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03/12/2009, 11:25
The Sappers Field Guide

By Pinky333 - 30th November 2009 - 18:52 PM


The sappers are the primary engineer unit for the British. They become available at T2 from the Field Support Truck(FST). For 320 man power you get a four soldier engineer group. They have three versatile upgrades: PIATs, Disposal and Detection, and Expert Engineers. They also construct many of the emplacements for the British, and they are the only British unit that can lay Barbed Wire, Sandbags, and Mines. However, they are not capable of laying Tank Traps or cutting Barbed Wire. Finally, they are the only British unit capable of repair, filling a vital role for the faction.

Upgrades and Micro

The only hand held AT for the British, you can field them through Sapper or PIAT armed commandos. However, the latter choice involves a doctrinal end tree ability to access. For 75 Munitions the sapper squad will get 2 PIATs. They do their job well, able to fend off nearly all armor. One marked advantage PIATs have over other forms of hand-held AT is that it can shoot over hedgerows and buildings. By doing this you won't have to expose them to any danger but you can still fend of any tanks. Generally their accuracy is improved when they are shooting from high ground, so garrisoning them in a tall or multi-level building may be a good idea.


They perform even better in tandem with a Bren equipped Tommy Squad. The Tommy Squad uses their buttoning ability for 25 Munitions to temporarily disable one enemy vehicle, making it vulnerable to your PIAT equipped Sappers. Buttoning lasts ~40 seconds allowing your PIATs to open up most any Jerry tank like a tin can. Additionally sappers have the ability to cloak when remaining in yellow or green cover. Using this ability to ambush enemy armor can be quite effective. Place your sappers cloaked, in cover, and holding fire. When a vehicle drives past your sappers just button it with a Tommy Squad further back and set your Sappers to open fire. This is extremely potent because while in ambush your sappers have better accuracy and a slight damage bonus in addition to the ability to get rear armor shots from being unseen behind your target.


Another ability of PIATs is clearing a base or its defense without going inside. Since most bases are defended from certain with natural cover, be it buildings or hedgerows, they can shoot over it. Often enough you will be able to take down a Bunker/Flak38 from a safe position, opening a path for the rest of force to walk in unopposed.


In the absence of a Bren Equipped Tommy Squad mines can also supplement your Sappers. Similar to the PIAT ambush, you Sappers will instead rely on the extra damage and/or engine damage cause by the mine to supplement their attack.


If you are going up against a dedicated anti-infantry tank, like the Ostwind, don't just run them in, use natural obstructions like hedgerows or buildings to take them down from saftey. Even putting them in buildings will work.


Upgrades and Micro Continued

Disposal and Detection
Probably the most underused and forgotten upgrades for the British, for only 50 Munitions it will give one Sapper a Minesweeper and will enable the squad to places Demolition Charges on buildings and Tank Traps. The two other ways to clear tank traps are: the Churchill, and Demolition charges from commandos. The sappers are the only non-doctrinal unit that can destroy Tank Traps. Each Demolition Charge costs 50 munitions. Also, this upgrade gives the entire Sapper Squad a +1 movement speed bonus, which will moving in neutral/enemy territory at normal move speed, just like the Recon Section.

With the growing popularity of Wehrmacht using Medic Bunkers to slowly grow a horde of Grenadier Squads it may be worthwhile investing in this upgrade. Like any Demolition Charge it will only take one to destroy a standard health Medic Bunker, or two if he chose the Defensive Doctrine. With their increased move speed you can easily flank in and plant a charge. This is a much better counter then using off map arty because it costs only a third of the munitions and once the charge is planted, the bunker's destruction is assured.


Another useful tactic with these guys is to sneak them into the enemy base to plant a charge on one of their buildings. You can plant in sometimes in particularly nasty spots, such as the spawning point of a Krieg Barracks to kill or maim his newly produced units!


Both of these were destroyed with only one Demolition Charge!

Expert Engineers
The last upgrade for the Sappers is Expert Engineers. It costs 75 Munitions and the squad retains their rifles, but it will give them Advanced Repair and Over Repair, both which are very useful. Advance Repair will make them repair twice as fast. Over repairing vehicles before the battle can be game changing. It can give your tanks, or even Bren Carrier, the health to withstand a few extra AT shots and make it out of the next firefight alive.


The Role of Sappers in your Overall Strategy

Using the Sapper Squad Effectively Against Wehrmacht
The main things sappers will be used for is against Wehrmacht is Medic Bunker removal. You can do it by either PIATs or a Demolition Charges. Generally, PIATs are the more versatile choice. Not only are they more useful than Demolition Charges in the long run, but it may also cost you less Munitions over the course of the game.

The PIATs are also extremely versatile against T3/blitz. Since this strategy relies on using early light vehicles, you will need early anti-tank answer. The Sapper squad should come out just before a Puma will, so it will give you time to upgrade them to PIATs.

Over repair your Cromwells and Kangaroos! You will almost always see a PaK when you are playing against Wehrmacht, with its cloaked shots dealing extra damage it is important to get the most out of what you have. A tank can take an extra one to three shots if over repaired. This is best if you already have what you need to take down a Medic Bunker and you don't see any Pumas coming your way.

Using the Sapper Squad Effectively Against the Panzer Elite
The main upgrade you will be getting against PE is PIATs. With almost every PE unit being some sort of light vehicle this upgrade is key! You will be able to counter almost everything they can throw at you with this unit. If they are doing an early Marder rush and you can't bring out a Stuart or Cromwell, this is almost your only option. The Sappers Squad will have a hard time killing Armored Cars or Panzer IVs, but with a little support from the Bren-gun equipped Tommy Squad or Bren Carrier they will be able to take down nearly anything.

You won't really need any Demolition Charges against the Panzer Elite, since they can't build Tank Traps and won't have any Medic Bunkers. Additionally, their 360 degree facing base defense will shred any attempts at harassing the Panzer Elite base rather handily.


Build Order
Most commonly once you get your Field Support Truck they should be your second built unit, the Captain being first. They will always come out at a good time, able to deal with any early Pumas or Marders. Though if needed you can get them before the Captain, when your enemy as massively out teched you, or if you're just wanting to bolster your force for the more infantry heavy games. They do have the same weapon and armor as a Tommy Squad and a good squad size of four will make them viable in heavier combat.

The sapper is a great unit that should be built nearly every game. They have a wide range of purposes and can provide some great early anti-tank, a useful engineering purpose in clearing obstacles and Bunkers, or a Repair purpose in keeping your fleet of tanks constantly over repaired for the next heavy engagement. They are a key part of almost any successful game, and using them properly can be the key to victory.

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04/12/2009, 12:12
Sappers com PIATs estão assustadoramente eficientes contra blindados.

04/12/2009, 17:35
fico legal =D

04/12/2009, 20:56
Eu nem sonhava que eles ficavam invisíveis com o hold fire enquanto parados

04/12/2009, 22:03
PIAT over power LIXO tira meia vida de um panther com 2 hits e NEM tem penetração lixão, pra variar tinha que ser br1t!one11!!

04/12/2009, 23:54
PIAT over power LIXO tira meia vida de um panther com 2 hits e NEM tem penetração lixão, pra variar tinha que ser br1t!one11!!

é eu percebi isso hj, piat arregaça com phanter. Eu voltei a brincar com os brits é a facção que eu tenho menos jogos entretanto foi a que eu mais rápido subi de level. Lvl 8 no 1x1 e lvl 9 no 2x2. Mas uma coisa eu tb percebi hj, o button não funciona com o panther, ou é isso, ou então quando eu mando meus tommies com bren andar o pahther se move. Vou fazer o teste, to achando que para dar button tem que deixar os tommies parados.

05/12/2009, 09:36
Olá. Uma coisa estranha que acontece com o CoH OF é esta "eficiência" toda do PIAT que, na verdade era uma arma muito ruim quando passou a ser usada a partir de 1944 e não era nada apreciada pelas tropas. Em outros jogos como a Série "Close Combat" o PIAT era tratado - e funcionava assim - como uma "porcaria" e de eficiência bem duvidosa. Já no CoH o PIAT é tão bom, senão superior até mesmo aos Panzerschrecks - esta sim a arma AT de emprego da infantaria mais eficiente durante a Segunda Guerra. Não entendo isto. Bom, mas deve ser a mesma coisa que acontece com os canhões AT americanos e alemães de 50mm que são a arma média AT padrão do jogo, enquanto que o comum nesta função durante a Guerra eram as armas de 75mm. Mas também não estou me queixando. Os PIATS fazem um estrago e tanto. Custam pouco e se tiver um "Kangaroo" a mão e uns dois pelotões de PIATS dentro... nossa, são verdadeiros esterminadores-de-tanques. :up:

05/12/2009, 14:13
verdade eu li na wikipedia que os piats muita das vezes nao funcionavam mt bem

05/12/2009, 14:49
Não acho o PIAT tão bom quanto vcs dizem, prefiro o panzerschrek. PIAT só acerta se o tanque inimigo estiver parado. PIATs são um lixo contra alvos em movimento, sem contar que os sappers morrem como moscas.

Se o britânico estiver fazendo spam de PIAT, faça spam de ostwind e fim de jogo.

05/12/2009, 23:37
É realmente PIATS n são essas coisas toda, tem q ter no minimo um ten. perto e andar em blob.Ou nos canguroos(algo q já virou mania)

07/12/2009, 00:09
to achando que para dar button tem que deixar os tommies parados. a partir do momento que vc usa a habilidade não pode mover eles senão a habilidade é cancelada :up: