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Wrecked Train US Guide



Wrecked Train is a community map by Hatge that was added to the game in the 1.7 patch. The map is popular, and it's definitely one of the better 1v1 maps; however, a lot of US players uncheck this map because of the way the map plays against the Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite armies. In this US guide, I aim to show you how to counter some of the more challenging strategies fielded by both the Panzer Elite and Wehrmacht forces. However, lots of the information in this guide will be applicable to all armies, so it's worth a read even if you don't play as the US very much.

Wrecked Train is a very good looking map; a great amount of detail has gone into the making of this map, and a lot of effort clearly also went into developing the play and feel of the map. It is set around a wrecked train near an industrial site and a river, the wreckage itself providing lots of cover and interesting objects that can be used to your advantage. The map can generally be split into three sections (excluding the areas surrounding the base sectors.)

The Industrial Complex


Most of the buildings on the map are situated in the industrial section of this map. They are large and provide very good cover for anyone in an engagement around them. This side of the map is favored by Wehrmacht forces, because the buildings provide great fire bases for their machine gun teams. There is one Victory Point in the industrial section, standing in the shadow of the massive 'PYTLEWSKI' building, one of the largest buildings in the game. The size and location of this building makes flanking very difficult, and thus a vehicle is almost a must to clear it.

As for resource points, there is a lone +5 fuel point which is near the Victory Point, also guarded by the PYTLEWSKI building. This fuel can be cut off by de-capturing the strategic point near the train wreck, however, which is easier to access and faster to cut off, making that a better way to deny the enemy the +5 fuel than de-capturing the point itself. Two additional +5 fuel points sit between the Victory Point and the player's bases, making this section a good area to control if you're interested in teching up or producing tanks, as it will net you +15 total fuel income.

The Wreck


The center of the map is where 80% of the action on Wrecked Train will occur. The center region of the map is the reason why US players tend to dislike it, since as there is little to hide behind (such as hedges or buildings,) its can be hard to pull off flanks. However, there are no buildings in this section either, meaning that when playing against a Wehrmacht army, his MGs will either be out in the open or in a bunker. In the former case, flanking is made a little easier, since the MG team will take more damage (as it is not garrisoned.) I will cover strategies to use against Defensive medic bunkers later in the guide. The center also has some strange objects that can be used as cover, and others that can hide units from enemies lanes of fire; again, I will talk about these later in the guide.

Resource points are plentiful in the center of Wrecked Train - there are two +10 Munition points to the left of the Victory Point and four +5 points to the right. The +10 Munition points will draw a lot of engagements as controlling both of these will give the player a large munitions advantage, provided the rest of the map is evenly controlled. As a US player, these are important because of the amount of munitions you'll need to use to dislodge an Axis position (for example grenades, flamers, strafes, and artillery.) It is important to not forget the +5 Munition and fuel points on the right hand side of the Victory Point either. Although these are not as hotly contested as the +10 munitions, capturing the opposing player's +5s is definitely worthwhile. Be careful as US when attempting to take the opposing +5 fuel, as there are buildings very near by which could be occupied by Axis MGs.

The Riverside


The third and final section of Wrecked Train is the Riverside. Rather less accessible than the other two sections of the map, this section is connected to the middle via a bridge which has a Strategic point and a Victory Point at either end of it. Controlling the middle (and thus the bridge) means there is only one route available for the enemy team to approach, and it is narrow and therefore a very good place for mines, sandbags, wire, and tank traps. Denying your opponent access to the +10 fuel is very important, as is controlling it yourself. Controlling the eastern middle section will allow you to cut the fuel off much like in the industrial section, as they have similar Strategic points.

Capturing the +10 fuel
When you send your first Engineer to cap the +10 fuel, instead of immediately capturing the point, wait in ambush in yellow or green cover. If you're lucky, your opponent will not see your Engineers, and his Pioneers will run to capture the fuel, giving you a massive advantage if you charge in while their defense decreases from capturing. Then, capture the point yourself. If his Pioneers don't come, lay some wire on his side of the raised platform, and capture the point.

Be sure to watch out when approaching the Riverside from your base, as the two approaches have lots of red cover, and it can be hard to flank a well-positioned MG or infantry behind some sandbags. The Riverside tends to be an afterthought when playing Wrecked Train, a place where you only send a few units over occasionally to capture the fuel when your enemy isn't looking, as it is a hard place to fight over, with little cover or open space. However, with a Victory Point, 10 fuel, and 20 munitions, it is definitely not something you want to give to your opponent without a fight.

Mine Positioning

Mines are very important in high-level Company of Heroes play. Every map has good spots for mines, and this is definitely true for Wrecked Train. Although there are not as many chokepoints as on some maps (eg. Semois,) there are a fair few, and the amount of cover on this map also make it perfect for mines.

However, not only do you need to be aware of the best places for your mines, you should also be aware that mines are just as important for your opponent too. Knowing where the danger spots are will help you avoid and remove them from the game, making your opponent waste 25 or 50 munitions (in the case of Teller Mines). For this reason, a mine-sweeper is highly recommended against PE players who have gone Tank Hunter Tactics, and it is also useful if you are up against a Wehrmacht player who uses lots of mines. Remember that M8 mines do a lot more damage for just twice the cost of normal mines, and they can take out whole squads if you're lucky. They also lay very quickly, so it's great to rush into a base entrance and lay a sneaky mine when your opponent isn't looking, and if he is not paying attention, he might think you've just stopped for a few seconds (as unlike you, he cannot see the progress bar above the M8.) A smart player will usually see past this, though, and get a minesweeper.

Panzer Elite Doctrine Choice
Remember, when fighting against the Panzer Elite, his Kettenkrad will show you what doctrine he has gone, even before you see any doctrinal abilities. If you see the Kettenkrad capturing one of your points, take a look at what's on the back to see what he's gone. If you see explosives, expect booby traps; if you see fuel cans, expect Teller Mines; and if you see camouflage stripes (or if you just can't find the damn Kettenkrad,) he's gone Luftwaffe.


Red mine = Southern player offensive mines
Blue mine = Northern player offensive mines
Grey mine = Both players can place mines here

Here are some good places to lay a few mines down on the map; good chokepoints and places your enemy is likely to travel through are shown. Only offensive mines are shown on the map, feel free to place a few mines on the entrances to your base if you are expecting a Puma, Armored Car or Infantry Halftrack rush. Some other good places to place mines are:

Behind cover - There is plenty of green cover which is vital to obtain during engagements, you can really swing the battle in your direction if his Volksgrenadiers run up to some green cover and get blown up by a nicely placed mine.
Near resource points - If you have spare munitions after capturing a point near his base, lay a mine down on the other side and he's in for a nasty surprise when he comes to re-capture it.
Near building doors. There are few buildings on this map, but there is still an opportunity to annoy your opponent by mining the entrances to buildings so his units get damaged or killed as they try to enter. This is shown below.


Roadblocks & Wire

Blocking equipment, such as wire, sandbags, and tank traps, can be used very effectively on Wrecked Train to completely deny passage to certain areas of the map. Nothing is more frustrating than having to walk all the way around the map, probably into an ambush with your enemy. Blocking lets you fight on your terms, where you want to. For example, in the Riverside section, by sandbagging and tank trapping (the US roadblock combo) the entrance out of either base, you completely deny easy access to the +20 munitions and +10 fuel without having to go through the middle where your army is. Not only does this deny him the resources, it lets you focus elsewhere, safe in the knowledge that he isn't going to be coming from there without using lots of Manpower and time to destroy it.

I would only recommend laying wire and roadblocks in the Industrial and Riverside sections, as laying wire in the middle will only hinder your ability to flank, and will probably help the Wehrmacht player more than you. Against the Panzer Elite, he will just crush the wire. There are no suitable roadblocking areas in the middle section.

Another sneaky trick you can do is to lay wire on his side of cover to prevent him from using it, while maintaining your access to it. This works great in combination with using mines on cover, as you can draw him to specific cover by not placing wire there, and instead laying a mine in ambush. Your opponent will be rattled and will be scared to use cover for the rest of the match.

How to roadblock
The best way to set up US roadblocks is to first build sandbags to block infantry, and then build tank traps on top of the sandbags to stop tanks from crushing them. It is important that you don't build the tank traps behind the sand bags, or a tank can come up and crush the sandbags, allowing infantry to get through. You can use shift+click to queue up the build order for engineers, but make sure they end up on the right side of the roadblock. See the images below for examples.


This image shows how to set up roadblocks to prevent your enemy from accessing the riverside section. It can be useful to lay wire beforehand, in case an enemy unit comes before you finish your roadblock.


Wire can be used to great effect in the early game to help defend the +10 fuel point.


The same principle can be used to deny access the the industrial +5 fuel and Victory Point. It has great effect here because of the increased distance your opponent has to travel to get up your side.


These are some good places for wire when you start in the north position, but be careful of using wire in the center, because it could hinder your ability to flank Wehrmacht positions when the time comes. However, used correctly, this can hinder your opponent's movement. Bear in mind that wire near your opponents base will be easily cut by Pioneers.

Types of Cover

In this section, I will cover the different types of cover on the map and their attributes. Using the large amount of cover on Wrecked Train can give you an immense strategic advantage. If you know which cover blocks shots, what gives you green cover, and what gives you yellow cover, you will be able to use them to your advantage to hide and protect your units and destroy theirs! Because of the large amount of objects on the map, I have split them into east objects and west objects.



1. This train in the industrial section of the map rather obviously blocks fire, so it can be great for hiding Riflesquads behind when flanking around the west side of the map. It is also important to note that Company Of Heroes doesn't take height into consideration, so an MG in the top window of the building near the train cannot shoot over the train at your Riflemen.
2. Another train; this one also blocks fire. This can be great for a Wehrmacht player to hide StuHs behind, as he can still fire at your AT guns and other units. It is one of the rare cases when a StuH can be useful. Other useful things are to hide behind it include scout units, like a Jeep (or Motorbike,) so you can see what's approaching without putting your Jeep in danger. Both these trains can be destroyed, but still block fire if they are blown up.
3. Unfortunately for your Riflemen, there is no green cover here, only yellow cover around the boxes. The truck blocks fire. You'll need to flank the MG in that house.
4. The crashed glider will block fire.
5. This object provides green cover to anyone standing on the correct side of it, however, it's position and shape make it hard to use.
6. A very effective object for both starting positions, it covers the middle Victory Point on the left side and is long enough to provide green cover to a whole Riflesquad. If you are using it from the north-east, the barrels and boxes will give you yellow cover on your flanks as well as green cover to your front.




7. This train cart to the north-east of the middle Victory Point blocks fire, and it can be useful for hiding your M8s and other units from PaK fire.
8. Much like number six, this cart provides green cover to anyone standing on the correct side of it. However, it's angle means that it can be hard to get all six riflemen into cover, and two or three like to stand out in the open, particularly on the northern side.
9. Despite the gaping hole in the middle of this carriage, it blocks fire and can be great to hide behind and used as a starting point for flanks. However, unlike the trains, once this is destroyed, it allows units to shoot each other over the wreckage, so attack ground on this if you want to attack something behind it.
10. - 11. These are all pretty similar; they act as sandbags that have enough space to provide green cover to lots of infantry. Note that the barrels to the east only provide yellow cover to units behind them.
12. A very popular piece of cover because of the amount of cover it provides, green to the front and yellow cover at the flanks. The flaming barrels on top of the cart block shots, so don't position an MG behind them, and be aware that some of your men may not be shooting, yet still get shot at. The upturned cart to the east also blocks fire, so use that to your advantage when attacking.


By now, you should know a lot about how to play the map Wrecked Train. You know about the structure and layout of the map and about the different resource points. You know how to use mines and roadblocks to your advantage, and how to use cover to win face-offs. But we still haven't covered how to counter specific Axis strategies, which is what we'll move on to in the following segment.

Strategy Prediction

Arguably the most important aspect of Company Of Heroes multiplayer is to be able to predict what your opponent is doing and knowing how to best counter them. Your Wehrmacht enemy might think he has the game in the bag after he gets out a ten-minute Puma, but if you correctly predicted his strategy and got an AT gun and Ranger support, the battle will turn in your favor.

This is a map guide, so I won't go into too much detail here, but here are the main Axis strategies and how to predict and counter them.


Tier 2 Defensive

A common Wehrmacht strategy these days involves using Defensive bunkers and For The Fatherland to camp on a certain side of the map and either win through Victory Point domination or last long enough to deploy their Tier 4 power units. The keys to winning this match are to break the hold early and to avoid giving him time to recover in between your attacks. Don't fight near the Medic Bunker unless you're sure you can overrun it.

What to look for:

Early Medic Bunker, usually in the center of the map, overlooking the middle VP.
Two MG42s.
For The Fatherland!
Units reinforcing from Bunkers.
Three or more Volksgrenadiers as Medic Bunker food.

How to counter:

3-4 Riflesquads with Grenades, BARs, and Flamethrower Engineers.
Use Rifles and Flamers to flank the bunker.
Backtech to Weapon Support Center and train a Sniper and a Mortar.
If he gets infantry veterancy, he won't have tanks soon, so tech to Tank Depot.
If you see no veterancy, expect tanks, and build a Motor Pool for AT guns.
Doctrine choice - All are viable; RHS Infantry for artillery against bunkers, Airborne for Recoilless Rifles and Satchel Charges, and Strafing Runs against the infantry; RHS Armor for Calliope and Raid.

Tier 3 Blitzkrieg

A less commonly used strategy involving a more vehicular approach to combat. Pumas provide fantastic anti-infantry power and survivability, Nebelwerfers prevent camping, and Stormtroopers can destroy units if the Allied player loses focus for the even the briefest of moments.

What to look for:

Heavy T1 start.
No T2 units
No bunker; aggressive playstyle.
A lull in the action may mean Puma is on the way.

How to counter:

3-4 Riflesquads - No upgrades if you know he's going T3, if you're unsure of your opponent's strategy, consider getting just BARs.
Save munitions for M8 skirts and gunners - Only one flamer (or none, if you can get away with it.)
Get a fast Motor Pool - build an M8 if you have fuel, an AT gun if not.
Doctrine choice - LHS Infantry - Rangers are excellent against Pumas, StuGs, and generally everything. Airborne RRs tend to miss and phase through the Pumas, and Pumas snipe infantry out of the sky. Armor can give your M8s Raid.
Be careful of cloaked MP44 Stormtroopers killing your Rangers, upgrade them with Thompsons to protect them.
Expect a Tiger when you have around 9 CPs spent, get more AT guns to prepare.

Tier 2 Terror

After Opposing Fronts was released, Tier 2 Terror became the dominant cookie-cutter strategy for the Wehrmacht. It relies on veterancy and strong T2 usage to last into the endgame, where the King Tiger can turn the tide of battle and seal the deal.

What to look for:

Similar characteristics to T2 Defensive
You may or may not see bunkers
Vastly more aggressive than Defensive; they won't reinforce from Bunker at 2CPs, and they won't have For the Fatherland!
Watch for Inspired Assault on his troops, which has a similar indicator to For the Fatherland!, but can be used out of territory.

How to counter:

Watch out for the King Tiger at 9CPs! Have enough AT guns or tanks to deal with it. Consider using Sticky Bombs to slow it down even more.
Backtech to Weapon Support Center if he gets infantry veterancy.
Be on the lookout for a possibly early Ostwind.

Panzer Elite

Fast Armored Car/ATHT Combo

Fast Armored Cars are very effective and very daunting to US players who don't know how to deal with them. A popular strategy is to get one or two Armored Cars for shock value, then build Tier 4 and get a Light Anti-tank Halftrack for the inevitable M8s.

What to look for:

Only 2-3 Panzer Grenadier squads on the field (with one more in base constructing tech buildings.)
Possibly two Kettenkrads on the field.
He will likely pick Tank Hunters for Teller Mines, because his Armored Cars can't kill your M8s.
An Armored Car as early as 4-5 minutes into the game.
Either an Anti-tank Halftrack to counter the inevitable M8s, or Marders.

How to counter:

3 Riflesquads - Don't purchase any upgrades. fuel is your first priority, cap it then get in green cover and stop them from taking it. Constantly harass his fuel points.
Engineers upgrade with Mine Detectors - sweep everywhere in front of your M8.
Fast Motor Pool after three Riflesquads. If you have enough fuel, get an M8, otherwise build an AT gun.
Get Armored Skirts and THEN .50 Cal HMGs on your M8s. Be very careful of Teller Mines; take your Engineers (with the Mine Detector upgrade) with them at all times. DO NOT chase down Armored Cars unless you know for sure there are no Teller Mines in your path.
Keep your M8s back and protected from Anti-tank Halftracks with AT guns; keep them repaired with Engineers.
If you see an Anti-tank Halftrack and know your opponent has gone Tank Hunters, expect Hetzers. Use your AT guns to ward them off.
Doctrine choice - Airborne or Infantry for elite anti-tank infantry.

G43 Spam

This popular Panzer Elite infantry-based strategy was pioneered by link0. It provides very strong anti-infantry power in the early game with a G43-equipped Panzer Grenadier force that is very hard to break. Its downsides include that it is vulnerable to 'anti-blob' abilities and it suffers from low mobility, because the Panzer Grenadiers must stay together to be effective.

What to look for:

An endless stream of Panzer Grenadier squads, there may be as many as seven on the field before a tech building is built.
The Panzer Grenadier 'blob' roams around the map, trying to pick off lone Riflesquads.
Often followed by an Anti-Tank Halftrack to counter vehicles, or a Panzer IV to counter M8s and provide even more anti infantry power.

How to counter:

Avoid the blob at all costs. Try to get inside buildings and keep them occupied while you capture the rest map.
When you have an M8, be careful to not charge into a waiting Anti-Tank Halftrack Treadbreaker shot; use 2 M8s if possible.
Docrine choice - Airborne's Strafing Run is fantastic against the Panzer Grenadier blob. Infantry is good for Rangers with Thompsons; it is hard to hit the blob ith artillery because they will always be on the move. Calliopes can be great, too.
If you see the tell-tale sign of Tank Hunters on the Kettenkrad but no Hetzers appear, expect a Jagdpanther. Use Sticky Bombs to slow it down, M8s to block it's escape, and AT guns with AP rounds to kill it. Airborne Recoilless Rifles are great against Jagdpanthers.

Now that we know what sort of strategies you will be facing on Wrecked Train, let's start putting it into context in the final page.


So how can we use the unique aspects of Wrecked Train to our advantage when trying to deal with these strategies? Well, you should be able to answer that! Let's give it a try.

Q: "Calneon! You're so awesome, can you help me defeat the Panzer Elite using a fast AC to Panzer IV strat?"
A: Of course, and thank you! Now, what do we know about a strategy like the fast Armored Car? That's right, it uses a lot of fuel. One commodity that the Panzer Elite are unable to survive without is fuel; it is their lifeblood. Denying them fuel will mean vehicles take longer to tech to and produce, and they can make fewer of them. So, using what you know from this guide, deny them that fuel! Use roadblocks on chokepoints (the Riverside +10, for example) and lay mines in front of fuel and strategic points to prevent him capturing them. If he's using Armored Cars and Panzer IVs, tech up to the Tank Depot, because neither can damage a Sherman. Put your Riflemen in green cover around fuel and cutoff points so they last longer against the Armored Car, and select Airborne Company and use airdropped AT guns so you can tech up to tanks faster.

Q: "Godamnit! Wehr Defensive Med Bunkers are SO overpowered! How the hell do I beat something that gives free squads and takes so long to kill?"
A: Woah! Calm down there fella. Bitching about it won't solve your problems, but you did the right thing coming to me! The thing about Defensive bunkers is that the Werhmacht player loses mobility. Whenever he leaves the safety of his bunker, he no longer gets free squads for losing men, and he can't use For The Fatherland outside his territory, plus he can't reinforce. Therefore, roadblocks won't be as useful. Try to capture points around the medic bunker, and only attack when you have enough forces to annihilate him completely. Medic bunkers are great targets for artillery because they are stationary, and the amount of cover on Wrecked Train means you can use it to push infantry out of cover. Further, artillery ignores veterancy. Use objects that block shots to hide units behind when you are preparing a flank. Hide a mortar behind one of these objects and bombard the bunker with accurate close-range shots without fear of retaliation (though you must watch for grenades).


When you are thinking about what you need to do to counter a strategy, ask yourself these questions:

What is my opponent doing? How do I counter it?
What could my opponent be teching up to? How would I counter that?
Can I adapt my army to counter both?
What doctrine best counters my opponent's units? Do I have sufficient information to pick a
doctrine yet?
How is the map's environment helping my opponent? How would I negate that benefit?
How can I use the map's environment to help me win the fight?
How much more awesome than Chuck Norris is the writer of this guide?

[B]Closing Thoughts

Whatever starts must end, and unfortunately, we are at the final few paragraphs of this guide. Wait! You still have a fruitful life to live, don't jump! Phew, that was close. I hope that the guide has given new players an insight into the tactics involved in Company Of Heroes and the most effective ways to play. I also hope seasoned players have gained something from it, and maybe just enjoyed reading it.

I hope that this guide will encourage more USA players to tick Wrecked Train in their automatch map list and enjoy it, because it really is a great map, even if it is slightly skewed in favour of the Axis. There are bound to be a few errors in here, so if you think something is wrong, feel free to PM me or post it in a thread, as I'm always open to criticism.

And remember...

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." George S. Patton

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