem que pesar bem os prós e contras antes de escolher.

E tem que pensar bem em fazer um officer antes de começar a fabricar os gw! :)

07/10/2009, 13:12
E tem que pensar bem em fazer um officer antes de começar a fabricar os gw! :)

explica isso aí, por favor!

07/10/2009, 13:54
explica isso aí, por favor!

O officer pode acelerar a produção das unidades. Eu achei esse Ge..sei..lá..o..que uma bosta. O intervalo entre os tiros é enorme. Enquanto vc dá um tiro o inimigo dá três.

07/10/2009, 14:01
O officer pode acelerar a produção das unidades. Eu achei esse Ge..sei..lá..o..que uma bosta. O intervalo entre os tiros é enorme. Enquanto vc dá um tiro o inimigo dá três.

Sobre o oficer é isso mesmo que o Showtaro quis dizer. Mas sobre a GW, o dano é MUITO mais alto que o do Stug, sem falar que tem a metranca (stug só tem no vet 2) e além do mais tem a habilidade rapid fire!

07/10/2009, 21:46
Sobre o Stug, ele tem uma blindagem excelente, é criado beeem mais ligeiro, gira mais rápido, é mais barato, mas os tiros dele são bem mais fracos como disse o Supersoca, e com menos alcance que os do Gwagen.

Mas eu gosto do Stug pq é uma pedra no sapato do outro player, é difícil destruí-lo, leva tempo e recursos. Se vc micrar ele bem ele vai xaropear bastante, ao contrário do GW que com uns dois ou três tiros de bazuca, pela frente mesmo, já explode, depois de ficar uma cacetada de tempo sendo construído.
Mas pra quem consegue deixar ele vivo (que não é o meu caso :|) com certeza ele faz bem mais estrago mesmo.

Enfim, os dois tem vantagens (nenhum é um hotkiss da vida). :angel:

07/10/2009, 23:13
o GW tem que ser usado com a mesma cautela de um PAK :up:

08/10/2009, 19:34
o GW tem que ser usado com a mesma cautela de um PAK :up:

Exatamente! com um stug vc pode avançar sozinho que na maioria das vezes vc não vai enfrentar problemas, agora com o GW vc SEMPRE vai precisar de suporte de outro tanque ou infantaria, se vc deixa ele na linha de frente pra tomar o dano, já era, sempre mande uma unidade na frente e deixa ele por trás, o range + dano absurdo garante segurança pra ele e a unidade que tá na frente levando o cacete hehehe