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12/10/2009, 00:01
Defending Panzer Elite Baserush as Americans


With the recent 2.501 patch, as many of you USA players know, the Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack got a buff to suppression. It will now suppress a rifleman squad in 1.5 bursts if they are in open ground. This buff to the Halftrack has lead to an increased usage of the dreaded Infantry Halftrack Base Rush, with often deadly results. In this guide, I will attempt to give some pointers and tips for preventing a base rush of this kind.

[B]What to look for
Unfortunately, there is little you can do to tell whether a PE player is going to use his Infantry Halftracks (IHTs) to rush into your base. A typical PE player will focus on one or two fuel points on the map to provide a steady income of fuel to build his halftracks. Because the sooner the base rush, the more effective it is, the PE player will only build 2-3 new Panzer Grenadiers and save the manpower to spend on his IHTs. If you ever see more than 4 Panzer Grenadiers, you can safely assume there will be no early base rush.

The first few minutes
Because you don't know whether your opponent will base rush, it is hard to base an early strategy around countering the base rush. For example, it would be a waste of munitions to lay mines in your base if the PE player never attempts to base rush you. However, it may be worth placing a mine or two at the entrances to your base just in-case.

Other than that, you should act out your usual strategy against Panzer Elite. For me, the preferred strategy is to use rifle stalling with 3-4 Riflemen, and then fast tech to a Motor Pool for AT Guns and an M8. For more information about rifle stalling, take a look at SayNoToStim's SayNoToKlauss strategy (http://www.gamereplays.org/companyofheroes/portals.php?show=page&name=stratguide_saynotoklauss).

In the moment
No matter how well you harass your opponent's fuel, if he is a good player, he will get enough fuel for at least two IHTs before you get your Motor Pool up. It is now up to your micro to fend off the base rush. If you are like me and only buy three rifleman squads before teching up, you should be floating about 400 manpower by the time your Supply Depot and Motor Pool go up. Use this to buy as many extra rifleman squads as you can, however, try to keep enough to call in elite infantry when you have enough Command Points.

Here are some tips for surviving.

Retreat any and all squads you have on the field more than about two screen lengths away from your base. Don't be afraid to retreat a capping squad immediately.
Tell all your other rifleman squads which are near your base to walk into your base, preferably from different directions so they don't all get suppressed at the same time.
If you are in the middle of building your Supply Depot or Motor Pool, cancel it and spend the manpower on extra rifleman squads.
Garrison your engineers into bunkers and your HQ to make sure they survive and can rebuild if you successfully repel the base rush. A good PE player will try to kill your engineers.
If a squad gets suppressed near your HQ, retreat it to remove suppression. Don't retreat suppressed squads that aren't near your HQ because you don't want to end up with all your riflemen clumped in one place.
Select all your riflemen and constantly cycle through them hitting 'R' to reinforce.
Be sure to focus fire on Panzer Grenadier squads one at a time, to do this select all your riflemen and right click on each Grenadier squad in turn while holding shift. This will tell your army to shoot a target until dead then move onto the next. However, be sure to cancel this if they retreat.
When you have enough Command Points, call in Rangers or Airborne (if you have 125 munitions) to kill off the IHTs.

Hopefully you will survive and destroy all his infantry and Halftracks, making the game a certain win for you.

12/10/2009, 03:23
acho que a dica mais importante é não dar retreat nos squads que estão perto da base, e faze-los atacarem por diferentes direções.

12/10/2009, 12:11
Eu sofria bastante base rush na época que os IHT pinavam com uma rajada só da MG, hoje em dia é bem dificil acontecer isso.
E a saynotoklauss strategy tá bem ultrapassada já hein uahuahauh, parece que era na época que PE era op.

"Its the damn panzer elite. You got a better idea?"

Se fosse hoje em dia ia tá escrito "Its the panzer elite, certain victory awaits you!"


16/10/2009, 16:36

16/10/2009, 16:42
hehehe... eu tb tinha percebido isso. Na verdade eu tenho uma lista de estratégias aqui. Tava pronto pra postar mas vou deixar passar o torneio.

E não é coisa só do GR. Tem umas outras 'não consagradas' e bem interessantes.