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21/12/2009, 02:44
The Soldier Target Type

The armor type of a unit determines how much accuracy, damage, suppression and penetration a unit receives from specific weapons. The effects of a weapon on a specific armor type can be found in the "target table" for that weapon on www.coh-stats.com (http://www.coh-stats.com/). There are different types of armor, before Opposing Fronts, the vast majority of infantry were of the "Infantry" type, some were "Infantry Elite" (Rangers and vetted Wehrmacht units), Airborne had "Infantry Airborne", and Knight's Cross Holders were "Infantry Heroic."


With the release of Opposing fronts British and Panzer Elite Infantry got their own armor type called "Infantry Soldier" (Luftwaffe Ground Forces are "Infantry" and British officers are the superior "Infantry Heroic"). Most small arms have modifiers reducing their effectiveness against soldier target type, making Soldier infantry much more durable.

The full effects of "Soldier Armor" in general is as follows:

All percentages are relative to the weapon's effectiveness versus Regular Infantry. For example, a Jeep has a 0.75 damage penalty on the target table vs Infantry and 0.5 vs Soldier Infantry, 0.5 is 33% less damage than it would do to Regular Infantry.
It should be noted that Flamethrowers do no extra damage to Soldier Target type, but are still effective because they suffer no penalty as well.
All heavy MGs, including vehicle mounted, have the same penalty: -25% accuracy, -25% damage and +25% suppression. Exceptions are listed in the following pages.
The majority of artillery weapons do -30% damage, while the Stuka and Hotchkiss Stuka do +20% damage.
Most tank and light vehicle main guns have -10% damage penalties. Exceptions are listed in the following pages.

American Weapons



M1Garand: -60% damage.
M1 Carbine: -25% damage.
30 Cal Jeep MG: -25% accuracy, -33% damage.
Browning Automatic Rifle: -25% accuracy, -~50% damage.
Quad 50cal: -25% accuracy, -33% damage.
60mm Mortar: -12.5% damage.
Greyhound Mine: -30% damage.
Vehicle 50cal upgrade: -25% accuracy, -33% damage

No penalties or Bonuses

Calliope Rocket.
Grease Gun.
Thompson SMG.
Demolitions Charge.
M2 Flamethrower.
Mk2 Grenade.
P47 5in Rocket.
P47 50 Cal Force Fire.
Satchel Charge.
Recoilless Rifle
Sherman Flamethrower
Springfield Sniper Rifle

British Weapons



Bren LMG: -25% accuracy, -33% damage.
Bren Carrier Bren: -25% accuracy, -33% damage.
Lee Enfield Rifle: -25% damage.
Sten SMG Silenced: -25% accuracy, -33% damage.
3in Mortar: -50% damage.
40mm Bofors: -25% damage
Lee Enfield Rifle Grenade: -25% damage.
Lt Sten SMG: -25% accuracy, -33% damage
Webley Revolver: -25% damage.


2 Pounder Tetrarch: +33% accuracy, +~36% damage.
PIAT: +100% damage.
37mm Stuart: +33% accuracy, -10% damage.
75mm Cromwell: +~15% accuracy.

No Penalties or Bonuses:
Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle

Wehrmacht Weapons



20mm Puma: -25% accuracy, -10% damage.
Luger Pistol: -25% damage.
MP40 SMG: -20% damage.
Kar98K Volksgrenadier: -35% damage.
Wehrmacht Kar98K Elite: -25% damage.
88mm Flak 36: -50% accuracy.


50mm Puma +50% accuracy, -10% damage.
75mm StuG: +~30% accuracy, -10% damage.

No Penalties or Bonuses:

Pioneer MP40 SMG.
MP44 Assault Rifle.
150mm Nebelwerfer.
50mm Pak 38.
75mm Geschutzwagen.
81mm Mortar.
Firestorm Rocket.
Assault Grenades.
Grenadier grenades.
Bundled Grenade.
Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle.

Panzer Elite Weapons



20mm Flak 38 Luftwaffe: -25% accuracy.
20mm Wirbelwind: -25% accuracy, -10% damage.
Gewehr 43 Rifle: -25% damage.
Luftwaffe Kar98K: -40% damage.
Panzer Elite Kar98K: -25% damage.
37mm AT Halftrack: -40% accuracy.
Incendiary Mortar: -50% damage( does double damage to regular infantry).


20mm Flak 38 Start Position: +25% accuracy, +25% damage.
37mm Hotchkiss: +50% accuracy, -10% damage.
75mm Panzer Short Barrel: +50% accuracy, -10% damage.

No Penalties or Bonuses:

Booby Traps.
Butterfly Bombs.
Incendiary Grenades.
81mm Mortar Halftrack
Teller Mine.

*mines have no penalties vs soldier armor.

Closing Thoughts


As you can see, some weapons are more effective vs Soldier Armor while the majority have some steep penalties. Using the right weapons vs Soldier Infantry can give you a tactical edge. Armor modifiers also stack with cover which is something to keep in mind. By utilizing your newfound knowledge of soldier armor.

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