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02/03/2010, 21:34
One tactic that is often underused, even at some of the higher levels, is the idea of unit blocking. The basic idea revolves around micro-managing your own units to repeatedly block the path of enemy units for either offensive or defensive purposes. Most commonly this tactic is used offensively to slow down a retreating enemy vehicle or squad and improve the chances of a full squad kill. However, it is also very valuable when used to save your own low-health units, such as blocking a Bike pursuing your Sniper with your Riflemen.



The most widely used and understood application of unit blocking involves slowing down retreating enemy vehicles. Because vehicles are essentially repaired for free, getting a vehicle kill can be a critical and game changing moment.

A common example of this is when an M8 is chasing a Puma. If you have a second M8 or a Jeep, you can micro it directly in front of the retreating Puma, slowing it down considerably and often stopping it in its tracks. Look for Choke Points along the Puma's retreat path to maximize efficiency, such as the bridges on Semois. Even if there is no second vehicle on-hand, it is often semi-effective to move one of your infantry squads into the Puma's path. Although the Puma will eventually push your squad members aside, this will still slow it down to an extent, which can buy you all the time you need to finish it.

Even though the example given involved M8s and Pumas, the advice can be applied to any vehicle chase. The only difference to note is that while infantry squads are able to delay a retreating light vehicle, they will get crushed by tanks.

A specific situation where blocking retreating vehicles is of increased value are those involving Panzershrecks. This is most common in a Tier 3 Blitz versus Motor Pool situation. If one of your Panzershreck-armed Stormtrooper Squads gets the drop on an enemy M8, it will usually dart away for repairs. However, using a Puma to block the M8 can often not only make time for another Panzershreck shot, but keep the enemy vehicle within the Panzershrecks optimum range and result in a vehicle kill. It cannot be stressed enough how significant vehicle blocking can be in both using and countering vehicle heavy strategies.

Another often used, and slightly overlooked, method of unit blocking involves obstructing enemy infantry squads while they are retreating. If an enemy squad retreats, and you have a squad of in front of it, you can actually slow it down considerably. This is accomplished by running in the same direction, but in front of the retreating squad, while quickly alternating forward left and forward right movement commands. This has the desired effect of "wiggling" or "swerving" your own squad left and right, allowing its individual members to block the individual members of the retreating squad. If this tactic is employed in conjunction with a second squad in pursuit, it can often result in a squad kill for you. The potential rewards of this tactic are so high, sometimes earning you a win single-handedly, that it's surprising so few players use it.



The most direct defensive application of unit blocking is to use one of your own, healthier vehicles to protect another.

Consider the Wehrmacht in Tier Three. If an enemy M8 is chasing a low-health Puma, you can interpose a healthier Puma to completely block off the M8. Although the healthier Puma will sustain some damage, hopefully it will buy your retreating Puma time to escape or be saved by some kind of Anti-Tank.

A famous defensive application of unit blocking involves slowing down an attacking enemy squad in order to buy time for an machine gun to set up. If a Rifleman Squad is moving towards one of your MG42s, you can buy a few extra seconds for the MG to set up and hopefully suppress the Riflemen. This is accomplished by using a Bike to block off the Rifle Squad (and also push it back and forth). The same tactic can be accomplished using a Volksgrenadier Squad and "wiggling it back and forth" (by spamming alternating left and right movement commands). However this is slightly less effective due to the fact that Volksgrenadiers won't actually push the Riflemen, but merely block them. A similar idea can be used to save your own retreating units. If a very low health retreating squad is being pursued by one of your opponent's squads, interpose one of your squads or vehicles to slow down the pursuing squad and allow your retreating units time to escape.



Although unit blocking may initially be somewhat difficult to implement (due to the micromanagement requirements as well as the judgment required to use it in the proper situations), adding it to your repertoire will yield massive rewards. This is because killing full squads and finishing off vehicles before they are repaired for free (as well as saving your own vehicles and squads) is so critical and game changing. Remember: just because your sandbag didn't know how to stop your opponent's mans going other ways doesn't mean that your infantry and vehicles can't!

02/03/2010, 22:53
No terceiro jogo da final entre o 12azor e o MonsieurX teve uma cena interessante. uma motoquinha do Wehr ficou presa entre a casa e a cerca (junto do VP sul de ango). Aí o americano mandou um T17 (ou M8) que tava acabado pra ir matar a motoquinha que rodava feito louca pq ficou presa em destroços. O tank parou junto da motoquinha, deu mais de 5 tiros mas não acertou nenhum pq tava muito perto. Aí veio um Puma e finalizou o T17 (ou M8). :lol:

03/03/2010, 08:55
Isso tudo abordado aí são coisas que uso mto.ç

Mto bom.