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02/02/2010, 19:08
Tip of the Week #92: AT Guns and Buildings

By dcw - 31st January 2010 - 23:21 PM

Few would argue that anti-tank guns, or AT guns in short, are essential in Company of Heroes. However, did you know that they can be used in many non-traditional ways? This Tip of the Week will explore one of the non-traditional and likely largely unknown uses of AT guns. Namely, using AT guns to fire into the fog of war with 100% accuracy vs. neutral buildings. As you may, or may not, know the AT guns firing range is larger then it’s line of sight. This is useful for a variety of tactics.

Alternate Method to Deal with Garrisoned Units

Firing into the fog of war with an AT gun vs. a neutral building has 100% accuracy and does good damage vs. the building. Although this sounds rather bland, it is of immense use. For example, suppose a MG is in a building that is difficult to flank (perhaps due to wire or additional enemy units) and you really don't want to spend the Manpower in a costly frontal assault or an expensive backtech to a Sniper; but you do have an AT gun. You can destroy the building with the AT gun through the fog of war at the same time killing the MG inside.

A video example of using AT Guns to take down garrisoned units.

Recon to Determine if a Building is Garrisoned in the Fog of War

Now of course you're thinking, “What kind of a player would just watch as his MG gets owned?” In a perfect world none; but sometimes you will get lucky and catch an opponent off-guard and away or in a particularly damaged building. However, if your opponent does notice and removes the unit from the building your AT gun will stop firing. This is a clear sign that the unit has left the building and you may be able to move your troops in to assault it. Once again, an AT gun will stop firing at a building whenever a unit enters or exits a building. This is extremely useful as it essentially allows you to peer into the fog of war. Of course, it could potentially mean that an MG has entered the building. Though few players would be eager enter a building that was being fired on, therefore feel free to assume that it will be units exiting the building that causes the AT gun to stop firing.

Destroying Unwanted Buildings

If there is a building you just don't want your opponent to get his hands on you can target the building with the AT gun and destroy it through the fog of war. In order to do this you need to select your AT gun and use the face weapon command with the right mouse button to ensure that the last arrow on the range arc is on the building. It may be useful to hold the alt key and tilt your view so that you can see the max range of the AT gun. Next, hit the "A" key for an attack-move command and your cursor will turn to a red target. Then left click on the building you want to destroy. Your AT gun will fire on the building until it is either destroyed or its garrison status changes. Another way to do this is to select your AT gun, hit the "A" key for attack move, and left click on the building. Your AT gun should move to its maximum range and start firing. Though be careful using this method; if a hedge or another blocking object is in your AT gun's line of sight you could end up closer then you intended. It may be useful to hold the alt key and tilt your view so that you can see the max range of the AT gun.

Additional notes:

Remember that the enemy will be able to see the location of your AT gun while it’s firing so it’s always a good idea to move it as soon as your attack is finished. This same principal applies to the 57mm AT Gun, PaK 38, Marder, AT Half-track, or any AT weapon which has a firing range longer then its line of sight.

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