Ver Versão Completa : Kansas City Shuffle 2.0 (uma strat "diferente" para Wher contra US!!!)

20/03/2010, 13:50
I wanted an anti-US strategy which broke away from the conventional.

Don't read this expecting unit spam or easy unit usage, don't expect it to have a huge margin of error or to give you a free ride against players.

Everything related to this I approached with an open mind and I expect no less from those of you about to read it.

It's not as easy as gren-spam, it doesn't have the do-or-die feel of Tier 3 Blitz. It's built upon stable units, basic principles and a desire deep down to see things blow up.

I know this strategy works, try it for yourself and realise there's more to Company of Heroes strategically than what we're told day-in, day-out is the "best".


- Introduction & Tier 1 Phase

Blitz is woefully underused and I consider it to be the best doctrine, this strategy builds a foundation to utilize it's strengths perfectly while leading predictable cookie-cutter US players on a winding road to certain death.


You want to begin with one additional Pioneer, use your initial Pioneer to construct your Wehrmacht Quarters.


Your Tier 1 should open with double Volksgrenadiers. The reason for this is simple, double Volksgrenadiers are a far more stable opening than any other. You are reducing the chance of being pushed from the map early. 3 Volksgrenadiers will bleed your manpower too fast, stifling your teching, so 2 Volksgrenadiers supported by 2 MG42s is the perfect combo.


Once you've completed your first 4 combat units, get yourself a medic bunker. No; I don't like them either. Put it up and let it draw the American players attention. You want him to focus on it and possibly be baited into going Infantry Company or for Paratroopers in order to deal with it. Don't bother repairing your bunker to full health, a lower health bunker is an attractive target for an impulsive US player.

- Tier 2 Phase


Tech up to Tier 2 as soon as you can after you've started building the medic bunker.




Once your Kriegs Barracks is finished, build a Grenadier squad, regardless of what your opponent has done. This will identify Tier 2 to your enemy.

If your opponent has upgraded BARs or Grenades then produce both Grenadier's consecutively, upgrade the 2nd with a Panzershreck. The reason for getting a Panzershreck, even if your opponent goes BARs, is as both a deterrent and as a means to destroy your opponents' cover.
If your opponent appears to be going fast Motor Pool then upgrade the 1st Grenadier squad with a Panzershreck and produce the Pak38 2nd.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can survive without the Pak38 then do so, it can be a risk but one which can protect you from ending up on the back foot due to poor manpower investment. A Mortar may also become apparently useful against some US styles, especially those which include their own Mortars and more defensively placed Riflesquads (in cover with BARs). Don't hesitate to get one in this situation but do not let it overly stifle your teching progress.


During your Tier 2 phase you need to construct your Kampfkraft Center and purchase Infantry Veterancy Level 1. It's up to you when during this phase you do this, I usually do so after my first Grenadier has been constructed. However, flamers and BARs make Level 1 a necessity.

The reason for only getting Level 1 is to draw the required reaction from an opponent, a good player will notice this veterancy and a standard T2 Terror strategy, or similar, will start to look highly probable from his point of view. Getting Level 2 would damage our progress into Tier 3.

- Summary

At this point you should be the Noah of the CoH world, two of every unit aside from the Pak38. The only unit you shouldn't replace, should you lose one, are Volksgrenadiers.

Most cookie-cutter US players will now head directly for the safe haven of Infantry or Airborne to try and undo your early work. This isn't always the case, though. Higher calibre opponents may invest in Mortars or Snipers instead. This isn't a problem, but will most likely cause you more issues in the long run than an opponent who goes for the 'quick option'. You may need to get a sniper to keep the playing field even and fair if you can't make it to Tier 3 very soon.

If you do lose your medic bunker, don't worry, it's most likely done it's job. Don't create another. You don't want to drown yourself in units that require reinforcement.

- Tier 3 Phase


Once your Tier 2 phase is complete, upgrade to Tier 3. Crucially this unlocks MP44 for your Stormtroopers, but we're not going to utilize them just yet.




Get your Sturm Armoury up as soon as possible. You want to produce a Puma from it first. If you skipped the Pak38 during the Tier 2 phase, construct it now. Also upgrade a 2nd Panzershreck on another Grenadier squad.

The field should be primed for infantry based combat and the Puma should therefore be relatively unopposed. However, be sure to support your Puma with the Pak38 and keep a Pioneer nearby in order to perform quick repairs.

In the case of your opponent getting a Tank Depot, or your expecting one, it is better to replace the 2nd Puma with a StuG and leave the Officer out in favour of an up-gunned Puma. A Nebelwefer can also be of use, especially if you find yourself facing multiple AT guns or large blobs of infantry and don't have the means with which to repel either.


The Officer might have never had his 15 minutes of fame but he harnesses a pair of powerful abilities unlocked in Tier 3 which can be incredibly useful in certain situations.

Use him to boost production rates and pile on that late-game veterancy quickly. His greatest use, however, comes through Forced Retreat. For 50 munitions you can dispel that Ranger or Paratrooper squad your opponent has dispatched to nullify your Pumas. That single forced retreat gives your Pumas an extended window of effectiveness.


Once your Tier 3 is up, get a repair bunker. Pioneers are easily lost so this will keep your Pumas and any other vehicles in great condition.


If you haven't upgraded Infantry Veterancy Level 2 yet, do so now. Do not attempt to use Stormtroopers without Vet 2.

- Blitz is Back


With your non-doctrine hand played, you are now in a supreme position to take advantage of the combined-arms inflicted confusion your opponent should be experiencing.

In order to give your doctrine choice the best impact you must ensure that there has been no sign of the doctrine up until the point that your Stormtroopers attempt their first ambush, that means no Assault Grenades and no Panzershreck-armed Stormtroopers. When bringing in your Stormtroopers simply cloak them, upgrade while cloaked and patiently go scouting for a kill with them.

One thing which always remain the same, regardless of what teching choices your opponent chooses, is Riflemen.


Your opponent's Riflemen will probably have some nice veterancy by now but veterancy won't protect them from hit-and-run attacks by MP44 fuelled Stormtroopers. Use a bundled grenade, followed up by an immediate, uncloaked charge to destroy entire Riflesquads in seconds.

Use your cloaked assassins for hunting down enemy snipers. If your Storms detect them they will kill them, guaranteed. Use them for clearing AT guns before rolling in with your heavier units and for defending Victory Points when things are getting tight.

One important thing to remember is the population issue with Stormtroopers, each squad (4 men) takes up 8 population slots, you can get two double MP44 squads but it can hurt you if you don't get an immediate return in territory, though usually this shouldn't be an issue.

The most vital aspect of Stormtroopers is not to get drawn into rushing them around the map. Charging them, uncloaked, at a squad may force it to retreat and give you map control but your Stormtroopers aren't there to cap territory. They are there to kill vetted Riflemen and infantry-based support units of your opponent. Only use them for hit and runs. They will give away far too much XP and take far too much damage being used in any other way.


Your final, killer blow is the humble Blitz Tiger. Weighing in at 62 tonnes and packing the punch of an 88, this 900MP super-tank will blow away 4 Riflemen in a single shot, resist Ranger shots, stand up to the Pershing (even if it does need a little help!) and it should, in conjunction with your Stormtroopers, bring about a swift end to the game.

Having said that, the most important aspect of the Tiger is the army that supports it. Your opponent will try to use everything in his arsenal to kill it but you have every counter you need. A single Pak38 kept at distance behind your Tiger, covering against charging M10's, and a Stormtrooper squad or two ahead of your Tiger, to deal with AT Guns and onrushing sticky-bombers. Anything else you have, such as Grenadiers and Pumas, only serve to make your force infinitely harder to stop.


Set about upgrading all 3 levels of Tank Veterancy for your Tiger, each one provides significant bonuses to the Tiger's survivability which are worth their cost. They also contribute to the power of the StuG which can be fantastic additional support for the Tiger if you haven't already got one.

- Other


You will be using munitions left, right and center during this game, which makes your ability to salvage munitions near invaluable.

Your opponent will, if all goes to plan, have lost M8's, T17's, M10's.. Shermans.. all kinds of vehicles, and you may well have lost some yourself, salvage these at every chance you get, constantly boost your munitions income as they will only make your late-game more devastating.


The Assault ability, although not mentioned above, gives all of your infantry a massive boost in being able to discourage blobs of powerful American units. Your use of Stormtroopers will most likely encourage your opponent to keep his forces closer together and this is where Assault grenades excel.

Finally I'd like to add some belated thanks to Calneon and Siou for their work on the stunning images used in the original guide, aswell as to everyone who provided input and criticism on the original.

Thanks, also, to anyone who finished reading the entire guide. I'm not one for massive leaving threads in General Discussion so I'll simply say it's a great place to hang out, GameReplays, and this is my parting gift to players who I hope have not only been helped here by all the staff but who have also looked at my name and asked "who?". Cheers all.

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20/03/2010, 13:51
gostei do foco dessa strat usando os "cloaked storms"

achei legal por ser diferente de med bunkers ou green vets 3


20/03/2010, 14:10
eu usei essa strat contra o yoda :D

20/03/2010, 14:26
essa estratégia é muito boa, já usei diversas vezes (li a versao 1.0)

20/03/2010, 14:34
strats requer mt talento...mt micro mesmo !

20/03/2010, 14:34
essa strat nao é pra iniciantes pq para um novato as vezes manter 2 mg ou volks e stormtroopers vivos é meio dificil e ele ia demorar 1 ano pra finalmente conseguir virar o jogo.

muitas pessoas nao sabem o poder do shrek q pode modelar o territorio a sua vontade!se vc vai por un grenadier em um high cover vc pode dar attack ground e destruir o cover q o inimigo poderia usar para enfrentar esses grenadiers,e assim tornando qq unidade facil de ser derrotada pra eles!so q nao vale a pena tb encher de shrek pq os grenadiers na minha opiniao perdem força de attack contra infantaria com isso!

nao enendi oq pq de dar upgrade na arma do puma :S

acho q o legal seria criar o med bunker e dechar um morteiro numa distancia segura dele,ai sempre q o americano juntar blobs pra destruir ele o morteiro faz a festa XD

20/03/2010, 16:30
Na minha conta MajorShowtaro, desde que a criei só uso essa strat :up: